Landscape Photography | Shooting Fall in Yosemite National Park

today I’m in Yosemite National Park
and I’m hiking towards Vernal Falls on my way up someone told me that I was on
the wrong trail or actually I was on the right trail but I couldn’t cross the
river because there was too much water nevertheless I was one mile in I had to
go back and change trail and now I see this, can you see bear encounter sign and you
know if you saw my camera settings video that I don’t like bears and someone of
you actually wrote me hey you should buy a bear spray so I went to the store
yesterday night and I asked for a bear spray they told me that it’s illegal in
Yosemite and they also told me that bears here are kind of like dogs you
know just shout and they go away we’ll see hope it doesn’t happen anyways in this video we are going to try to
capture the beauty of this place without hunting for those iconic pictures that
since Ansel Adams everybody took already might not be easy but we’ll give it a
try I’m by the merced river the river is
going into the yosemite valley but right before entering in to the valley it makes
some very nice turns I will show you my first composition you can see the the
tree leaning over the river it’s creating a nice possible reflection on
the water right here and so for me it’s clearly a vertical shot I will use the
foreground the reflection the big boulder on the water and the tree in the
background let’s see what happens so I feel that if I want to improve this
composition I need to move to my right a little bit and I will do so although
it’s a little slippery but I am going to move my tripod need to lengthen this lag yeah I think this is better well let’s
see nice reflection on the water when you are in such a beautiful
location which everybody took pictures of you feel some kind of pressure the
pressure of not going home with some masterpieces at the same time you don’t
want this pressure take away from your experience and so one way to offset this
pressure in my opinion is to try to focus on the non iconic shots of course
we all want to shoot the beautiful vistas that Yosemite will offer and we
will do and you will see in this video but but I will try to focus on some less
known images and actually I found one of them right here
this is Cathedral beach and and I saw a beautiful scene as you can see there is
a a nice branch on the water which is a leading line I’m using my 20 millimeter
lens I placed already a polarized filter in
order to take away some light reflection from the water
and that’s it let’s see how this is going to turn out this place is just beautiful it’s super
serene nobody else is here and this is what I was talking about earlier when
you search for something different when you search for something new when you do
your own thing the pressure of taking this masterpiece images goes away and
you’re free right here I’m trying to capture the essence of the fall they’re
beautiful leaves in this river stream small waterfalls everywhere you can hear
the sound is just a Zen place I love it and honestly I don’t think this is gonna
be anything special I just love this moment I just love being here
enjoying the sound of the nature doing what I like and be part of it
this is what landscape photography is about in the end, don’t you think?
anyways in this specific case what I am trying to do is to enhance the colors of
the yellow leaves in the water so that’s why I put the polarized filter I also
want to take some glare after water I also put the three stops ND filter
to slow down the shutter speed and capture the silky small waterfalls in
order to give this serene mood to my image I’m trying to get in an interesting
shot which is you will see in a second the Sun is about to peak behind a
mountain right here and I’d like to get sun bursts so it takes a very closed
aperture f-16 on my 20 millimeters ISO 100 30 seconds I’m using the 10 stops
neutral density filter and also of course the graduated neutral density
filter with soft edge let’s see I think we have it What I love about Monday and place like this
is that nobody is here and this view it’s all for me I do have a very nice
setup for my shot of the bridge reflecting on the water but as you can
see I have some people over there I just need to wait patience in photography
it’s one of the main virtue I hope I have enough… as you can see I am in Glacier Point
this is Half Dome behind me of course this is a shot that has been taken many
times my challenge here is that I need to fight the crowd the sky looks
promising in this Taft Point as you can see this
is a crazy dramatic drop into the valley the Sun will set in an hour or so and
while waiting for the Sun I will I was say goodbye and this is all for this
video I hope you enjoyed this trip in Yosemite and as usual leave me a comment
down below hit the like button and of course subscribe to my channel if you
didn’t yet thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video you

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  • What makes you passionate about Landscape Photography?

  • Great photography from a great photographer.

  • I love your work. I, too, enjoy finding hidden gems in National Parks and State Parks to photograph (and paint).

  • I like your narration leading up to the amazing photos you took. It sounds like an artist explains his/her own paintings to the guests at the gallery.

  • Beautiful work 👍👍

  • oh man this is just so beautiful. this makes me want to go out and shoot some landscape!
    thanks for sharing! really enjoyed this 🙂

  • Love the atmosphere in this video.

  • I absolutely love your channel and work!

