Insta360 Pro 2 In-depth Review: 8K 3D 360° VR Camera w/ Log, Low Light, HDR Video

Hey what’s up everybody. It’s your boy Huge here from CreatorUp Today I’m in the beautiful Santa Monica
Pier and it’s right that way. With me here we have the Insta360 Pro 1
camera and pro 2 also have a Kandao Obsidian on my hand today I got do some
camera comparison between all three of cameras and I got a finally do my first
official review of the Insta360 Pro 2 to tell you why I like about this
camera and what I don’t like about this camera you cannot wait to the end to
watch this full review and just want to find out what I think the best for you.
So I can tell you that if you have documentary filmmaker or independent
filmmaker that you are always on the run this def a great and affordable camera to invest. If you like me like high frame rate production meaning filming dance contents or sport contents that’s also great option if you want to know why I said that? Keep
watching… To keep it short and sweet I break it down
10 points you need to know before you decide to
purchase the pro 2 if you are using the camera for video work. What I’m going to
tell you will be very different from what you heard from their marketing or
other paid media or reviews. I had three months hands-on experience with the
camera both in commercial jobs documentary filmmaking and my personal
passion projects dance music videos number one the image quality you are now
watching a side-by-side comparison between the pro one and the pro two
cameras during sunset in Santa Monica both in manual mode exact same setting
with ISO 100. The pro 2 captured 120 megabit per second per lens and the pro 1
is around 40 megabit per second and as you see here the image quality is a
dramatic increase from pro 1 let’s punch in 50% and look at my face and the
sunset I really enjoyed the new color science of the pro 2 as you see my skin
color is less red-ish compared to the pro 1 look at the tree in front of the Sun which
is the highlight area you can see more of the tree in the pro 2 if you look at
the tree behind me which is the shadow area you can see more detail instead of
just black compared to the pro 1 how about sharpness if you punch in 100%
and look at the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel and the rollercoaster in the far
distance you can clearly see more in the pro 2 for the pro 1 it is just a blurry
mess. You can also see digital noise in the shadow in pro 1 which pro 2 in
regular mode has a nice and crunchy black. In conclusion to put it in an easy
to understand 2D video term if the pro 1 is 720p in 360
then the pro 2 is 1080p in 360 the quality differences is very significant
what about the comparison between Kandao Obsidian? Here is the side-by-side
comparison all three cameras are in iso:100 shutter:1/60 in 30 frames per
second the perfect setting which you don’t really get in VR by the way just
a shooting tips: golden hours is the best time of the day to shoot VR which
you get perfect exposure and 1 / 60 shutter speed. The Obsidian footage is
straight out of the Kandao studio as you can see the color looks a lot nicer more
saturated in the Insta360 pro 2. The Obsidian look very purplish and less
saturated they are both in auto white balance also the pro 2 has a nice
contract as well and this is why I said that Insta360 Pro 2 is great
for run-and-gun documentary filmmakers and news reporters like my friend from
NBC who use Pro 2 – the idea behind Insta360 Pro 2 regular mode is to
make it simple and easy to use with minimal post-production. The footage you
saw can be directly upload as final products with high volume production
like documentary and news this is very important: time is money
if I don’t need to hire a colorless to color grade, I save money and time. Let’s
punch in 50% and check the highlights and shadows you notice the red sunset
color in the highlight is lost in the Obsidian footage it seems like the
dynamic range of the Insta360 Pro 2 is better than obsidian but i
still notice more detail in the shadow in the Obsidian. It is really hard to
compare the dynamic range in regular mode luckily both cameras has a
logarithmic mode a.k.a. LOG mode. Number 2, Insta360 pro 2 comes with an impressive i-Log. We all know the pro one flat mo is useless not
a true logarithm mode. But the new i-Log is very impressive. Here is the side-by-side comparison between the Kandao Obsidian LOG mode and the Insta360 Pro 2 i-Log. Both in ISO 100, 1/60 shutter speed again
the i-Log already comes with a very nice base color especially the sky nice a
rich blue. The pro 2 also has a better highlight fall off as a point out here.
Let’s punch in 50% in both cameras we can see the bright red Sun usually it
wouldn’t be able to if you are using a consumer camera like GoPro fusion. I
attempt to do some color grading but I still cannot get that rich blue the
Insta360 pro 2 has. Let’s jump to distant objects like the Ferris Wheel.
