Insta360 One X Beginners Guide | Camera, App & Editing Tutorial

– In this video, I’m gonna
walk you step by step on how to use the Insta360 One X from out of the box to
exporting your first video. Let’s get into it. (upbeat music) My name is Nolan Molt
and this is Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools to building your influence
with online videos. Today we’re gonna be talking
about the Insta360 One X. Now, if you’re not sure why you might need a 360 degree video camera, or you don’t even know
what this thing can do, then keep watching ’cause
this is the beginner’s guide to 360 video with the Insta360 One X. Step one is to turn the camera on, and you do that by holding
down this bottom button for a couple seconds and you see it’s on because the display is now on and visible. Step two is to download and
connect the camera to the app. And so, once you’ve downloaded the app, follow the instructions and connect it to the camera’s WiFi signal. For me, since I’m using iPhone, I’ll go to my settings app and click WiFi, and then I will just see right here that the One X is available to connect. Click it right there and I am connected. Now that the camera is
connected to our smartphone, we have opened the app, and step three is to
select the camera icon, and then change it to video mode by selecting the video camera. Now we’re getting a live feed
of what the camera is seeing and you can see that if I
scroll with my finger around, you can see the camera setup, you can see the shotgun
microphone, the lights. One cool feature is that you
can see I have this stick connected to the 360 camera, but in the app it’s not there. So, the app actually automatically removes the stick from the video. So, before recording any video, we wanna make sure two things. We wanna make sure there is an
SD card inside of the camera, and we wanna make sure
that we’re recording in the highest quality video footage. To change the quality of the video, in the bottom right hand corner, you’ll see the settings button, and if we click that, we’re set to 4K 30 frames per second right now, but we wanna change that to
5.7K 30 frames per second. Now, without getting super technical, this just means that we’re recording the highest quality video footage, the most amount of pixels, so that when we export our
video, it looks the best. Now on the far right, you
see that it says auto. So if we open that up, you’ll
see there’s two options for automatic or manual. Manual lets you manually
change your settings, but for the sake of this being
a beginner’s video guide, we are gonna leave on automatic, and let the camera give us
the best settings possible. If you wanna shoot slow motion, I recommend using 4k 50 frames per second. Which lets you get about
50 percent slow motion. And if you want even more slow motion, then you can go to the
3K 100 frames per second, but just know that the
quality won’t be as good. All right, the settings look good, so step four is just to hit record. Now, I’ve seen this camera used
a lot like an action camera, so on their website, they
show people using it, whether they’re skiing or
sky diving, or surfing, getting some really cool shots just like you might see with
any other action camera. But the nice thing about
using the 360 camera is that in editing, you
can change the angle, because it’s recording everything, and so, you really can’t miss the shot when you’re recording with a 360 camera. The stabilization that comes with the app really makes these shots usable. You can see how shaky
some of this footage is, and with that stabilization, the shots come out really really smooth. Another cool way to use this camera, is if you’re interviewing someone, and you can see that
the mono pod kinda turns into a tripod here at the bottom. So, if you set it down in
between you and the other person, you can export each angle, one of you and one of the
person that you’re interviewing. And then you send it to
your video editing software and you basically have
two cameras with one. Another tip is that you wanna make sure that the lens is facing
whatever you’re wanting to film. So if I’m gonna film
myself, I’m making sure that this lens is facing me, or this lens is facing me. Because the way this camera works is it has two different videos. It has two lenses, and it
stitches them together. And so, you can see right here where it’s stitching them together. It’s kinda doing some
weird things to my face because it’s taking both videos and turning it into one 360 video. So, if I’m gonna film myself, just make sure that the lens is facing you for the best video quality. Now, there’s actually a whole lot more that you can do with this camera. For example, the time shift effect. So, this shot looks really cool and all you gotta do is
hold the camera straight, walk in a line, and it
will stabilize it for you and add in the effect to make it look like a moving time lapse shot. You can also buy the
darts for the drift shot. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest ways to use this camera. So, you just stick in the dart and then you can throw it through the air, getting footage that
looks similar to a drone. And you can see that when
you use this type of shot with slow motion, you can