  • Beautiful video Attilio. I used to vacation in Yosemite every year as a kid back in the 70's but it's been years since I've been back. I cannot believe that you were virtually alone even this late in the season. The one thing that soured me on Yosemite over the years was the mass of tourists. At times it is unbearable. You have inspired me to return and it has moved to the top of my list now. I think you captured some wonderful shots. The one with the bridge is my fave. The autumn colors are sublime. I visited your website and I see that you live in Walnut Creek. I grew up in Lafayette and still have family in Walnut Creek. I will contact you regarding workshops for next year. Cheers, Jeff

  • Great video Attilio . You are living my dream

  • Grande Attilio. Le tue foto sono fantastiche.
    Il tuo modo di descrivere come le realizzi, è per me una grandissima fonte di ispirazione.
    Sono stato allo Yosemite 11 anni fa. Purtroppo avevo una compatta e poco interesse x la fotografia…

  • Good job, really nice 😎

  • You have got some unique Yosemite doubt. Have not seen many of fall photos of Yosemite. Could you share the location details of those pictures please?

  • I’m finally able to catch-up with the videos, and when I saw a real masterpiece out of something as simple as a small stream of water and having that moment of connection with nature it was amazing, I can relate so much to that, the way you can get such a great shot in such a simple way… I really admire your work. Regards from Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Very good ideal to go out and shoot the no iconic places. I think this is very difficult at such a place like Yosemite. But you have mastered it perfect. Super Images….

  • I loved this one Attilio, it was so inspiring. I love the way your eye can see things that other people just…can’t.

  • Great, take look at 6:23 til 6:31something past behind you in center of screen…

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  • Complimenti per gli scatti Attilio: stupendi! Mi hai fatto venir voglia di uscire e fotografare. 🙂
    Un saluto dallo Stivale

  • Just coming across your channel. I believe I ran across your video on the Facebook group. Yosemite is truly landscape photography heaven. Each season bring with it a different world of options. It looked fairly alone in terms of people around you. I’ve found it that as long as you hike 1-2 miles out. You lose just about 90 percent of tourists. The fall colors were looking lovely and I really enjoyed the shot with the boulder as well as the bridge. Looked like a great time in the valley. Cheers

  • You are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty, excellent video as usual

  • Very well done, calming and relaxing video! And in addition very informative! 
    Beautiful photos, beautiful music … you are my favourite photography-youtuber at the moment because there is so much passion and (silent) emotion in your videos.
    Would love to see more videos like this one. (Maybe you can also show us how you edited the "bridge-photo" in a separate Video??)

    Who is the person going with you and filming you?
    And what happened to the Instagram Lightroom-Challenge (the waterfall??)   🙂
    Greetings from Austria!

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  • Attilio, I love your style and the passion you have for your images….it just Oozes from you. Love your videos!

  • Great video ,but I would like more videos with more information or more detail on where are you setting up to take the shot, more technical for beginners like my self on Landscape photography, because I'm a event wedding photographer, but it is another world when it comes to long exposure and landscape photography! but hopefully one day I can be like you….. Keep up the good work and keep teaching us……

  • On my first camping trip to CA and Yosemite in late May, above Nevada Falls, we had our whole food stash taken by bears! A team of two of them climbed the tree where we'd hung it, tore it down and devoured everything. We hiked all the way down to Y Village and bought enough peanut butter and bread for 4 days, then back up to the top of Half Dome! Giving up on that area at the height of the Spring run off was not an option!

  • This could be my favorite video of all. Now I know where I want to go to next Fall. Thank you for capturing such beautiful natural beauty and sharing it with us. You inspire me.

  • Nice simple explanation of how to use Filters on all sorts!

  • the beauty of simplicity… congratulations Attilio, thank you very much for shearing your job, your thoughts and your passion!

  • Oh wow! This is great! The video is well composed and your pictures are breathtaking. The picture of the sunburst on the mountain peak – perfection!

  • Your amazing, what more can I say? I want to be as good as you one day. Thank you for so much inspiration

  • I Have a dream. One day I Will go to this park. Maybe we could go together.

  • thanks heaps i live in New Zealand i think i will do more landscape

  • Hallo!!! I should have seen this video before…
    good tips!!

  • Attilio thank you for your videos. I have been shooting portraiture and street photography in LA for about 12 years. Just recently getting into landscaping. Enjoying your vids.

  • Great video (again). How did you meter for the sunburst image coming over the mountain prior to putting the filter on. There's a great deal of contrast there so would have caused some issues I think. 30 seconds exposure wasn't a guess or was it 🙂

  • I am new to your channel and just wanted to say that I love all of your stuff and you are such a nice person a gentleman .

