Impossible Flying Camera! Insta360 One X Drifter Dart + 10ft Invisible Selfie Pole

hey guys I’m Ben from authentech and
those shots are kind of like magic it’s a floating flying hovering 360 degree
camera that’s gotten me really excited about shooting some fun new fresh
content for my youtube videos and socials like Instagram make sure you’re
following me there so know this video is not sponsored they just sent me the
products I’m honestly just excited and pumped about this little camera and more
specifically what these little accessories can do to change the game
from my shooting style cinematography and more so here’s the main idea I
already reviewed the insta 360 1x when it first came out but since then I’ve
been able to play with it and test it out a lot more and something has really
changed the game for me are these two little accessories so here’s the best
way I can put it if I buy a GoPro and pick up a few extra accessories my shots
might go from here up to here it doesn’t change it that much but when I get these
two accessories matched up with this camera it’s almost like it’s unlocking
the full potential that it has taking my shots from here all the way up to here
first let me show you what these two accessories are that I’m even talking
about all the links will be down below this first one is called the drifter and
it’s basically like a dart that you click your camera right in it’s made of
really nice materials good weight balance soft touch rubber plastic two of
the fins are soft and bendy while the other two have some sort of metal plates
inside it’s very rigid and sturdy so that when the cameras clicked in both
your lenses are protected as they say this allows your camera to take flight
and shoot airborne slow-motion footage capturing every angle at once so here’s
just a few examples of almost impossible shots from any other camera rig but
since this camera is shooting in 360 degrees with crazy smooth stabilization
we can change the angle of the camera mid-flight after the fact keeping your
subject always in frame the shots it produces are sort of awe inspiring and
you’ll have a lot of people asking you how the heck did you capture that it’s
super cool very awesome and if you think about we can never do this with
the other camera like a GoPro or a cell phone because chucking it midair and be
spinning around like crazy it’s only possible because it’s recording in all
directions and it’s coupled with that electronic image stabilization
that’s super smooth the other game-changing accessory it seems a lot
less simple on the outside but actually has become a new favour of mine in the
gear bag they call it the extended selfie stick it’s basically a selfie
pull with a quarter inch tripod mount on both ends however most selfie sticks out
there usually max out lengths around thirty to fifty inches that’s around two
and a half to four feet long and this one however reaches all the way out to
one hundred and eighteen inches that’s three meters or almost 10 feet it’s made
of carbon fiber super lightweight at only eight ounces and compacts down to
just twenty three inches so we could easily carry it around maybe even fit it
in a book bag now unfortunately it doesn’t have the twist to lock each
section though this would be nice to see in a future model instead it’s sort of
like those paper yo-yos where each section of the pole extends fully out
and then squeezes the tension and sticks into place I sort of like that I can
flick it outwards and fully extend in seconds and same with compacting down
it’s super quick and easy we screw the camera onto the end and that’s it no
need for a bubble level head or anything as the horizon should always be level
and stabilization is hyper smooth just watch some of these shots as I wildly
swing the camera all around down 10 feet up 10 feet wide sweeping shots the use
cases and creative ideas are almost endless and the results are just
impeccable in my opinion again you’ll get lots of people asking how did you
get that shot and you can just smirk and tell them it was magic sometimes it
looks like a micro drone is racing around now yes one thing I found when
using the camera indoors or low-light situations sometimes the stabilization
caused a little bit of shudder blur but it’s not terrible and still produces
usable footage yes they offer a shorter lockable selfie stick still invisible
which is very sweet too and it’s perfect for certain situations it’s size goes
all it’s size goes all the way down to just
11 inches but then out to 47 inches and it’s currently only 15 bucks on Amazon
so it’s probably worth the pickup but again this crazy long lightweight selfie
stick can be swung fast and wide into almost any nook and cranny the whole
pole is almost fully invisible even when looking backwards towards the camera
operator it’s almost like having a portable camera crane wherever you go
even inside a car which those vehicle jibs cost hundreds of thousands of
dollars so the world’s your oyster and here’s just a few of the fun and helpful
use cases I thought that this camera setup could change the game now of
course the first and obvious is filmmaking this is where I lie to capture stunning high flying aerial
like shots with the flick of your wrist but then also super low down fast
sweeping dynamic shots as well well it’s basically wide versatility I can also
imagine this being an awesome tool for vloggers imagine a KC or others raising
the game for fresh and new perspectives point the camera back at yourself for a
walking talking head shots but then swing the camera perspective anywhere
around at the landscape and subjects of which you want to show your audience how
about the versatility of different industries and businesses like property
inspections this was a funny and small example but I was able to fast and easy
stick this camera right up into a light post look all around with good clarity
and detail and then swing out wide think about roof or building or bridge
inspections imagine strapping the camera to a drone oh just joking I actually did
that carrying the extended selfie stick with camera from my phantom 4 was
lightweight and easy and produce some flying floating midair 360 shots very
cool and fresh perspective speaking of drones as a quick experiment
