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Laalu, how much do you love me? Just like Jio mobile data, unlitited. Awww… This year, I’ve told my parents, that the Garba limit has extended till 2:00 AM So they won’t be suspicious at all! That is such a brilliant idea baby! But I’ll have to reach home by 2:00 AM sharp Or else my dad will smack me on my neck… Don’t worry! I’ll fling you at your doorstep sharp at 1:59 AM This is for you GOTCHAAA!!! Hey get me out of here! Help me Just a second Quick, I think I have a spasm! Gotcha… K. Pakdipadya Full name
Kasepan Pakdipadya (Anywhere Gotcha) I’m a Private Detective Be it a small thing kept somewhere by your mom or Vikram Lander’s exact location I can get a hold of anything! But my specialty is catching couples red-handed – on their parents’ request. I am single since prehistoric times. Because I believe, it’s only when you destroy your
attraction towards girls then can you attain true success in life. GOTCHAAA!!! Progressive GOTCHAAA!!! GOTCHAA!!! Raw, Interpol, Swaad, *corrects* SWAT they are small fish My inspiration is Koel. Koel is my ex-girlfriend *Extreme sentiments kick in* She broke up with me bro! She said I’m creepy! Now you tell me- -Can’t a Boyfriend, go to his girlfriend’s house to pee? At 3:00 AM, knocking her parents out
with chloroform…but but for this? She broke up with me for such a petty reason… And since that day… *laughs devilishly* I got the EX factor! *being Ex-tra here, are we?* I have decided that I want to wipe off the concept of relationships from the face of this planet! My only religion, my only responsibility is now to find out all the couples
who lie to their parents.. & roam around doing lovey dovey shiz
all over the place.. and GOTCHAAA them!!! But one case… There was this one case which
changed my life forever… That night was extremely dark and scary… but then I realized I had my goggles on… Oh Anyway Mr. Pakdipadya? I have kept a letter in your pocket. Read it in suspense. You are the best detective in this city Only you can help me. I think my daughter has an affair I repeat I think my daughter has an affair. Help me catch her affair. Please help me This message will self destruct in 5 . 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 That uncle’s face and the case both seemed pretty serious to me. So, I immediately widened my antennas and set afoot in search of her. I faced some difficulties but this case had become the iron to my magnet I let go of all the other big and small cases to dedicate all my time to this one. I followed my Guruji’s advice to practice
‘The Chameleon Technique’ I became a part of her group *Gossip girls of Kamati Baug chatting faintly* The Target is not as dumb as I thought After toiling tirelessly I felt tired I was shitting bricks on this case because I couldn’t find a single proof that
confirmed about this girl having an affair I was very stressed And so I focused my mind to remember my Guruji Aham Pakdaasami… Pakdesss… Don’t watch WHERE the girl is going Watch WHO the girl goes to Let’s do the Lotus position one last time Aham Pakadaasami… Shut up you twisted scum!!! *Crashing back into reality real hard* Yeah, so where were we? Guruji was right When I observed who the girl was going to I realized that I had been following a wrong lead all this time Oh God! All these guys are friend-zoned! My life had become like the talent on Tiktok Hollow, Nothingness. Day and night everyone was knee-deep in
celebrating and enjoying Navratri while I was knee-deep in my existential crisis. I was sure about that girl having an affair, but with whom, I had no clue. I thought this was the end of my career. To vent out my sadness I went and sat on the steps of the house across her building You want to defeat me huh!!! You smarty pants! Here! Take this! Burn in hell!!! *Karma burns you right back* Nope. Can’t be him Hey! Paku??? Err… No one saw you coming in here, right? Nope Actually, everyone around here knows Dad… They would create an issue! No one saw me, relax! That’s why we always meet here at your place Listen, we’ll have to hurry it up today I have to sneak my cousins into
the Garba grounds today without passes We’ll have to rush it up a bit Don’t worry Paku GOTCHAAA!!! Hahahaha *laughs devilishly* What is all this Pankti?! Dad!!! You’re doing all this that too inside the house?! Have I given you a separate room for doing all this? From now on, your in-time is 3:00 PM and you’ll sleep between me and your mom from tonight And YOU!!! How my Daughter fell for you, is beyond me! You don’t have a future, and want to wipe off
my Daughter’s future too!!! Next time if I see you anywhere near my daughter, I’ll kick your ass till my shoes shed tears!!! Hahaha… So this was the case that changed my life But it changed your life HOW??? *diving into nostalgia* You don’t have a future, and want to wipe off
my Daughter’s future too!!! Next time if I see you anywhere near my daughter, I’ll kick your ass till my shoes shed tears!!! Mr. Pakdipadya, take him away! Yes! Move yo ass! Your name? Must you know? I have one extra Garba pass for tonight… wanna join me? I can Waltz and Jazz… But I can’t Salsa… Have no fear, I’m here. I’ll teach you everything Shall we? DADDY!!! Hahaha… My life changed completely and so did my perception of love. Today, I am very happy Ha! Because today I have my own rainbow with me. The Catcher of Lovers, Detective Pakdipadya has finally been caught in this love trap by him. Hahaha I may have a financial crisis… but I ain’t got no identity crisis. Pakdi? Yeah? Let’s go Salsa! Yes GOTCHAAA!!! My dear viewers If you loved what you watched Like this video, share it and to watch more amazing comedy videos Subscribe to The Comedy Factory channel I’ll be back… Maybe… GOTCHAAA!!!

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