INSTA360 GO action camera. Everything you need to know. Full review

Ahoj. Where did it go? Oh…. I’m sure you
already heard about this insta 360 go, the 20 gram Steadicam. Actually it is
18.3 grams to be exact. This is not a sponsored video but they did send the
product for a review. And I’m not gonna just review it, actually I’m gonna show
you exactly how to use it. Who it is for, who it is not for, what you can do with it and all
that. I’m just gonna do everything you need to know about insta360 go. For those who don’t know me, my name is Zdenka Darula. I create photo and video tutorials, tech
reviews like this one and creative camera challenges so if that’s something
you are passionate about, you might consider clicking the subscribe button. I
had an eye on insta 360 products for a while now. I’m not gonna lie. They have
great products. They have really good stuff. Just look at this tiny little
camera, look how small this thing is. The dimensions are 49.4 x 21.4 x 14.85mm or 1.9 x 0.84 x 0.858 inch. That is tiny. It shoots a video at
1080p. The insta 360 go came in this very fancy box. There are many accessories
included, charge case, magnet pendant, easy clip, angle wedge, sticky base, charge
cable, micro USB to USB C cable and pivot stand. It is magnetic. It’s got very
strong magnet and you can wear it for example on a necklace like this and
what’s great about that is that necklace is actually adjustable so if you’re a woman
like me and you need to bring it a little bit higher for a right angle not
a problem. It’s very convenient. You can wear it on
your head using easy clip, you can stick it to many surfaces. Again it’s magnetic
so you can just attach it to anything. You can place it on the pivot stand.
There is simply no limit as where you can place it. It’s got this really cool,
really nicely designed charging case. You gotta be careful though with the lid
because it’s not attached. So you don’t step on it, break it or lose it.
All you have to do is grab the insta 360 go and just snap it like this together…
as you can tell as soon as I was getting close to it, it snaps. It’s pretty strong. You just have to make sure that you line up those
charging ports. When you press the power indicator button, if you see green,
then more than 80% power is remaining. If you see yellow, than 20 to 80 percent is
remaining, if red then less than 20 percent. If the light is off then you
can’t use the charge case to preview or transfer footage to your phone. You need
to charge it. So what can you do, how can we use it? It’s actually super easy to
use. When it is off and there’s no light on, you can just single press, you
will hear buzz and it will start recording clip for 30 seconds. When it’s
finished it will buzz again and it will shut off. The insta 360 go records
fifteen or thirty seconds clips nothing longer than that. Now it comes down to
your personal preference what do you want to use the camera for. Some people
might want to record a little bit longer clips. For me, I’ve had this for a few
days, for about a week now and first when I was looking at it I was kind of like
hm…… but now after a few days I’m like hmmm…
because literally I was testing it every single day. I was recording from the
morning till the evening. I wanted to see what it can do and all that. First of
all what I love about this, I don’t end up with a ton of footage. I just record
the important things throughout the day and it really spices up whatever I’m
doing. It’s great for social media. You can post quick stuff there. Also for my
youtube videos. I always wanted to do a little bit of vlog style to my videos, I
wanted to make it a little more entertaining and have fun
but I am pressed on time and sometimes to do the vlog on video it was hard
for me. Also when I go on the location, I look like a Christmas tree. My tripod,
coffee, camera, backpack and all that. But this this is great. I just wear it,
press whenever I need to record those clips. It really really improves my
videos. When you turn the insta 360 go on, you will be able to take photos, create hyperlapse or slow-motion clips. To turn it on simply
press and hold until you feel too short vibrations. White light will be on. It
will stay on for 30 seconds and then it will automatically shut off. If you need
to, you can also shut it off if you press and hold for 3 seconds. Now it is on so
what can we do here. If you press one time, you will hear a very quick
vibration and then you will see two lights quickly flashing. That means that
it took the photo. If you press two times when it is on, you can record hyperlapse.
