Kids react to technology! This episode: old cameras! (Finebros) Once again, we’re not
having you react to a video today. Snap. (Finebros) You’re reacting to this. Is this a GoPro? Oh, it’s a camera! It’s a camera.
I already know what it is. An old school camera. An old camera!
I think. Pretty ugly. It’s big. Heh. But, then again, that camera’s big. Oh, I know what this is!
This is a camera. I have this at my house.
(camera clunks) – (Finebros chuckles)
– It’s all good. Question time! – (Finebros) So, do you know what it is?
– An old camera. Yes. I’ve never seen a camera
like this in real life. (Finebros) Go ahead and take
a picture with it. Say cheese. Wait, no!
It didn’t click. It doesn’t work. How do I see what I’m…? Wait a minute, is this thing even on? This thing have any batteries? This is like a scavenger hunt. Open–no, close. Argh. Shouldn’t this twist? (lens whirs)
There it is. Okay. (lens whirs) (lens whirs) (whispers) I did something. How do I–(lens whirs). Ah! It looks like this thing? (lens whirs) Old time selfie! (camera whirs) I got a selfie! (camera whirs) I’mma pro! Right?
Wait, what? Did I do it right? (Finebros) So you actually haven’t
taken a picture yet. Oh. I just wasted my selfie time! (Finebros) There is something else
that you need to do. Is it a whole other piece? Smash it into pieces
and buy a new one? I don’t know, actually.
I’ve never used a camera like this. A battery? A plug?
A tape? A little card thing. There’s no photo fluid in this thing. I was going to say,
is there any film in here? But then I thought,
“Of course you’d put film in here!” That’s why, when I opened this,
I said, “No!” I didn’t want to ruin the film,
so I didn’t look inside to see there was no film! (Finebros) You actually need
something called “film”. Oh, yeah. Film. Do you guys have film? Oh, like what they used in the movies? – (Finebros) What is film?
– I have no idea. It’s how you take pictures. It’s like one of those camera chips
that you put in that gives you storage? This magical roll
of almost this brownish color with little boxes on the top. (Finebros) So we’re gonna
give you some film– (gasps) A real film! I’ve always wanted to see film. Looks like a battery. Now I have to find out what
I’m supposed to do with this. (Finebros) Okay, so how do you
load that into the camera? Here, let’s and find a new opening. Why did things have
to be so hard back then? Do I open…
no, that’s a battery. If this works, I think I’m a genius. If it doesn’t work,
I think I’m an idiot. (Rafi Fine) So it’s actually
on the other side… – I’m an idiot.
– ..Flip it over. Ah ha! Really don’t want to break it. – There?
– (Rafi Fine) No. – Do I leave it out?
– (Benny Fine) No. Gosh dang it!
Can somebody help me? (Benny Fine laughs) Yes. I’ve done this before.
I know I have. I can do this. Got it, yes! Oh! I got it!
I think. Do I need to roll this out? I hope there’s a YouTube tutorial
video for this or something. That’d be great. Not too much.
Just the tip, where it’s thinner. (film whirs inside) It’ll automatically roll it out for me. (film whirs inside) What am I doing?
What am I doing? (flim whirs inside) Here we go, people. Who knew taking a picture
could be such hard work. (Finebros) Alright, now you
can take a picture! (snaps camera) (film whirs) Awesome. (snaps camera, film whirs) Oh! (laughs) It’s blinding! (camera snaps) Okay, so, where’s the picture? How do I see the picture though? – How do I look at my picture?
– (Finebros) You can’t. Then what’s the point of taking it?! So what’s the point? Kind of useless then. Why do you have a camera then? How do you people get
pictures off of this thing?! (Finebros) So it used to be
that you’d take pictures on your camera, and then you’d have no idea
how they’d turn out – until you brought it to a store.
– Oh, come on! You’re not making me walk
to the store now, are you? (Finebros) Then you’d have to wait
at least an hour for them – to develop the film–
– What would you do while waiting? I don’t know how I would’ve survived. (Finebros) Then you would finally
be given your pictures, physically, not on a computer or on a phone,
actual photographs, – that you could then look through.
– That’s not cool. That’s messed up. So when did real cameras come out,
where you didn’t have to do all that? (Finebros) And you had to pay
for the store to do that. Hmph. (sighs) That would suck. First you pay for the camera,
then you pay for the film, then you pay to get it developed,
then you get your pictures. – I feel bad for those people.
– (Rafi Fine) Us. Yeah, I’m sorry. Did you live with this back then? You must be really old. (Finebros) And then if you wanted
to take more pictures, you had to buy – more film and do it all over again.
– I’m happy I didn’t live in that time. This is the devil camera. I always thought these
were cool until now. Argh! This is… I’m speechless! Oh…just how hard it is
to just take a simple picture! (Finebros) It used to be that people
would store all their pictures in photo albums, and now everything
is called albums online for photos because it’s named after
what they physically used to be. – But nobody has a physical album though.
– (Finebros) I know. That’s kinda sad. (Finebros) How many recent pictures
of yourself do you have physically? That you can actually hold? None. None. None. Nothing recent. They’re all on Instagram. I don’t live old like you guys! What we do is we
kind of take them on the phone, and then print it on the computer. (Finebros) So, finally, do you prefer
the way you can take a picture now, with today’s technology, or do you
still wish you were using cameras – like that today?
– Now. Probably now. The new cameras of today. Today. I like how you take pictures now. I prefer the way that we’re using now. Taking pictures now. I’ll throw this camera away. How you can take pictures now. It’s better. I’d say in the past. Usually, if you take a picture
on your phone, you want it to be there forever,
but it’s not gonna stay there. Unless you print
every single picture you’ve taken out. Technology today. You don’t have to wait
an hour just to see a picture! (grumbles) Thanks for watching
another episode of Kids React! Let us know what technology
we should react to next. Make sure you subscribe.
We have new episodes every single week. Say bye! Ugh! Come on! (camera snaps, film whirs)

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