Learn About HDR Digital Photography : Equipment for HDR Digital Photography

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert
Village. Today I’m going to give you an overview and introduction to HDR, or high dynamic range
photography. Let’s start off with the things you’re going to need to take an HDR photo,
or to make an HDR photo. First and foremost, camera. You’re going to want something that’s
capable of doing multiple exposure shooting or auto exposure bracketing. It doesn’t have
to be something really big and nice like a DSLR, you can actually do it with a lot of
new point and shoots, off our multiple exposure bracketing or auto exposure bracketing as
a feature set. The next thing you’re going to need, this computer, and you’re going to
need two particular kinds of software. You’re going to need an HDR software, or high dynamic
range software. You can look online, you’ll see there’s about eight or ten that I know
of different software packages, there’s also plug-ins for popular things like Photoshop
that you can use. They all pretty much achieve the same result, there’s just different ways
of doing it. Some are Windows only, some are MAC or Windows, some work in Linux, so, fair
enough. And you’re also going to need an image editor, something along the lines of like
a Photoshop or a light remover and aperture or something. So, knowing that, let’s get
started and I’ll give you a brief tour of how to set up your camera next.

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