I strapped my old insta 360 to Danny’s fpv racing drum he took flight and raced
around and the results were crazy the stabilization and perspective is out of
this world and mark my words this is just the beginning of 360 cameras on
drones another small but useful idea use this
little guy as a dashcam it could record and cover literally every possible angle
in your vehicle and that way you’re always protected for those just-in-case
moments if I was an uber driver I would totally use this thing also just
imagine real estate tours and marketing videos I used to do that full-time and I
would definitely use this whole rig setup for shooting high-end real estate
content okay so how does all the pricing lay out and compare versus go pro well
stay tuned and subscribe as I’m in the works of creating a side-by-side
comparison video the One X and GoPro seven are the exact same price currently
399 some people might ask well what about the GoPro fusion well I never
actually had one to test hands on but I’ve watched a lot of reviews and the
summary is that the insta 360 is much easier to use plus the price point the
fusion is almost double the price at $5.99 and it’s lower resolution 5.2 K
video verse 5.7 K on the One X and I think it has the old stabilization not
that new hyper smooth like the hero 7 has what about versus the Osmo pocket
well yes I think you’d get much sharper quality video on the Osmo of course
which is important in certain scenarios but definitely not always and of course
you’re not recording severe clay like this one so they each have their own
place each different uses another funny thing to mention regarding quality I
find it pretty hilarious when I make a big deal let’s say a camera can record
4k 60fps and then there’s people out there who say well who cares about 4k
everyone’s watching 1080p which sure that’s sort of true but then let me tell
you that this camera exports 16 by 9 video at 1080p well then there will be
people who just say that resolution isn’t good enough the moral of the story
is you can’t please them all and a few key takeaways a the 1080p footage on
here looked pretty dang good for cropping in that close B there are a lot
of people out there who are not obsessed with high resolution and 1080p is more
than sufficient but then again of course higher resolution the better for myself
I post all my videos in 4k on YouTube hopefully down the road we
could see an insta 360 model that maybe has 12k resolution total 5 or 6 case
sensor on each side so that’s when we crop in maybe we’re exporting a 4k res
that’s the dream and hopefully we’ll see it down the road
now I have two big wishlist items for inset 360 a their new mobile app is
hands-down awesome and powerful let me show you a quick example of how I edit a
clip to give you an idea of workflow and processing time okay so here’s the basic
workflow I’ve just copied the files over from my 1x you can do it wirelessly over
Wi-Fi or with the cable it saves battery and goes a little bit faster and come on
in here’s the clips that I copied over this is a 32 second example clip what’s
nice is you can do 9 by 16 aspect ratio good for the social medias or sixteen by
nine let’s go at this one since it’s going on YouTube there’s a few ways of
tracking like pivot points and smart tracking the one I like the best is a
viewfinder so it’s kind of like a virtual viewfinder as you maneuver your
phone to explore the scene you’ll determine which fixed frame footage is
extracted from that original 360 video so what you see is what you record also
if you’re feeling a little dizzy you can use your finger to swipe around ok so
that clip was about 32 seconds it takes about thirty two seconds to record them
then we go to save and export right to the album let’s start a little timer to
see how long 32 second clip takes all right and boom we switch it over to
our albums and there’s our recorded virtual viewfinder clip super sweet fast
and easy then we transfer it over to Final Cut and we’re good to go
so as you can see it’s actually not that bad and has some really nice features
baked right in however as a full time content producer like myself if I shoot
20 or 50 clips in a day I really really need fast and efficient desktop software
to process those files even faster insta 360 has some desktop apps but for this
camera specifically it’s right now super basic and can’t do half the things that
the mobile app can do the key feature for any professional filmmaker out there
I would really like to see more development for a more powerful Mac
software or even better a Final Cut plugin with those exact same mobile app
features this way I could zip through clips 100 times faster on my iMac over
my phone if you guys want to see how I currently edit some of these 360 files
in Final Cut it’s currently a lengthier process but let me know down in the
comments and I can make a whole video in itself another possible downfall is
audio GoPro and other cameras allow you to record high quality crisp recording
with add-on modules labs or shotgun mics USB adapters it’s not yet possible here
and this is an audio test just if you need professional audio well then of
course you’re gonna need a separate recorder device and another wishlist
idea I would love to see an option in the settings to auto backup photos
and/or video wirelessly to my phone leave it as a toggle and off by default
as I know I’ll suck down the battery life but it would be very helpful to
have as I’m out in the field shooting a couple of hours capturing all these
clips and then later jumping on my phone and those files are automatically copied
right over so then I can edit on the go boom that would be awesome
no more needing to select clips copy them over and then waiting times this
would all be done for me so for my conclusion this nuke
camera and setup of the insta 360 1x with the invisible extra-long a selfie
stick and that flying at drifter dart it will bring a fresh and new perspective
to a lot of my content creation opening up a world of new impossible angles I’ll
give you all the product links down in the description and if you want to see
more camera videos like this in the future make sure you subscribe and ring
the bell to stay up to date thank you guys so much for watching and until next
time let’s live authentic

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