iPad Pro 2018 Pro Photographer Editing Workflow

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  • Great vid keep it up

  • Hello from sweden and a fellow photographer! I’m your thousand subscriber, congratulations!

  • That is amazing! i find the desktop version of Lightroom CC… how does it treat virtual copies and color ratings? its amazing to have the full power of lightroom on the desktop but be able to edit on the go. (a full lightroom cc (non classic) solution does not seem to be the right solution for me at the moment)

  • Good vid. Why do you organize into those groups? Is that how you deliver to the client?

  • Great video brother. Just a quick question…how long does it take you to typically get the files on your iPad once you dragged into the all synched photographs folder?

  • If you weren't using Alien Skin, could you renumber & export straight from the iPad? I'm trying to figure out if I can ditch my computer and have a 100% iPad workflow.

  • Do you print your work? How do you calibrate your iPad for editing?

  • How is the speed when first syncing photos from your desktop to Adobe's cloud? I'm concerned that will be too slow and use up all the upload bandwidth.

  • Thanks for the video 🙂 love the idea of using an iPad but I mainly do bars and nightclubs, and so have a much faster turn around (normally uploaded by the next day) so dont think it would be worth it for me but could see it being really useful for large projects that take several days or weeks

  • So can I export a file on my iPad pro to a folder within the iPad and post to FB or insta like I could on my desktop?

  • Hey bro what about screen calibration. Did you do that on the iPad Pro .

  • the ipad pro looks like an amazing tool!
    thanks for sharing! really enjoyed this 🙂

  • Got a funny question but what brightness do you keep the iPad on when setting exposure? What's a "good" brightness to set for editing on Lightroom mobile, etc?

  • Thank you! Great video! I love your videos! I just discovered you and I am binge watching them. They are short and straight to the point, like a bite sized snack!

  • On my PC I organize my photos by year, in a folder. Eg. folder: year 2012. Then I subcategorize them in that folder, e.g. 1. Christmas, 2. Thanksgiving. 3. Summer Mexico, 4. Summer, key west.

    Is there any app that allows me to organize my photos on my iPad Pro 2018, like I do on my PC ?

  • Can't wait for photoshop 2019 on ipad!Expect to be the best!

  • Excellent video! Love your style. Silly question… what is that great music you play in the background? I’d love to listen to that while editing.

  • Is that only for the new ipad pro whats just release?cause i can‘t find this photoshop app in my iPad. Thanks.

  • Man, your hair is dynamite.

  • I just bought a 12.9” iPad Pro and your videos have already helped me so much! I’m stoked to edit on my iPad now! Your videos are super helpful and right to the point – I love it! Keep making great videos! 😊

  • Thanks for the information!! I’ve been doing tons of research and I’m curious how fast internet speeds need to be for Lightroom to sync?? I live in the woods in Wisconsin and I have the slowest internet ever lol….I’d love to be more mobile with editing on an iPad but I’m thinking it would take forever to sync one wedding?????

  • Dope vid bro . Hate u for making me seriously consider dropping $1k on a tablet tho

  • Can you batch edit in LR cc too ?

  • This is exactly the workflow I am wanting to do. Thank you!

  • I would actually like to know how you can manage a workflow ONLY with an iPad Pro. Main problem is storage and classic/cc. I would like to store them in a cloud, such as google drive, directly from the iPad, and then select edit some into Lightroom cc. Is this possible and manageable?

  • How does the ipad pro compare to the surface pro for photo editing?

  • What type files are you working with in LR on the iPad Pro? Can it deal with RAW image files or are you having to convert to psd? Jpg?

  • Great video! When you start editing a Raw image on Lightroom CC on your Ipad and start adjusting different sliders, do you notice that you image goes blurry for a second to render the adjustment?

  • Well I got my IPad Pro 12.9 (2019) & MacBook Pro a few weeks ago & have just got the Pencil as well. Now keeping in mind that I have always done my workflow on a PC and this is my first ever iPad. I was wondering if you could possibly tell me, what app is good for retouching skin, doing smoothing etc, but not to the extent where people look like a mannequin ?.

    On the PC I normally use Portrait Professional but unless i subscribe to something like Astropad Studio to mirror across from the MacBook to the iPad Pro, I will be in need of some new software. Any recommendations or would it be more ideal in waiting for Photoshop CC for the iPad ?.

    Many thanks

  • You are the best.

