Ideas to get out of a photography rut

Sometimes if you’ve been into
photography for a while you might lose the bug
well you might start to lose inspiration or get stuck in a rut and not knowing
what to do to get out of it is really annoying and really frustrating if this
is the case this is the video for you this has happened to me a couple of
times and it sucks and anyone who’s been a photographer for a long time who says
it hasn’t happened to them is either a creative genius or is lying sometimes I
find photography can be a lonely affair especially with all of the editing and
videography even more so a good way to get around this is to go out and meet
some other photographers it could be at a photography exhibition a photography
club or at a popular location where photographers might shoot maybe a
sunrise or a sunset if you meet others that are interested
in what you do you can draw inspiration from each other and you never know you
might make a friend in the photography world
another tactic are found to work is to go out and shoot with just one lens and
not a lens that you normally shoot with so roots around in that camera draw and
finds that lens you bought and have never used or go out and hire a lens for
a few days if you shoot with zooms find a prime lens and if you’re a prime
shooter go out and rent a zoom for the day what you’ll probably find is that
you start seeing the world slightly differently through that lens and you’ll
start to find different angles and shots you might not always see with your
regular kit another way is to go out and shoot an event in your local area that
you haven’t photographed before some event you can just show up and others
you might need to contact the organizers event marketeers are always looking for
more content so if you can offer them your images they will normally jump at
the chance now you may need to get third-party insurance for this but I
found it’s not that expensive and it’s well worth the investment the last tip I
have view is to set yourself projects and this is the most important one and
the one that will definitely get you out of
rut if you don’t set yourself projects your camera will tend to gather dust so
here are a few things that I’ve done I’ve set up a rig at home and taken
photos of water droplets I’ll go out and shoot an event which I’ve already
mentioned I’ll find and visit a specific location
with a specific shot in mind for instance a sunrise or sunset shot I
haven’t gone to before I’ve also set up my kit and done some self-portrait
sessions so you I’ve actually tested our kit by doing this and actually learnt
more about the kit that I have and lastly a product shoot where you can
grab some things from your house and try shooting them in different ways if you
play around with the lighting you can really get creative and really start to
take them in different lights if you do set yourself a project you’ll probably
find that you may start off getting pretty bad photos but don’t worry I
usually take a few rubbish shots before I start getting creative and this is all
part of warming up and if you start setting these tasks regularly or you
look for events to shoot on a regular basis it will really help you and your
photography mojo and you may even get some photographs that be worthy of going
into your portfolio now have you been in a slump recently and have you been able
to get yourself out of it if you are in a rut I set you the challenge to take
some water drop shots if you’re not sure what that is click on the I in the
corner I’ve already done a tutorial on that so head over to there and you’ll be
able to learn everything you need to know about that type of photography
alternatively you could find a local sporting event and go and photograph it
and if you do let me know how you got on and let me see your photos by
hashtagging on instagram hashtag out of the rut if you’d prefer to keep your
photos private you can email me them and my emails down in the description it
would be great to see if I can motivate you guys to get out and start shooting
different events or different projects and I’d love to see your photos and you
never know I might be able to give you a little bit of feedback to start
developing your photos for more videos subscribe and make sure
you turn on notifications also head over to my youtube channel where I have a
growing library of photography and videography tutorials I’ll see you next

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  • Tried b&w today to change things up 👍🏻

  • I went to a new place yesterday, it was not so far away, but still so different. The place was like it stopped developing around 1950:

    It was so refreshing!

  • Good ideas, I need to get myself a prime lens, never had one… you think the Samyang 45mm f1.8 is a good choice as a first prime lens? And is suitable for portraits also or is it too short?

  • What if the problem is if you’re extremely introvert to shoot with someone? 🙂

  • Another good video Mike 😎 You've also inspired me to have a beer this evening 🤣🍻

  • Thank you Mike! You alwasy inspire us! 🙂

  • Excellent film and just going through your A7iii guides. Have had loads of cameras and lots of Sony's but first time trying this new full frame version so your films have been helpfull on setting it up. One of the main reasons I have went back to Sony full frame again is becuase of the Tamron 17-28 and 28-70. Last year the good glass was well out of my price range and didnt feel I was getting best out of the camera and that was the A7R2. Keep up the good work and your channel will surely grow big. Atb

  • 👍 Excellent ideas, Mike, especially drawing inspiration from others in a photo club (live, person to person, instant feedback/interaction). When I’m in a rut, a brief respite can help — sometimes we just need a break. Else grab a cam and go out for a photo walk or just drive around — never know what you’ll find. Did this and stopped at a work-site where guys in lift buckets were repairing power lines — got some interesting shots w/colorful wire covers, lines, blue skies, and techs at work. (Crew foreman thought I was taking pics as some “back office” quality control thing, but relaxed when I explained my purpose 😁.) When in a rut, photgraph ruts.
    BTW, surprised to see how “messy” your lens drawer was — expected to see gear neatly arranged 😂.

  • Great ideas to break the rut, Mike. The projects idea really helps me to understand the camera and see how different settings can effect the outcomes of my photos. I took about 200 photos a couple of days ago while traveling and realized after I downloaded them that they were all in crop mode. Grrrrrr. Lesson learned. As always, I love watching your Monday quick tips.

  • Needed this! Thank you so much Mike. Gonna look at that water drop vid now

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