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Citizen brothers today, we meet here in this gorgeous cathedral for one specific purpose and that is to Witness the laws that this man Gregory has for this woman, Kristin and the laws that the two of them Not only share with one another But will now share with their thoughts Well first of all Eileen and I are so grateful that you all could join us here tonight at the special occasion Celebrating this is absolutely wonderful and beautiful couple me My wife Laurie, and I would like to express From the bottom of our heart Everyone coming out to spending such a special evening with two very special people And we will love you that Kristen Bell Greg Fell in love with Dragon, but now they like folding So we’re very we could be more blessed to have great become part of our family Excuse me You know I think that Honestly that Greg has lived an incredibly charmed life and the culmination of that charmed life is coming together with with presidents I remember when he met you he would call me on the phone and he had a smile on his voice I Knew very soon it was something special one of the most wonderful beautiful caring kind people we met and and Just looking at Greg look look at him. Look at those dimples. I mean his I mean he’s smiling from ear-To-ear When I see him look at her I know that He sees just how special she is he literally goes over her like she’s his queen And I hope for that never To the start literally today of your forever With your best friend and all of your other best friends by your side you love you So engagement day. I had no idea happening at all so we had just bought our first house and Kristen really wanted to repaint the walls, so I had her parents Text her and let her know that was indeed meeting a painter over at the house I was all prepared for my meeting and we walked in the house And he didn’t turn the light so I don’t like this strange But once you got there there Rose petals leading into our living room that had a picnic set up with candles and pictures of us and Wine and cheese and my favorite cheese’s As awesome and then that’s when I realized oh, no, this is happening. We really started to shake and then I got down on one knee and Told her how much I loved her and you know I think I forgot to say yes for a moment because I’m shaking so much than I did and so special We’ve laughed we’ve fought. We’ve drank more than a few kirkland life Whether it’s a float down the muddy river crowd surfing at a concert with 50,000 of our closest friends We’re simply watching whatever game is on TV. It has truly been an honor to be your friend you Everyone who knows Greg knows that he can always light up a room He can make anyone laugh, and he’s always the center of every party But in all seriousness, I’ve never seen greg kinnear than since he met Kristin and once we met her we could see why? Chrysten You challenge me support me Love me who drives me and even frustrate me In ways I never thought were possible. I cannot wait to marry you and continue loving you for the rest of our lives love Greg beautiful Yeah You look incredible eat my gosh, but I’ll be over game easy. Yeah Yeah, rabbit I’m not married, so I won’t be able to give you any marriage advice nor would I want to because you two are perfect virtually? Remember to take a step back pinch yourself and Soak it all in During the wedding process We met with father John who is going to be marrying us tomorrow and on more than one occasion At at the end of the meeting he looked at us and it says Greg Kristen you guys are a little strange, but I have a really good feeling about you and Kristen, I love you so much, and I think not wait till tomorrow, and I’m just I’m just so excited The two of you will come across many obstacles in your life together No, mountain is too big no valley too. Deep the two of you will come across many Joy’s in your life Joy’s to be shared each time they happen But remember the key to happiness is not in things that St.. Paul said it’s here Hi, Gregory. Take you Creston to be my wife I kristin take you gregory to be my husband Kristan receive this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity gregory receive the string to the sign of my love and fidelity you take a look around this room and Soak in every moment look at every face They all love you just as much as I love you and always know that whenever you want to go get them crawfish I’m a short drive away Let’s just raise our glasses a toast to Greg and Kristen. I love you both, so I ask all of you to please raise your glasses to Kristen and Greg Wishing you love happiness and many exceptional memories. We love you guys So if I could toast them one more time To Kristen and gray we wish you a lifetime of happiness and health And we love you so much we I now introduce to you Mr.. And Mrs.. Gregory ratliff. You may now kiss your bride oh

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