HuddleCam-HD 20X Conference Camera by Conference Room Systems

Welcome back to Conference Room Systems. I’m Paul Richards, and I’m here today to
show you our HuddleCam HD 20x optical zoom camera, this camera can come in a 20x or a 30x
camera just by switching out the lens, and you
can order that when you place your order. This camera is 1920 by 1080p and it does 30 frames a second maximum. It’s USB 3.0 and this camera has very high quality Sony Lens that does upwards of 3 megapixels. So this is, our basically our premium top-of-the-line USB 3.0 video
conferencing camera. It has RS232 in and out. Slow and fast Pan Tilt Zoom, a 55 degree
field of view, and up to 64 presets. So it’s pretty
much everything you’re gonna need for a really
high-quality boardroom, training room, and that 30x optical zoom
is, actually you’ll find, more than enough for even auditoriums and large spaces. So these
cameras are really nice, We’re going to switch to some test
footage in a second here, it’s gonna be recorded in 720p using
Zoom.US, you’re gonna be able to see this camera
recorded directly through a computer using the USB 3.0 software. So I’m going to switch to that in a second and you can see the test footage. Paul Richards here with Haverford Systems, right now we’re looking at the HuddleCam HD 20x optical zoom camera, and I have a slow
and a fast Pan Tilt here, So im just going to slowly, see how slow that is? And that is kind of too slow, so I’m just going to use the fast here, zoom in, you can see just how
crystal-clear this is, probably too close to be a zooming in on a camera like this. But you can just see
how crystal-clear USB 3.0 is gonna be. That’s 20x optical zoom there, so it zooms in
really fast. Zooms out nice and fast.You can see I can Pan Tilt around the room, everything is
in focus, everything looks really clear here, and the nice slow zoom is kind of cool to have. It just shows you how
high quality the motors are and allows you to zoom in slowly, or zoom in quickly, and it just shows you how
quickly and how easily these cameras can be used
for USB video conferencing. I’m using Zoom.US right now which is
recording in 720p, and that is pretty much it. Thanks.

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