Kanmashi Malayalam movie | Scene 14

I want to talk only to uncle! You have to stop your drama now. You…-It is enough for me. All are playing with my life. What has happened for
your life that you think? Your marriage with Varsha is been fixed. Sorry!That will not happen!
-Why not? I won’t agree for it, that’s it. Because I can’t love one
and marry another. I am loving this girl. Jayraj! What are you doing
to him? Leave him. See what he says. Who is she? Tell me. I can’t live without Kanmashi! I know her. She is Iyer’s girl. I know that you can’t forget her… ..but you have to. You know that we are
living this life of ours.. ..not only because of God’s grace! It is the righteous ness pf Menon sir too. We have enough commitments
towards his family. If we are unfaithful to him
we will be deemed as traitors! My dear should not be the reason for it. You should not be adamant as the child.. ..who asked for the moon!-Dad..me! Sacrificing your needs for others… ..is greater than achieving
them for your self. Dad!-You have to forget. You have to be with me.
You have to forget him. Lord!I have never stood.. ..before you with tears! You know my heart. I happened to love him, very much. I could be abandoned by every body. But I believe, you will give
refuge for me! Give me strength to face
and overcome my miseries! Where are you?
-I am bathing. Is you bathing still not yet over? It will be over now.
-Open it. -I can’t open now. Then I will go and see grandpa! Where are you going?
-I was coming to you! I am now before you.
That is Kanmashi. Why have you closed the door? I want to talk to you very much.
All are here at this time! Varsha will enter in.
-Let anyone can come and see us. I have talked to my dad about everything. About what?
-About our matter. -Our matter? What do we have between us
to tell that to your dad? You… Have you thought I will be with you
for ever as your life mate? Yes!I just see it as a child’s play. Just a pastime! Every body will have such joyous moments.. ..in their lives! Isn’t it?
-What do you think you are telling? Look!We do love each other. But we do not live in Eden garden! We live on this earth only… ..that too among so many good people
like dad, mom and grandpa! Can we live happily our selves
by making them to suffer? I don’t want to hear
about others’ matters! I told you before,
that you have only little sense. You come down from your dream
world and think peacefully. You will come to know,
things clearly then. What happened to you?
-Close your catlike eyes. -Why? Close them, I said! What is this? I don’t need this toy any more. Shall I leave then?
-No. I will not allow you to go. I don’t need your permission! Do you know what my dad has told me? ..that I should not be
adamant as the child.. ..who asked for the moon! Don’t you understand?
I too couldn’t understand then. I have understood it later.
You too will understand in due course. Shall I take leave? Why do you need all this preparation? You need not lure anybody anymore! I feel sorry when I think of that. I never have dreamt that,
there would be a development like this. Life is not like viewing a dream!
-My plan was to study further. When I have thought it over… …it is better this way
as others also wish the same. Grandpa wants it to be done faster! What is it in your eyes?
-It is a mote. Let me see!
-It is nothing.-Let me see it. Enough!
-Is it gone? I came to tell you something! I am going to Pollachi! Grandma is not well. You can go as well,
but you have to come back fast. Or else, I will come to Pollachi
and pick you up! Shall I leave then? You are very propitious. What have you done yesterday? Why did you run away crying,
when some body has told something? That’s because I was a bit emotional! You are not the kind of a girl to do that. What went wrong?
-It is nothing. I know from your face,
that something is wrong! What is it? -Grandpa! Don’t
create any undue problems! If I have any, I will let you know.

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