You will know that you’re in hyperlapse mode once you get two short vibrations
and quickly flashing white light. The hyperlapse records for 30 minutes. If you
don’t want to record for so long, you can stop it by simply pressing again. Lastly
you can take slow-motion clips. When it is on press quickly three times. It
will vibrate three times and a white light will slowly flash. It will record
for 15 seconds. When it is done it will vibrate and shut off. If you want the
camera to be a little bit further away from you, all you have to do is connect
it to your smartphone via bluetooth. Open up insta 360 go app to take photos and
videos. That is quite handy as well. Effective Bluetooth range is 33 feet or
10 meters. What is cool is that you can record interval video. You select your
interval, how long you want to record interval videos. It goes from 1 minutes
to 24 hours. Recording length is up to one hour and select if you want to
Clips to be 15 or 30 seconds. If you want to take photos, then it can choose timer.
Time lapse mode will allow you to shoot either in hyperlapse mode where you can
select recording up to 30 minutes or static time-lapse where you can select
shot interval up to two minutes and recording lengths up to eight hours.
Let’s talk about video and photo quality. The clips are recorded in a 1080p and
the footage is a very smooth as it says on a box flow state stabilization. It is
really that stable. And the sound for such a small thing, the sound is
pretty good. OK, I’m hungry. I feel like I’m having a picnic…. maybe not…..
Photo size is the same 1920 by 1080 the wide-angle is impressive. Look how wide
it is. Colors and overall look is great. Well, how do we get files from this to
our phone. If you use iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is just remove this part
and then connect it to your phone directly. For Android users which is me, I
have Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus. I have to use microUSB to USB type-c cable which
is included. All I have to do is plug it here and then directly to my phone. Once
you open the app, you can access all photos and videos you took. When you
watch your video, you can change the ratio 16 x 9 to 9 x 16 and 1 x 1
loving that. You can edit the clip, use cool presets to make the clip look
better. You can change the speed, trim the clip add music and once you are ready,
publish it right away to any social media. You can download the clips to your phone, you can create cool stories, just select theme, select your clips you want
to use, select music, preferred aspect ratio and let that app create something
cool for you and publish. And this is where this thing really got me, those
stories. In the settings you can customize all
go buttons, you can do camera giro calibration there, check how much space
you have left in cameras storage. It is estimated that it can fit on the insta
360 go 18 minutes and 40 seconds of video or 3066 photos. At least that’s
what mine says. It’s got 8 gigabytes of storage. You can select if you want the
files to be downloaded automatically, select if you want to delete camera
files after downloading them to the app album, clean recycling bin, select
language, clear cache files, disable the watermark or enable. You can also join
the insta 360 community and check out what other people filmed and there are
many cool things to look at from what I’ve seen. You can have fun with this all
day long and did I mention that it is waterproof? If it gets wet it
just wipe it off, it’s not meant to be used in heavy rain for long periods of
time or stick it under the water but it’s marked as waterproof. Also
battery life. You can record around one hour of footage in those small clips. If
you need to charge it, you put it in the charging case and it takes around 20
minutes to fully charge something like that maybe a little bit under which is
pretty good. The little device is pretty smart. The light indicator will tell you what is going on. Solid white means that it is
on in standby mode, solid red indicates charging when a camera is off, when the
light is off camera is fully charged. when it is off. Blue lights rapidly flashes 3 times not enough storage, blue light slowly flashes
it is updating firmware, red light flashes 3 times, the battery is too low
and if the yellow light rapidly flashes 3 times with vibrations, go needs to cool
down. You are working it and you are working way too hard, take a break. So who is this
for? Anybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, if you’re cooking your
recipe at home, you’re going somewhere, you’re doing sports, it summarizes your day perfectly and then you can share it on social media.
It is simply cool and I’m gonna use it lots. And who it is not for? Well anybody
who doesn’t like to have a little fun now in all seriousness, I do have a few
friends which wear cardiac pacemakers and insta 360s suggests that those
people who wear cardiac pacemakers are not allowed to wear the pendant. So you
can attach the camera, to the stand, you can attach it everywhere you want. You
can still you know stick it anywhere, just do not wear it on the pendant. For
those interested, the product link is in the video description below. It will show
the pricing in your currency depending on where you live, this is international
link. Hit the thumbs up button if you liked today’s video, subscribe to all
future videos like these. If you have any comments, questions, simply want to say
hello you can do so in a comment section below. Let me know what do you think
about this product insta 360 go. Also let me know if you use any action cameras,
which ones and how happy are you with it. I would be very interested in that and
I’ll see you in the next video Cau….. Ahoj…..

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