The pro 2 looks a little bit sharper than the Obsidian but again this is not
a fair comparison as I only have obsidian s which only do 6 K in 3d I will need
the obsidian R which to 8K in 3d to have a fair resolution and sharpness
comparison. When I throw a LUT in both camera I can see the shadow in the
obsidian is still a little bit better sharper and less noise this can be
caused by the stitching software in general the Kandao Studio Stitcher is
better than the Insta360 Stitcher in Depth Mode. You will see in the
actual 3d 360 video in VR headset which I will provide the link in this video.
But Insta360 does come with three months free Mistika VR subscription which can easily solve the stitching issue for this tutorial. A lot of user
complained about the stitching quality of this camera but let’s face it
Insta360 is not a software company their camera maker is unfair to rely on
perfect stitch on a camera manufactory but you can actually get perfect stitch
by doing the work and I mean learn how to do it with Kolor AVP or Mistika VR.
Also I want to point out for all of those complaints about stitching Kandao
Obsidian S captures 3,000 x 3,000 pixels for a single lens. Insta360
Pro 2 if you shoot in mono, it is actually 3840 x 1920. Stitching
is going to be tough. My suggestion is even you only need mono, shoot at stereo 8K which give you 3840 x 2880 per lens, which is a lot
more horizontal coverage. Still not as good as Kandao Obsidian S, but at least
close enough to eliminate some of the stitching issues. Number 3,
high frame rate production. I already make a video explaining the advantage of
high frame rate of the pro 2 I highly recommend you go check it out in VR
headset and I’m not gonna repeat myself here. Number 4
low light production. Believe or not if you shoot in i-log and can control
your ISO below 800 you can actually shoot low light. Yes the result is
nowhere compared to a DSLR like Sony or Panasonic GH5s, but Insta360 pro 2
shoot stereo 3d 360, your low light rig does not, or very expensive to do. Just
look at the footage here with simple 360 post-production including the
denoise & vr sharpen the pro 2 low light footage looks very impressive. But I have
to be honest, if a majority of your production is indoor low light then
building in low light rig is a better option. Here is an example. Number 5 HDR video. Insta360 Pro 2 is the first ever 360 cameras can do HDR video
in both mono and stereoscopic 360. I am NOT an HDR video expert and you
cannot really see HDR the true HDR video without an HDR display, with 1000 nits and above with 10-bit color depth.
I did some HDR video during sunset let’s take a look and compare even without an
HDR display you can tell the highlight is even better with even richer color
the beautiful California sunset with the burning red is truly captured in its
original form. In HDR display this might look even better I hope but it does come
with a price as you see the shadow in the palm tree is highly compressed and
losing details noise is introduced let’s switch to candle obsidian for comparison
which captured at the exact same moment and a glass the Kandao Obsidian LOG more with color grading actually looks better you need to know with HDR you are losing
the ability to manually adjust ISO and shutter speed meaning that you are
losing all those power to color grade in post. Let’s punch in and take a closer
look. The sunset, a.k.a. the highlight no doubt about it the HDR looks a lot nicer
than the blowout Kandao Obsidian. So much highlight detail are captured in
the HDR mode, like the clouds are lost in Obsidian. Let’s punch in a little bit
more like a 150% and we will look at the light in the
ferris wheel and the restaurant I believe is the Red Lobster underneath it.
You can’t even notice those lights in obsidian but in Pro 2 HDR they looks
amazing, well at the price. Look at the close-up palm tree on the side of the PCH
which is moving by the ocean breeze they look all bury with high amount of
digital noise. Same as the shadow in my opinion HDR video is not ready yet even
though I wanted to work so bad and it is a great leap
foreword by Insta360. In conclusion, HDR video should not be the reason you
purchased the pro 2 as there are still too much question marks around the HDR
features in general to capture HDR video need at least a 10-bit color depth
camera for example the Panasonic GH5 or better, red cinematic camera. Insta360 Pro 2 can only capture 8 bit. Unless there are some untold secrets in China
that can generate true HDR video with such a low spec I would not base on this
feature as my purchasing decision. Thank you for watching this review of the
brand new Insta360 Pro 2. As I mentioned I have 10 points and I only
cover 5 here in the next part I will focus more on usability innovation like
the FarSight and the FlowState stabilization we will find out if this
features delivers their promise or not We will also go over live streaming
which is an essential part of video production for clients I will also go
over points that I don’t like about this camera and things that drive me
absolutely crazy on set so subscribe to this channel and hit that notification
bell to catch the next episode when it released give me a like so I can
continue to share what I know and get you to the next level in 360
production until next time stay creative my friends!

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