INSTA360 ONE X: Best 360 Camera Right Now?

It’s here! I’m here in Berlin today and look what I’ve got:
it’s the Insta360 ONE X the brand-new 360 camera
that has just been released. Hey, this isn’t an official review, it’s
more of a first impressions. Part two will be coming within the next few weeks,
once I’ve had more time to play with it and get more of a feel, but for now I can
tell you all the key features what they do and I’m gonna go out
and shoot with it right now. To see part two of this video,
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news feed very, very soon. The design is so much better. This is quite a slim 360 camera and it seems to be made of
a tough plastic material. It feels like you could knock it around
and it wouldn’t damage it too badly. We have two buttons on the front. We have an LCD screen this time,
which is very rare for 360 cameras. Look what it is… It’s a battery compartment. We have a micro USB port on the side a microphone on the top on the bottom is a 1/4 inch
tripod thread and it’s not plastic this time,
feels like some kind of metal material. I think they learned their
lesson from last time. Look even closer and
there is the microSD slot. This is going to be one of the
best cards you can get for the ONE X because of the almighty V30. This is a 5.7K camera so you
will need a card that is this fast. As someone that has used a lot
of 360 cameras in their time to me it feels like the Insta360
ONE X has improved upon a lot of the issues we’ve had in the past
and I’ve got to say this starts with the design. This design is so, so good and I can’t believe that
I’m saying that from Insta360 because in the past I have really not liked the
design of their cameras but this one I can barely fault.
It’s slim, it’s light, it’s easy to use and it has an LCD screen, yay!
To begin with, let’s talk memory. At the moment, the ONE X
can use up to a 128GB card which at 5.7K will last about
two and a bit hours. They’re advertising the battery as
lasting about one hour at 5.7K and that’s a pretty average
for a 360 camera they all last about an hour
when shooting at max resolution so the ONE X is giving us
more of the same thing. The good thing about this though is you can get
replaceable batteries, so you could shoot all day long basically and
just replace the battery so good feature with the
replaceable batteries. The photo resolution of the ONE X
is 18 megapixels down from 24. No! You’re probably thinking: “this does seem like a really strange move,
right, to go down in resolution?” However, I’ve talked to the Insta360 team
and they explained to me that they’re now using bigger pixels that look
more or less as sharp as it did before. I know this seems like a downgrade,
but after looking at some of the photos to be honest, it looks exactly
the same as the 24 megapixels. It seems like they have made a few
improvements in terms of photo quality. The camera does have a HDR mode,
you can shoot RAW with the ONE X. Something I’ve always noticed
with Insta360 cameras is the colours are always a little bit lighter
than you see them in real life and the contrast isn’t as strong. This does make the images look
a little bit washed out so you will probably have to colour correct your photos. After watching back
some of the 5.7K video I’m really impressed with
how sharp it looks. No question it blows all the
4K cameras out of the water and it’s definitely the best 5.7K camera
under $500 right now. As much as I say resolution isn’t that
important, with video, it kind of is especially when people are
watching it back as a 360 video 5.7K means it looks more
like HD when looking around. 4K 360 video has left
a lot to be desired. Whenever you’re watching back in 360 and you look around,
it looks more like 720p or less. With 5.7K from any camera it looks more like HD, and I can truly say
that the ONE X does look like HD. I think it’s really cool that Insta360 are making
5.7K accessible to consumers because over the last year or two,
it’s been something only for the pros. I think it’s going to bring 5.7K into 2019
as the standard for 360 video. The next feature to mention is bullet time. You could do this with ONE before
and now you can do it with the ONE X and I gave it a go and
I’ve got some good results. Because it now shoots a full 360
at 100 frames a second you have more ability to reframe and choose exactly what you’re seeing
with the bullet time movement. Do I think bullet time is cool? No, I still think it’s really gimmicky
and I’m probably never going to use it. However, I would say this is
the best slow-motion I’ve seen from a point-and-shoot
360 camera yet. No question, Insta360 have awesome
6-axis stabilisation with their cameras. You can shake it around,
you can do whatever you want with it and the horizon is gonna be basically dead smooth. Going back to the design real quick,
while I really love it in basically every way now that the lenses are protruding
a lot more than their previous camera it is causing the red dot of doom that we know from the Theta cameras and haven’t really noticed it as a big issue
but I have started noticing lens flare. So that’s something you get when
you have big lenses that stick out the sun is going to hit them
and cause those red dots. Due to the thinner design,
