Indoor NATURAL LIGHT photos with RUSSIAN photographer

hey guys today I’m here with my friend Lana and today we’re talking about taking photos indoors with only natural light let’s go [Music] [Applause] welcome back to another video if you’re new here my name is Dustin and this channel is all about creating media content so be sure to subscribe if you like that stuff as I said earlier I’m here with Lana and she’s a Russian photographer who takes photos in only natural light here’s the look at some of her Instagram photos so be sure to follow her if you like them okay right now we’re in her home studio where she shoots most of her photos right right and what camera do you shoot with and what lens and do you have any dreams of another lens for another cameraman of course I dream about cluster abortion clinics so now let’s talk about inspiration what made you pick up the camera for the first time I study in cinematography school and we had some class about liberating camera my teacher inspired me I’ve had a lot of homework about photos to make sound focus architecture with people and it made me more interested with okay so how would you describe your style so first of all I like to do it with on the nature light and we swatch background I don’t know why it just like it okay you said about natural light which is the topic of this video so why do you like shooting a natural line I like the way it looks and when I use flash it looks very nature so what would be your best tips for someone who’s wanting to shoot natural light first of all I use diffusers my own life hack it’s use curtains instead of diffusers I have a great curtains and it helps me to change the color of my backgrounds because now it looks wide with curtains great curtains it looks great with purple curtains looks purple oh yeah that’s great okay so what’s the second one the second one is the most part it’s supposing I always try to catch light on model space and I like the way it looks especially how help your face looks with light or resolve like how your body looks and the last one it’s moving around yourself try to gauge the best aspect with natural light okay now that we talked about tips for taking photos in natural light how do you make your model feel comfortable whenever you’re taking photos of them I always choose music that they like I speak with my model during the shooting and don’t be afraid to tell your model that she is beautiful because portrait photo it’s not about you think it’s more about conversation okay and lastly let’s talk about editing what do you usually use to edit your photos I use professional programs like snap cioth or a light form on my phone because I only balance and I noticed that you usually make your photos black and white why is that I think that black and white photos and you can see emotional model face when there’s a black and white and I like the way we forget tell us about your model today her name is Selena and she is Russian evergreen and be sure to follow her okay now it’s time for our comment of the day on my previous video Daniel wrote you just made me realize how little I knew about library mate this was really helpful keep making these lightroom tutorials thanks Daniel I’m having many more plans okay that’s it for us guys be sure to follow Lana follow her model and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more catch you in the next video [Music]

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  • Hey Dustin – greetings from Tokyo! And thanks for the mention. This is a good idea for a series, Interviewing different photographers. Lana takes great photos! From your last video, ive been de-slanting my slanted images like a boss 🙂 keep at it!

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