I bought a $10,000 camera!

Good morning. I came near Ginkaku-ji. It’s 8:00am in the morning and there’s nobody around. I made it. Look at the stunning view! omg it’s so cold here. I bought a new camera last year.
GFX100 from Fuji Film. For taking pictures and shooting cooking videos. I’m testing it out right now. taking timelase photos. It’s freezing here so I’m getting out of here as soon as I finish taking photos. I’m gonna pass by Ginkaku-ji, so why not visit? I’m not sure if Sumire is there, but just go check her shop and say hi to her. Hey, the lights are on. Good morning. Suddenly? Let me in. Soy latte is ready. She runs her own raw chocolate chop called Cacao Magic near Ginkaku-ji. Yes, Cacao magic. This is the highly recommended chocolate, Buddah chocolate, right? Exactly. We’re heading to the rice ball shop she recommends. Let’s go. Ao-onigiri. Here it is. There’s a sign saying “Timing is everything”. Rice ball shrine. Timing is everything. Let’s go inside. There’s an instruction paper of how to eat onigiri right over up there. oh yeah. I’m gonna serve rice ball one by one.
Eat it before the nori sheet gets soft. Kombu rice ball. It’a good. You wanna say something to the viewers? This is a weird shop. That’s it !? You wanna do that again? No no, no more please. alright. That was a good one. Yeah. I highly recommend this shop. a weird rice ball shop. Timing is everything. Timing is everything. I got it. That’s all you need. Concentration. Concentration. Thanks for the food. This shop is full of contradiction. just like your mind. No, It doesn’t feel right. Everyone is contradictory, right? Thank you! Thanks for the food! okay then I’m gonna develop the pictures I took and make it into timelapse movie. So, I’m going to develop the pictures that I took, and I took 500 pictures in total and
make it into 17 seconds of timelapse movie. Omg, this is amazing. I thought I wouldn’t need 100mp. The resolution out of this camera is just wow. oh, let’s say that in English. I was thinking I wouldn’t need 100mp but after looking at these pictures I would have to change my mind. Is that right? Am I saying it correct? Let me know in the comment. Here’s the timelapse movie that I made today. I’m gonna take cello lesson today, so see you soon bye!

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  • I think your English is amazing my friend!!

  • That camera is amazing!! I'm drooling over how clear the resolution is! 😭♥

  • Love your videos! I have a Fuji XH1 and love the Fuji system after coming from Canon and Sony. One thing I want to try is to develop the pictures in Capture One and see if there is a difference compared to Lightroom. I heard Capture One results in sharper Fuji photos.

  • Stunning photography! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing your day😊

  • おにぎりやさんの絵がめっっちゃ気になる!

  • Your English is so good!

  • Your English is actually really good. You should speak in English more often so you can get better at it. Have more confidence in yourself.

  • your english is good!!!! amazing video as usual !!!

  • What's the interval for your timelapse?

  • Do you know bts?

  • 相変わらずぶっ飛んでますね。八王子は雨模様ですよ

  • Daymn it was such a joy listening to you speak in English.. Fantastic!!! 😍❤️🙌❤️👏🔥

  • 5:58

  • Can't really get over your vlogs. They're soo neat and minimalistic in almost every aspect.

  • あなたのええご飯すごいですね. Your accent is mild and very pleasant to listen to. Pronunciation is great. I can clearly understand everything you said. I don’t think you need to wait, you already sound fluent to me!

  • Great video! Whats the painting called behind the counter in the rice shop?

  • Your English is very good! Wow!

  • おにぎり屋さんあったのか、、、今度暇があったらいかせていただこ。

  • This and your other channel is by far my two favorite channels on youtube, the diversity, genuinity and overall production quality is so amazing. I find your videos relaxing and i find you as a person very creative and its very entertaining to watch, keep up the good work Ryoya, you never seize to amaze me. Your english is very good, a common stereotype when asian people speak english that their pronounciation is very off, but you are really good at it, a lot more sophisticated then most western speakers, you come across as very clear and fluent. Love your videos, cheers from Norway!

