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Even when I opened my store,
I invited only you as chief guest But you nailed me, right? I just borrowed but you earned
extra bucks using me Tell me the truth, how are you
connected with that cop? Brother, we aren’t naive
We’ve seen plenty like you You belong to middle class You can’t stoop low
nor can you think high five! I can tell that police officer He will settle for less If need be, I can tell him
to turn a blind eye on you Let go of me, huh? I’m on the run
only because of him I’ll pound you to a pulp
How do we punish him? Make him play
the Blue whale game 50th day game over! Hey, wild cat Use any decent cuss word on me
I’ll lose my cool if you call me a wild cat Brother, what are you doing? Whatever it is
we can discuss and decide Fold it well and
stuff it into his mouth He’s yelling his throat hoarse, gun throat! Cool down, brother ‘Showing off his English’ – Stuff it in
– Middle class? I don’t know to stoop low
or think high-five But I know to think like a criminal! You’ll be hanging in mid-air now Super, boss You committed suicide
will be the headlines If you’re interrogated
the can of worms will open What is all this? – Lift him
– He can hang with the chair – Unique suicide
– Wild cat, let me speak Wait, I’ll confess now See if his face is clear What do you expect of
that hand-pounder of a face Cough up the truth Inspector Appadurai is my brother, brother What does that mean? If he keeps disturbing me
I have to start all over again Bro, adding salt to the sea? Hey, keep quiet
You continue Inspector Appadurai is my brother He’ll tell me all the unknown
property details in the city I’ll avail loans with that information
for nameless vagabonds like you We share the spoils 50-50 I’ll share my loan details
with Appadurai Then he’ll threaten them And get a commission We split that 50% each We’ve developed an application
for all unknown properties, brother If you leak this video… …only the online chaps will earn Let us both talk it out, brother He seems to be
a dangerous con man That’s why you’ve tied me He’s making 2 recipes
out of 1 egg! This won’t work with him I’ll have a peg
and bring 1 for you too He’s buying booze unaware
shops are closed due to election If he’s your accomplice
even a kid can fool you We bought the booze yesterday!
Will you shut up, useless? That’s old stock Untie this rope Foreign booze, full bottle, brand new Let us discuss and make it
mutually beneficial, brother What you said is enough!
Full stop to your offers With this I’ll find out
how to come out of my problems Brother? Brother, listen to me
Don’t do it ‘Whether the top spins or not’ ‘Whether the mangoes ripen or not’ ‘Our lotus will always bloom’ ‘Our lotus will always blossom’ Can I see Samuel sir? He had asked me to
come here around 4:00 p.m Don’t you remember me? – What…?
– Nothing Samuel himself asked you to come here? Yes My certificates are with him I brought the cash
he asked for My name is Keerthi Will you let him know I’m here? Okay, don’t go anywhere I’m his assistant
Don’t go anywhere Please wait here
I’ll be right back Hey, tell me the truth Why has Keerthi come to see you? Is she already here? Told her to come only at 4:00 p.m
It’s only 3:00 now Brother, you’ve recorded
my statement, right? Untie the rope I have a deal with that girl I came to Pondicherry
only in search of her She has come with cash
Her certificate is with you Tell me the truth
How did you get her certificate? If you don’t blurt out the truth
I’ll post your video on YouTube I’ll unburden myself completely ‘A chap called Guna came to me
recommended by my friend Satish’ ‘He gave original documents
of many girls…’ ‘…and asked me to prepare
fake passports with fake addresses’ ‘Without client coming in person
I strictly told him nothing can be done’ ‘After a few days
he came with his clients’ ‘He was a new client’ ‘So I asked those girls
if they knew what’s happening’ ‘They also said yes’ ‘I gave my visiting card
casually to those girls’ Whatever it is
feel free to tell me, sir They are my wards
I’ll inform them I just wished them good luck Shall I wish you too? ‘I thought the deal was done
but the girl who took my visiting card-‘ We don’t need a passport
nor do we want to go abroad They are conning us
promising to get us a job Bro, please return our certificates That’s our identity Am I doing social service
to return her certificates? I realized then she was penniless I made some lame excuse and dodged her Her friend is the one
who is at the door She called me 2 hours back 1 million cash 50% for you and 50% for me Okay with the deal? We’ll return the originals to her And give fake to Guna
What do you say? Where have you kept
that girl’s certificate? Will documents be in the sea? If you untie me, I’ll get it Hey, what are you doing there? You can’t find all that
Come here Brother…brother
I gave you the required informat- Don’t take those documents Brother, please listen to me I haven’t taken copies All original documents Hello! Untie me first Listen please If you take all the documents …how do I explain it is missing? I’ll deal with them If you ever do this to anyone… …I’ll close your chapter! Have you brought the cash? Yes, sir I just spoke to him on the phone
He has gone out on some work I believe your documents
are in Palavakkam office I’m going there now Why don’t you come with me?