get a really cool shot. Now, we’re gonna export our videos. So, in the bottom left hand corner, we’re gonna select that, and now we’re gonna select the
clip that I want to export. So, I found the video that I wanna use and so, I’m gonna set my start
points and my end points, because the video’s about four
minutes and 50 seconds long, but I really only wanna use
about 10 to 15 seconds of it. So with my start point selected, I’m going to scroll to
where I want it to start. So, this is where I want it to start, so I’m gonna leave it right here. Now I’m gonna set the end points. I can now shorten the clip
to where I want it to end. So, I’m gonna stop it right about here, so it’s 10 seconds long, now I’m just gonna hit the play button and see if everything looks
fine on what I selected. It looks great, so now
I’m gonna hit the button in the top right hand corner, and then it’s going to download where I can make a few more
adjustments in the app. All right, it says import success. And here’s where I can
change the aspect ratio. So 16 by nine wide, which
is what I’m gonna wanna use, but I can also do a vertical video like this for Instagram stories or IGTV as well as just a square video. But for this case, I am going
to do 16 by nine widescreen. This little button here
with the running man lets you change the angle of your shot. So, at the beginning,
I want it to face me, but at the end, I want it to turn around and be facing the street, and so, all I gotta do
is click this button, and we’re gonna be using the pivot point. So, for my first pivot point, I want it to just stick
right here facing me. I’m gonna hit the play button, I’m gonna let it play
for two to three seconds. I’m gonna pause it, I’m gonna
set another pivot point. This pivot point’s gonna
be in the same exact spot, because now, I want it to turn
around and face the street. So, I hit play again and now I want it to be facing the street. So, first I have to change my view. So, I just do that by moving
my finger across the screen, setting up my shot and then
I set my next pivot point. And then if I hit play,
it is now facing forward. I’m gonna pause it, maybe at this time, I kinda want it to slowly
turn around back to me, so I’ll move the screen around, and then set another pivot point. So, let’s watch it from the
beginning and see how it looks. So, it starts on me and then you’ll see at this next pivot point,
it’s gonna turn around, it’s facing the street, and
then slowly comes back to me. So, I actually don’t
really like how it focuses on the road for like a split second and then turns around back to me, so I’m gonna delete that pivot point and just have it focus on the
road the rest of the video. You do that by hovering
over and then you see the X, and then you push the X and it’s gone. So, now we can see if we watch it back, it turns, it focuses on the road, and boom, it’s stuck on the
road the rest of the time. The last step to add
before exporting your video is to go into the settings
and remove the watermark. So, if you click the settings button here, and you scroll down, all
you gotta do is uncheck the official watermark. So, now I go back to the album and I want to go to local camera, it’s kinda my raw video, local
is where I made some edits. And this is the video right here, and then I’m going to export to album. The export button is the
square with the arrow in the upper right hand corner. I click it, and hit album, ’cause I want it to go
straight to my camera roll, then I can post it to Instagram, YouTube, where ever I’d like. Step five would be to
choose your video output. So, with this camera,
there’s basically two ways to export your videos. One would be in 360
degrees, where you can put on the VR goggles and look around, and that is a way to export your video. Or the other way is to export
it as any other camera, whether it’s widescreen
or vertical or square, you have all those options within the app. When you export it this way,
it’s not in 360 degrees, it’s going to bring it down
into a still widescreen, or square, vertical video. For the people who wanna use this camera with the 360 degree video, I think tours are a great way to do that. Whether you wanna show
off a gym or a home, you can bring this thing through the house and get a virtual tour on your website. I’m gonna make sure I stay on fixed frame because I’m not wanting a 360 degree video for this specific video. I hit check mark. I exported it to my camera roll because I wanted to add some
music and color grading to it. This wasn’t the complete video, but now that it’s on my phone, I can take it into final cut pro and do all the other editing
that I’d like to do there. In my opinion, this is the
best 360 degree video camera that you can get under $500. If you’re a beginner wanting
to get into 360 video, then I definitely recommend
this camera for you. I also wanna let you know
that we have a free gear guide at where you can go see for your budget, what
cameras and what gear will be best for you. Question of the day is would you use a 360 degree video camera and
what would you use it for? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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