iPhone SE vs Nexus 5x Video Camera Test!

Today we are going to be testing the video
cameras on the iPhone SE, and the Nexus 5X. Seems like everyone has their own Vlog these
days, and the easiest way to vlog is with a cell phone camera! So I have both these
cameras mounted up to a little rig that will stabilize them both equally. So…Lets test
the camera quality! So right now I am shooting in 4K. It is a
little bit windy so if you cant hear me, turn on the subtitles and you’ll be able to read what I
am saying. Neither of these cameras have internal image stabilizing. So both image qualities
are going to be a little shaky as I walk around. Right now I am focusing on the end of the
picnic table, then I am going to switch to the fire pit over there on the side. Picnic
table….. fire pit….. Everything is stock on these cameras right
now, as well as the apps, all on the stock settings. So the iPhone SE can only shoot in 720p for
the front facing camera… while the LG Nexus 5X can shoot in 1080p. So if you are looking
for a front facing camera, the LG Nexus 5x is probably the way to go. Normally I am the type of guy who likes to
sit down and plan out a script before I get on camera and start to talk about stuff… But we are just going to wing it today!…
Ya know…. The weather is… rather nice…. So now I am recording in 1080p on both phones.
The iPhone SE has something called Cinematic Video Stabilization that kicks in at this
resolution, and at 720p. But looking at the video quality from the 4k footage, it looks
like it helps out there as well. Its a kind of an “Electronic Image Stabilization”.
But without the warp effect that we saw during my Nexus 6p camera video test. The Nexus 5x
does not have any image stabilization. There are workarounds for that, but it does not
come installed stock on the device. So its not included with this test. The cinematic
image stabilizing is actually really really impressive. Look what happens when I shake
the cameras up and down quickly. – Remember, they are both attached to the same camera
rig. Now lets check out the slow motion. Both of these phones do their highest frame
rate at 720p. iPhone SE can do 240fps, and the 5x does 120fps. When played back at 30 frames per second,
they look pretty much identical. BUT… The iPhone SE has twice the frames to work with.
So when we max it out, the slow motion will go for twice as long, and look twice as cool. Keep in mind that both of these devices are
mid range devices. The iPhone SE is about 400 dollars brand new, and the Nexus 5x is
350 dollars. You also might have noticed that ive included the bit-rate of each camera in
the corner as well. That just tells you how much information is allowed in each second
of footage. So for this image, while shooting in 4k, the iPhone SE is allowing 20% more
information to go to each of its 30 frames every second. The file size will take up more
room. But the frames will be more detailed, which is a good thing.
Now, I’m personally an android guy, but when specifically talking about camera quality…
For these midrange phones factoring in the higher bit-rate, the Cinematic Image Stabilization
and the better slow motion. I think that the iPhone might win this round. Let me know what
you think down in the comments. Also check out my Nexus 6P Vs Galaxy S7 Edge
camera comparison. I talk about some of the high end video stabilizing. Hit that subscribe
button for more videos like this in the future. And head over to my Instagram and twitter
for behind the screens stuff, with other tech tips. Thanks for watching! Hope to see you

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