  • Man I wish I could figure out how to tether to the iPad Pro. I have a Sony a7iii and Unless I’m missing something the playmemories app doesn’t have that capability. I can wirelessly transfer photos but I can’t figure out how to send a single photo automatically after I take it and have it display in that app, or any other app that I know of. If you have a solution I’d sure like to hear it. Thanks for your vids on using iPad Pro for photo editing in Lightroom CC. That’s what I’m using but also checking out Affinity Photo.

  • it looks like pain in the ass. staying with laptop.

  • Love this but I have binned photo mechanic and now I cull on my iPad and holy crap … its so much faster because i actually have the iPad with me so it gets done. I shot 6k photos recently at a very long wedding and they synced overnight and i was done the next night. That also included 8 photos as a sneak peak for the couple edited on lightroom mobile on the iPad. I hate the phrase game changer but for me the iPad Pro is. Still do most of the edits on the Mac though. Great video mate thanks.

  • Do you not get a little bit of load time when you adjust each thing on the ipad? Whenever I edit something, each change will make the photo blurry (load the change) then turn sharp once its changed.

  • How do you send clients their images?

  • Great video, very helpful. I just ordered my ipad pro and should be here Monday! Can you export a whole session on the ipad using Lightroom CC? I'm looking forward to doing my editing on the go and doing less on my macbook pro.

  • Great video, very helpful. I just ordered my ipad pro and should be here Monday! Can you export a whole session on the ipad using Lightroom CC? I'm looking forward to doing my editing on the go and doing less on my macbook pro.

  • Do you ever ingest direct ti iPad?

  • I am going to buy a new Ipad pro as well. Only I am  not sure about the  4 gig ram. Is the 4 gig ram enought for Lr?

  • I love your laugh. It's so genuine. 😬😁

  • It really bums me out that I can't have a detailed exports from my ipad or any ios systems. I have set IG/FB export settings on my desktop so my images don't get pixelated when I upload but these devices only allow maximum or small 2048px.. I hate that

  • thats exactly what i was looking for! thaaaankss

  • I bought ipad pro only for LR, 1.5 years ago… but could not adapt it in my workflow. I am a portrait photographer and need to switch between LR and PS for most of my work. And i need to do stuff like hair fliers cleaning and heavy skin retouching etc in PS. Ipad pro does not have PS cc yet. We are promised a PS cc for ios this year but we do not know if it will allow LR cc and PS cc to transfer edits flawlessly and automatically like it does between lightroom classic and PS. At the moment, I need to switch several apps and in the end find myself working on a separate jpeg/dng file, once i leave the LR territory. Re-importing the final work in to the eco system becomes a problem as they are treated as new photos in the cloud. LR classic downloads a preview of the final file in to my desktop, and I can manually put it back to the original catalogue next to the original file but that final file stays in the cloud forever. I could not find a way to permanently download it to the classic and delete from the cloud afterwards. (Need to export to an sd card reader and import in lr classic for that)

    If you are a street photographer and dont need serious cataloging needs , you will be very happy with an ipad pro. If you are a landscape or a portrait photographer, and using Ps+Lr in combination, it is a lot harder to add it in your workflow.

    I am not able to finish my work in IPad pro, always need to go home or open my laptop and do the rest of the edits there and that drives me crazy.

    I was told that the MS surface on the other hand can launch desktop versions of LR (both cc and classic) and PS. Surface is expensive and slow but will sell my 2nd generation iPad pro if I can work there flawlessly.

  • SOS!!! Can I upload client galleries TO PIXIESET using an iPad Pro (since you can via iPhone)?

  • But you can’t get photo mechanic on iPad. What about a workflow that only uses the iPad? Also do you export to client or hard drive from iPad?

  • Can you do this workflow using the wd wireless passport?

  • great video!! 🙂

  • I absolutely love this. I'm looking into going a more mobile way of editing since not all of the time I want to be on my main rig. I notice that you have everything in one catalog, which that's fine, though, I have each of my weddings set up as each their own catalog. So would that mean I would only edit one catalog at a time when I sync it?

  • How's the 11" working out for you now? Would you have rather preferred the 12.9" looking back? Or

  • Hey brother, great video!

    Just had a couple of questions for you. When you take the 500+ culled pictures on your desktop and sync that up with the synced catalog on your Lightroom mobile, how long does that process take to actually upload all of the pictures, and then have it synced up on your iPad? Do the pictures just show up in your Lightroom mobile library, or do you need to then download all of the files from the creative cloud to start editing them? Lastly, how many classic synced Lightroom catalogs can you have synced to Lightroom mobile? Ideally, I make a new a catalog for every event I shoot, whereas I noticed with your workflow you have one catalog with all of your events in it. Can you make separate synced catalogs for every new event?

    Thanks so much for your time John! Really appreciate your work.

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