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While Rishyasringan was deep in his Tapas Bro look at Shakunthala’s figure Da Da Da, Learn something. Kuttaa Aunty !!! Joe is forever mine. Give it She had made a promise to him, that nothing should happen before marriage. What the !!! better luck next time 🙂 Have your food now During National Anthem while everyone is facing the board She looks at me 🙂 Yes, She is Are you in love with someone? Yay!!!! Everything was so Complete, Perfect Happy All in a sudden… am sorry I failed my Bestfriend. Riaaa. There is only One Life son, Don’t let it skid off from your hands. Are you going to booze during this holy month ? M#%*u I never should have made F##ng Promise ! Can’t you understand what I am saying? He is going to arrive soon. She is a Muslim, she has a specefic culture. RIA ISHAAN AMAAN I was the luckiest to have them and it was my power. but… I PROMISE I PROMISE

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