Jake Hicks Teaches How To Add Color Gels To Your Photography Lighting

– We are all bombarded
by literally thousands of images every single day, and it’s my opinion that color has seen a big resurgence of late. And whether that’s down
to big budget movies or long-running TV shows, the addition of supplemental
color in our images has never been more popular. My name’s Jake Hicks, and this is my tutorial
on color gel lighting. (upbeat dance music) I was shooting the same white
lighting setups for years. It wasn’t until I started
introducing color gels to some of those exact same setups that I realized just how bad
my lighting actually was. Color gels are a great way to unlocking the mysteries of white light. You can actually see light that would otherwise be invisible. So when you master
lighting with color gels, you’re actually mastering
white light photography. I get sent messages time and time again from photographers who are trying to learn how to take gel lighting shots, and I see the same mistakes
happening every single time. I’ve created a curriculum that addresses all of these issues, and I’ve teamed up with
RGG EDU to bring them to you in a step by step
and easy to follow process. We spent a week covering everything from our most fundamental concepts all the way to our most
advanced lighting setups. One of the biggest pitfalls
of commercial photography is that we get hung up on the gear, and this tutorial is
not gonna be about that. This is about teaching you technique. I’m gonna be teaching you how
to get it right in camera, and rely less on post-production. Great color gel photography is hard. There are no shortcuts, but if you follow the principles
laid out in this tutorial, you’ll be well on your way
to creating stunning images for your portfolio.

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