Iowa City Wedding Videographer – $100.00 Off Any Film Package!!

Hi my name is Steve Oliver and I’m the owner
of Nepo Productions and we have filmed over 120 weddings in the last few years and we
are very proud of that fact. And we know if you’re a bride or a groom looking
for a wedding filmmaker, someone who’s going to take care and tell the story of your day,
someone who’s going to be able to bring out the moments that you aren’t going to be able
to see because you can’t be everywhere at once because that day is a big blur. We know
its hard to find someone to do that for you. If you go take a look at our highlight reels,
then you’ll kind of get an idea of how we utilize the toasts, and how we mix in music,
and how we really create an experience out of the moments that you’ve made on that day. The day isn’t about us. That day is about
you, your love, and your family. Our goal is to bring out the sentiment and the nostalgia
and the beauty of those moments. So we still have some dates available this
year in 2016. But we also have plenty of dates available next year in 2017. So if you’re
watching this video, you’re going to get a hundred dollars off any of our packages. So
please get in touch with us so we can discuss the details of your big day. And if you’re
a little nervous about us being in the way or being a distraction on the day of your
wedding, that is not us. Our goal is to allow the day to happen as
naturally as possible so that when you watch that film, you’re watching the most natural
action possible. We’re there to capture your day from beginning to end. So, give me a call
at 319-892-3124, or email me at steve at We can discuss your day, we can discuss how
its going to go, and make sure you mention this video so you can get a hundred dollars
off any of our packages. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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