  • You really seems like having a lot of problems that my Japanese friends also have: it just a wall of confidence. Your English is good, the pronunciation is good. Fuck it might be even better than mine. I might be in no spot to tell you this but just courage up. Don't be afraid to speak English. Also try to use English whenever you can, both in your head and verbally. When you see a cat, think "It's a cat" instead of 「あ、猫だ」lol.

    It's the same case for me too, with Japanese. I have to try my best to fill Japanese into my daily activities, and I think its a good way. Already told you last video about your Vlog plan, but let's try our best from now on.

  • nice english man, really on point! Keep speaking it 😉

  • きれい、笑笑

  • Yay hubby posted xx

  • the timelapse is fantastic! looking forward to more!

  • 英語の勉強法とか気になるので見たいです!

  • wow you speak english really, really clearly !!! i'll admit i do like listening to you speak japanese since it helps me develop the mental ability to hear and understand the language, but i couldn't imagine how hard and time-consuming it must be to make subtitles for every single video you upload ! so please do what is most comfortable for you ! also, the shop owner was incredible haha he should make a channel creating riceballs and talking about his philosophy lol ;*)

  • Beautiful video! Your English is really good, you’re in the right path. I am going to Sumire’s shop Cacao Magic when I visit Kyoto. Does she speak English?
    The price of the camera shocked me. Didn’t even know cameras could be so expensive. The images were fantastic

  • Your English is amazing! Your accent is especially fantastic — you sound a little English actually. Did you ever learn from someone from England?

  • Love this new video idea 🙂

  • Kyoto is such a beautiful city!

  • I live in LA, trust me your English is great.

  • Your english is quite good! I think you are pulling our legs! LOL!

  • Your English is really good, just some minor mistakes. If you keep on doing videos in both Japanese and English your skill should improve further quickly.

  • where did you get the 10.000?

  • Your eng is very good, I'm also thinking about learning japanese more hard this year

  • your English pronunciation is awesome!!

  • 初コメです。

  • Your English is perfect

  • So happy to see you enjoy living in my beautiful hometown, that also hanging out in my neighborhood ginkakuji! I passed by cacao magic so often, I must try that place next time! This just got my very excited !! I hope to see more of your videos through your channel in 2020!!

  • カメラ興味なかったけど欲しくなってきたぞ、、、

  • Keep up the good work buddy. I root for your success. 😀

  • GFX50Sを使う機会があり、中判高画素機の威力とフジフィルムの色づくりの良さを体感して腰を抜かしました。1億画素もどんなもんだか体感したいものです。

  • I never watched a Japanese vlog before and your channel is amazing man. I love the Japanese culture and it will be awesome to see it through your perspective.

  • what tripod are you using?

  • Your English is very good. You made that statement perfectly.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 More please.

  • Enjoy the cello lesson! Wow your day looks just amazingly peaceful Ryoya!

  • This music is so good woaaa

  • 動画だと白飛びしてしまう空も、写真だとくっきり青空ですね

  • saw GFX then you speak beautiful Japanese. – subscribed 🙂
    at least for me, i hope to see more GFX100 in any photography style/genre

  • 縦位置用シャッターが付いてるのになんで使わないんですかーw

  • Your pronunciation is just perfect. And that camera is incredible( I’m Chinese and also struggling with my English!!!

  • いつもサウンドトラックとかは何処から使ってますか???凄く好きな感じで、選曲CDとかあると嬉しいです!また、運動をしながら聴きたいです!

  • なんで空が白飛びしてないんですか すごい

  • I love the channel man!

  • And then the 1dx Mark iii came around

  • うぉぉぉぉぉぉ。知ってる所だらけ。右大文字の火床は何回もお盆に行ってます。

  • I was a bit disappointed that you didn't talk more about your new gear. Don't get me wrong, I like your content, but the title and thumbnail were misleading. Cheers.

  • I'm still catching up on your vlogs, but I just wanted to say, you're making a really great effort in speaking English!

  • You're English is great! Keep up the good work. Have a happy 2020!

  • ナフコに居ましたよね(゚∀゚)

  • Fantastic English! I'm so used to following your subtitles, that when you spoke at 0:36 I had to rewind – for a moment I thought I understood a Japanese sentence!

