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Would you like to feel like a celebrity and
get magazine-worthy photos of yourself it a glamorous location? Hi! I’m Marcie from Marcie in Mommyland
and I want to tell you all about the newest Kauai photographer experience. It’s called
Kauai Jungle Tub and yes, it’s just as cool as it sounds! Kauai Jungle Tub was started by two pros in
the Kauai wedding industry. One is a professional hair and make-up artist and owns Kauai Wedding
Hair. The other is an amazing Kauai photographer and owns FOTOPOP Kauai. They decided to team together and create this
unique Kauai photo experience for people who want to have a blast creating fun and beautiful
photos! So, they refurbished an old bath tub and built
a set in the Kauai photographer’s backyard. Of course, it wouldn’t be a jungle tub without
lush monstera leaves and vibrant tropical flowers! I brought several different outfits with me
including two swimsuits, a flowy skirt, and an off the shoulder maxi dress. I also ordered a Hawaiian flower crown, called
a Haku Lei from a local Kauai florist. What’s really awesome is that they fill
the bathtub with warm water so it’s nice and relaxing! Nicolette is one of the friendliest photographers
I’ve worked with and she immediately put me at ease. I’m someone who feels super awkward posing
for photos. I never know what looks good or where to put my hands or even where to look. But, this Kauai photographer is fantastic
at giving posing tips in a way that’s easy to follow. And Meghan was there to take fun Boomerang
and Instagram photos throughout the shoot in addition to fixing my hair and touching
up my makeup! Their positive energy led to a lot of playful
images! I learned a lot of specific posing tricks
that I was able to use when taking my own photos throughout the rest of my Kauai vacation! And the poses weren’t complicated at all! I still can’t believe how natural these
poses looked in the photos! Plus, I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling! I liked that both Nicolette and Meghan checked
in with me to make sure I was comfortable and that we were all creating photos I would
like. Because of that, so much of my personality shined through! And we all kept talking and laughing which
kept me from feeling awkward. Meghan and Nicolette kept cheering me on and
made me feel like I was an old pro at this. That gave me so much confidence, which led
me to have even more fun! During this part of the shoot, I learned that
Meghan had found this gorgeous yellow flowers a few hours prior during a walk at Smith’s
Tropical Paradise, which is one of my favorite luaus on Kauai. I thought it was so cool that
each Kauai Jungle Tub shoot looks a bit different. And we were able to use these flowers as both
decorations and as props! Nicolette let me know that she’d be switching
lenses throughout the shoot and might walk around and try different angles while I held
a pose. I loved feeling in the loop! Out of all the activities I planned during
our trip to Kauai, this one ended up being my favorite. And so much of that is because
it’s something that I did just for me and it was an opportunity I wouldn’t have other
places. It would be perfect for a bridal shower, bachelorette
party, wedding photos, a trash the dress photo shoot, honeymoon photos, maternity photos,
or anytime someone wants to feel fabulous! The best thing about the Kauai Jungle Tub
is that everyone is so supportive and positive and the whole experience was really empowering! Be sure to mentioned Marcie in Mommyland to
get $100 off your Kauai Jungle Tub photo shoot! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe!

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