the stitching is really good with the ONE X. I haven’t noticed any issues yet sometimes when you preview it,
it can look pretty shocking but with stitching optimisation
on both mobile and desktop it fixes basically all stitching issues. I mean get too close to any 360 camera and there’s going to be stitching issues but I found staying about a foot away,
there’s been no issue whatsoever. This is the best Insta360 camera
I’ve seen so far in low light. It actually does a really decent job
for both photo and video. Yeah you do get a bit of grain but it’s significantly improved. For videos, it’s actually usable in the past it hasn’t been –
it’s just been so blurry and grainy but now you can use it even with
really basic ambient light at night time. And because the camera has
manual controls, with photos you can adjust your shutter speed and capture
basically anything, no matter how dark it is. I will do some more in-depth tests at night time
but for now I give it a pass. Next let’s talk about compatibility and the ONE X is compatible with
both iPhone and Android this time. Yeah! Again, I feel like this is Insta360
realising all the times they’ve messed up all the bad features of their previous cameras
and they’re fixing them. That was probably one of the biggest
complaints of the ONE is it’s just not really compatible with Android
and so many people are on Android. The next cool thing they’ve added is you can choose whether you want
to download your footage via Wi-Fi or via cable. I know it sounds totally lame downloading
with a cable but it’s so much faster. And talking about Wi-Fi downloads,
the ONE X downloads super fast. I was genuinely surprised at
how fast it can download 5.7K video and photos as well. This is how long it takes
to download a photo. Yeah, that’s fast, isn’t it? It actually kind of does make
a 5.7k workflow work on mobile. Most phones, if not all phones,
can’t handle 5.7K video yet so you’re stuck using OverCapture which is all I use basically anyway but if you want 5.7K 360 video,
you will have to go to your computer. As usual, Insta360 have
the best app for a 360 camera it’s so intuitive and easy to use
and you can do so much. There’s only a few things really that you
would need to go to your computer for that’s 5.7 K video if you want to use features like RAW
and bring your photos into photoshop otherwise you can do basically
everything in the app. The reframing is super easy –
you just tap your finger and it will quickly and easily reframe 5.7K video
into a flat 16 by 9 OverCapture video. Another exciting feature they’ve added
is multi-clip editing. We’ve always been stuck with editing just one clip
at a time, you can’t make a 360 movie. Now you can combine several clips into the same video and export them all at once. The next cool feature they’ve added
is called TimeShift and it essentially allows you to change your frame rate
throughout one single clip so if you want to start at
30 frames a second you can do that for the
first third of your clip then you can switch to 50 then you can switch to 100. So you can essentially
change the frame rate if something exciting happens
and you want it in slow-motion you don’t have to have the whole
clip at 100 frames a second. The ONE X is $399, making it not quite a consumer camera,
not quite a professional camera. Would I call it a prosumer camera? I guess I would for video because it’s 5.7K so few cameras have that and high resolution is really
important for 360 video. And if this is something
that’s important to you this is reason enough to buy the ONE X
without necessarily having to invest all the money into
buying something like the Fusion. This is also one of the best
options for those people that like sticking to mobile
and not going to computer. Personally I love the mobile workflow,
so this is a massive value add for me and I really could see you doing everything
on mobile without having to go to computer. So how would I describe the ONE X? It’s a prosumer camera for consumers. This is a camera that beginners could use if they want to get a really
professional result straight away. Would I call this the best
360 camera of 2018? It’s hard to say at this point. There haven’t been a whole lot
of 360 camera releases this year. For me this easily stands out as
one of the best, if not the best. Would you buy this camera? Yeah, if you consider the features
I’ve talked about a significant upgrade to the camera
that you have now you should. If you’re still uncertain,
wait for my second video and I’ll cover all the things I didn’t talk about
in this video, in more depth once I’ve had more hands-on experience and
once we’ve seen a few firmware updates. If you have any questions about the ONE X,
leave them in the comments below and I’d be curious to know: are you considering the ONE X or are you waiting for something else? Let me know down there. Be sure to check out the Insta360
community Facebook as well if you want to see sample footage and
interact with the Insta360 community. There’s heaps of cool posts there. If you want to see what people are doing,
that’s the place to be. So that’s it from me it’s time to shoot me some 360. See you in the next video

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