    Spoiler alert: I didn't…

  • As usual ..fantastic … thanks …

  • ハッセルかと思ったらgfx100でしたか、そのうちライカの方にもぜひぜひ

  • Do you have a shop where you sell your photos/prints?

  • Miiiinor minor mistake I noticed is that you're supposed to say 'Am I saying it correctLY?'
    Suuuuuper minute mistake, almost unnoticeable. Keep up the good work Ryoya!

  • OMG, Ryoya-san! That Onigiri shop is the one I accidentally visited when I went to Kyoto! I got scolded by the Owner because I couldn't understand the menu. He didn't realize that I'm not Japanese. After he knew I'm a tourist, he taught us how to enjoy the Onigiri and that was the most delicious Onigiri I've ever had.

    The shop was very memorable because it was so weird and it had so many Oni (devil) -themed stuff inside 👹😁

    I never knew the name of this shop because I didn't remember the exact location and I can't read Japanese but now I know! I'm so happy, thank you!!

  • Why you wearing that glasses 😅

  • The more I think about it…the more sense it makes for me to jump into the GFX line once I do make the leap to mirrorless…looks like the YouTube algorithm finally recommended something GOOD! Nice upload, GREAT photos!

  • Not going to lie when you switched to English right away it blew my mind. I did a giddy type laughter 😄

  • Which watch are you using

  • Really enjoying these videos.

  • You got robbed 😂 camera + lens is only 2000 €

  • its that hasselblad or fuji XH-100 ???

  • Wow. Great pictures.. i really love nature. Hope to visit japan soon.

  • Your English is very good! After your sentence in English about the quality of the footage, you could ask, “Was that right?”, or “Am I saying it correctly?”. The “ly” added at the end of the word “correct” or “perfect” means “done in a correct way” or “done in a perfect way”. Your original sentence about the 100 mp was done perfectly! 😃👍. English is not the easiest language to learn but, you make it look easy.

  • Oooh so you have another channel of your own! I didn't know that. So glad I found it.. Congrats on the new camera. I asked you a few weeks ago for a time-lapse, I guess that's for an upcoming video hehe. Peace&Love 💙

  • Just being nosey here for a moment.. But what does your name mean? 🤔 Thank you very much in advance for your answer

  • You make me miss Ginkaku-ji……hahaha….good video and great camera. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • Nice camera

  • The man of many talents!

  • Your new camera takes awesome photos! Your English is very good. I think you are doing great. Love your videos keep up the great work.❤

  • What bag is that ?

  • Hey… congratulations for the New Beast..
    By the way… What are those red things hanging on the hooks of the camera ? I often see these on cameras on the internet

  • 一億万画素は過ごそう!私のカメラはレンズ合わせて120万円しますがお5140万画素です!

  • Love these small shops and such simple life , simplicity is the thing I love Japan about

  • Well you need to teach English instead of learning it

  • Man, you have my favourite camera and live in Japan. Don’t you wanna swap places, xt3 and live in London. Hahaha. Super cool videos btw.

  • Where is the spot that he took the timelapse? Does anyone know?

  • I just discovered you and I'm in love with your color grading and content! Good job on your English 👍

  • Did you ? 😂I don't know if the seller told you but unfortunately, it's not sold with talent…
    By the way, do you know what brush Picasso used to paint Garnica ? Or what camera Steven Spielberg had for "Saving Private Ryan" ? No, because nobody cares. Only results count.

  • Your video content and picture quality is very nice. Like your video and they are all pretty special. Keep it up.

  • 一億画素の需要ってなんですか?w

  • Nice videos, I am happy to have found your channel, very creative with serenity, I wish you speak more English. Thank you for the good content.

  • Hi Ryoya! I watched a few of your videos perhaps 3 years ago and then lost track of you. 🙁 I'm so glad to have found you again!! And you speak English!! Very well, I might add! For camera equipment videos, I recently found a great American guy whose Youtube channel is called Potato Jet. Another channel you might be interested in is that of a Canadian guy named Peter McKinnon. He teaches how to edit photography and a ton of other interesting photography related topics. Stay well!!

  • Awesome camera!

  • It would be cool to show your camera. Explain the benefits. (-:

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