I’ll give it to you If you have any problem… …give me your address
I’ll courier it You’ll get it in 2 or 3 weeks I’ll come with you
and collect it now I have to go to Chennai as well Okay…okay Let’s go ‘Trying to fool us?’ ‘I’ll hand you over to them
and rescue my friend’ Get in fast
Get inside Isn’t that him? Boss…boss ‘I got you beer, boss’ ‘Look here, boss
I got a full case for you’ ‘Keerthi, don’t trust him’ Do you want peanut candy? Oh! You don’t want, huh? ‘Never tasted it before maybe’ [Song from ‘Vellai Roja’] “In the Lord’s house of prayer
we are candles that glow forever” “No sinners around
No differences found” Why are you so serious? After all certificate
You’ll get it Sir has promised to return it Will he give all our certificates? If he has given his word
he’ll do it for sure Not bad, you’re facing
these problems all alone You are truly gutsy Are you from Chennai? Do your parents know about this? Express your feelings, only then
you can solve your problem If you think my problems
should be solved… …can you do me a favor? What is it? I’m scared to go by myself On the way can you stop
at a police station? Whaaat…?
Police station? They shouldn’t go scot free Who…? Those chaps who tried to con me I meant those 2 First try to extricate yourself
from this unholy mess I can handle that But I have to make sure
they are caught There is also another gang I must nab them also – One more?
– This is a duo Wanted me to fall from
the frying pan to the fire! That too they were wearing masks If their faces were covered by a mask …how will you find them? They aren’t worth
losing sleep over If they mask their face… 2 goons One of them was very fit Runs a travel agency
Er…called Jil Jil Travels ‘I intend using the car from
Jil Jil Travels for my wedding’ The other chap has curly hair Such a dumbass He’s getting married in 4 days I know enough details
to complain to the cops Listen, will anyone name
his travel agency ‘Jil Jil’? I think they spoke deliberately
just to confuse you Don’t waste time complaining
Then the cops will be confused! 1st collect your certificate Go home and discuss Then you can nab both the gangs
and hand them over to cops Okay? If I had a home to go to
the way you seem to think… …why will I be on the run like this? I have to go to Hyderabad tonight But my friend is stuck with them Nowadays friendship is taken very casually But she’s my childhood friend How can I abandon her? Are you from Hyderabad? Yes, I was brought up and
educated in a Trust in Hyderabad ‘We had finished our undergrad
and had to leave the Trust’ ‘Trusting a consultancy company
which promised a decent job abroad’ ‘…we came to Chennai to attend
the interview and we got selected too’ Since some of you
have come from a Trust… …if you go abroad
you won’t come back ‘You may settle down there’ Visa processing will be delayed, you may
have to show a hefty bank balance too ‘We must give an address in Chennai
as your place of residence’ Plus bank balance, we have no other go
but to create these fake documents Do you think we can trust them? That too by creating fake documents Foreign place Unfamiliar city too When we step out of our haven, any place
we go to will be unfamiliar to us After all a small change in address
So many are going already Let us also go ‘Promising to help us’ ‘…they created a fake address as if
we are living in Chennai with our family’ ‘We thought everything
was smooth sailing’ ‘That was when my friend Dhanya-‘ Hello, Keerthi? Keerthi, where are you? I’m heading back home, why? Even if one of them is with you
don’t reveal you’re speaking to me There’s something fishy
about this definitely Under the pretext of getting us jobs
they are trying to misuse us Remember Mr Samuel
we met the other day I spoke to him He just wants a small amount ‘I was thinking of how to escape
from their clutches, that’s when-‘ ‘Terrified about my friend’s safety
I went to that house’ ‘The house was locked’ ‘No one was in sight’ They had planned this to the T Their targets are mostly orphans
like us without family support Sorry I asked only because I thought
you’ll have your family to back you up

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