  • Hi Atillio great video!!
    In your opinion what’s te best time in fall to visit Yosemite?
    I like to take some pictures
    Thank you!

  • Two people fell off Taft Point a couple of months ago. They were Instagram Freaks. They were both killed. Must have been quite a ride.

  • Amazing picture😍

  • I agree about taking your time to just enjoy your surroundings. Sometimes you see things you might miss by going to fast. You have a nice teaching style. Thank you.

  • Are you hiking alone? Is anybody with you? I don´t feel confortable if I go with company! I need to be alone!! A bit selfish indeed!

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  • Another great teaching video . Thanks for putting the setting info on pictures. Perfect music for video.

  • Bravissimo e e ottimo occhio fotografico

  • I just found your channel and after watching two video I am inspired by your work and your view of the world. It is how I feel when I am out shooting and love of the journey is in the image. THANK YOU! Liked, subscribed and will follow your journey.

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  • You can't use bear spray in Yosemite. But I think you can keep it. Just remember that if a bear approaches you, don't use spray and be a law abiding citizen. 🙂

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    Pitty we don't have places like that in the Netherlands.
    Very nice 👌

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  • Hi Attilio, I am a recent subscriber to your channel and I really like your videos.
    Can you please suggest me if I want to buy "one" FX-lens (this will be my first FX lens) for my Nikon D750, what it should be. I like nature, landscape photography.

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  • Hello Attilo I’m a French who’s leaving in Aix en provence i love all of your video I share completely your feeling of landscape photography you are a famous photographer it’s fantastic for me your capabilities of sharing your experience. you give me enjoy to get out early morning hiking in nature with my camera bag. Bravo 😉😉

  • This place is magic especially in autumn!

  • nice fotos, I wish I can take those shots

  • Hello Attilio, Thank you for the wonderful videos. Always inspiring. And learning quite a bit. Just out of curiosity when did you go Yosemite? I am hoping to go this year and I like the foliage and the colors during the time you attended. Best.

  • Thank you for the amazing scenery you brought to us. Apreciate very much your attitude towards nature and life.

  • stumbled across your channel and watched a fair few posts in the last few days, the way you describe how to make a composition and execute is a breathe of fresh air. I have to say probably some of the most stunning pics I have ever seen you have taken.

  • Late comment as I just recently discovered and subscribed to your channel. I agree landscape photography is about more than the photo — it's the pleasure I get from being out in the wilderness while seeking the shot. The hunt, the trek is what's fun, and when I get a great shot, that's just a bonus. Zen is indeed an apt description.

    I am strictly an amateur, but have been passionate about photography my whole life, since I was a kid. For me, a great photo can have little to do with rules of composition, lighting, tonality, etc. A great photo is one that causes a person viewing it to feel just a little bit of what I felt when I took it: the peace, the tranquility; serenity.

    One of my favorite spots in Yosemite, a spot where my kids like to play, is just a few hundred yards downstream, on the bend, from where you stood near Cathedral Beach. There's a huge boulder in the river that in mid-summer slopes down into the water on one side but rises 10 feet on the other side. My kids and their friends like to jump off it while I wade in the shallows taking pictures. We reside just a couple hours from the valley, so we take a day trip up a few times a year just to swim and enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth..

    By the way, I was there November 2 last year, around the same time you were. Maybe we bumped into each other! No, I suspect you were there a tad earlier than "a few weeks" before this video went up, as I think you have more color in you scenes than I found during my day-trip. I still found color along the Merced and quite a lot up around Mirror Lake trail — but the aspens and many others had past while a few trees, especially the oaks, were hanging on. Still, Yosemite is absolutely gorgeous any time of the year. And I hope you took home a few shots from Tunnel View, undoubtedly the most iconic scene in all of Yosemite, because every photo from that spot is still unique.

    Thanks for sharing this video with us.

  • Really inspiring video! I watch you a lot. Took a lot more better pictures since I started to see your "lessons".

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    Can I ask how you usually focus in your landscape photography, do you auto focus?, or do you mostly focus manually ? Like seeing that you prefer prime lenses, I hope to go full frame later this year and mostly use small primes to lighten the load on my back.
    Keep up the good work.

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  • I started following you about a month ago and I am addicted! I've been going back to watch ALL your videos and I'm so inspired that I just booked a 5 day trip to San Francisco to spend 2 days in Yosemite and 2 days in San Francisco to try to get long exposures and minimalist photos using everything I've learned from you. Is there any way you could give me some ideas of great, lesser known, locations to photograph? I'll fly in on October 3rd.

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