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(Music) Hello and welcome to America’s favorite
government news show, The New News. I’m your host, Chelsey, but if I were a
cat at the beach this time of year, I’d be called Sandy Claws. First up, I hope your Christmas holiday brings
you as much joy as Christmas lights bring to Clark Griswold. During the holiday, City facilities may be
closed or have altered hours. So be sure to call ahead or check the website
before visiting. Like you, City employees are looking forward
to spending time with their friends and family. Well, except for cousin Eddie, of course. They say Allen Public Library is tall because
it has so many stories. But so too does Allen. If you’re looking for something to do this
holiday break, check out our Stories of Service. On the website there’s several articles
and videos highlighting some exceptional City services. Give ‘em a gander. ‘Cause like they say, “What’s good for
the goose is good for the gander.” It’s a great time of year to give to others. Just don’t ask any crabs to give anything,
they’re all shellfish. Allen Community Outreach is always accepting
donations of cash, items and food. Especially now so they can help ensure every
Allen citizen has a good holiday season. Just check their website for needs and details. As Santa would say, “It’s for a good Claus.” I heard that 007 was going to retire and become
a handyman. Makes sense. He’s already licensed and bonded and has
experience taking care of oddjobs. The Housing Rehabilitation Program provides
up to $5,000 to qualifying Allen homeowners in need of an urgent or accessibility-related
repair. The requirements and qualifications are on
the website. And hey, maybe the painter will say he prefers
his paint shaken, not stirred. With the new Star Wars movie hitting theaters,
it made me wonder if Luke Skywalker ever told a Christmas tree farmer, “May the forest
be with you.” If you’re looking for a last-minute family
picture, you might want to take it with the City’s newest Christmas tree at the Allen
Drive Circle. It’s nearly 50 feet tall and covered in
twinkling lights. Your pic’s sure to give all your friends
fomo when you post it to your Facebook, Instagram or Myspace page. Speaking of social, don’t forget to follow
our accounts. Then hit up for more information. And smash that subscribe button on our YouTube
channel. That’s gonna do it. Sandy Claws has a beach chair callin’ her
name. Happy holidays everybody! (Music)

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