Koro Carnell’s Photography 💟 2019 Late Spring-Early Summer Collection at K’s Gallery in #SecondLife

Hey. I’m Julian Fall. Today I’m… Visiting K’s Gallery To enjoy Koro Carnell’s Photography Exhibition 2019 Late Spring-Early Summer Collection You can click on this signboard to get the links to her flickr pages. Alright let’s take a look around! “Greece in SL” “Disturbing” “Flats” “Sunshade Cloth” “Placidly” “I’m a dancer wannabe.” “Listening to the Sound of Waves” “Road to the Big City” “Horses & Puppies” “Sailboats” “Beautiful Setting” “Spring Haze” “Porch” “Waiting” So, how do you like Koro Carnell’s works? I really really like them so much! I hope you enjoyed this quick gallery tour. I put SURL to K’s Gallery in the description down below. So you can come see her exhibit.
Experience it with your own eyes. Thanks for watching.
See you in the next video. Visit K’s Gallery in Second Life

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