Issa & Boehner Announce Oversight Committee HD Video Transparency Project

[Music] Our founding fathers believed a healthy American
government would depend on active, informed American citizens. Today, sharing the information of government
with you is just as vital. Technology has made strong digital democracy
possible. I’m Darrell Issa, top watchdog in the new
House of Representatives, and my mission is to shape a government where
you can see — hassle-free — what Washington actually does with your money. Building off of House Republican’s Pledge
with America, I want to share a first step we’re taking to deliver government
openness you deserve. Today, you can visit this link to watch high-quality
video of every oversight committee hearing since
2009. No congressional committee has done this before. Going forward, we’ll keep sharing high-quality
videos of tough oversight work. Under Speaker John Boehner, transparency through
technology will be crucial to shaping a government that does more with less. Informed and active citizen watchdogs —
like you — will help today’s new congress deliver tomorrow’s more efficient,
more effective, American government. Thanks for watching. [Music]

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