LeBron James’s China Remarks, Gina Rodriguez’s N-Word Backlash & Google’s Pixel 4 | The Daily Show

The conflict
between the NBA and China over the Hong Kong protests
continued this week. But now, King James has stepped
into the fray. MAN:
In Hong Kong tonight, basketball superstar
LeBron James under fire, his famed jersey up in smoke. Furor growing over his response to this tweet sent
by Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey
earlier this month in apparent support of
anti-government protesters. JAMES: I don’t want to get
into a feud with Daryl. Um, with Daryl, uh, Morey. But I believe he wasn’t educated
on-on the situation at hand. MAN: Those comments setting off
a political brushfire here at home. Republican senators quick
to pounce. Rick Scott of Florida writing, “Clearly, King James is the one who isn’t educated
on the situation.” Nebraska’s Ben Sasse– “You’re parroting
communist propaganda. China is running torture camps,
and you know it.” Yes, LeBron James is getting
a lot of heat for not taking a stand against
China and their oppression, with people even burning
his jersey in Hong Kong. Which, by the way,
if the NBA kept statistics of most jerseys burned, I think
LeBron would dominate that, too. Yeah. Yeah.
Hong Kong burns his jersey. Cleveland burned his jersey. Miami burned his jersey. Like, forget Nike.
LeBron should get sponsored by Kingsford lighter fluid.
That’s what they should do. (laughter, applause) This guy’s been killing it
in every field. (applause) And you know, normally,
I would agree that NBA Players shouldn’t have
to know the intricacies of East Asia policy,
but at the same time, Dennis Rodman is basically the
U.S. ambassador to North Korea, so I don’t know
what the rules are anymore. I don’t know how it works. I also understand
why people think LeBron’s comments were
insensitive or misguided, but at the same time,
I get where he’s coming from. Yeah. ‘Cause the Houston
Rockets’ GM slammed China on Twitter when LeBron was
on his way to China. So LeBron was probably like, “Hey, man,
start this beef after I leave. What’s wrong with you, man?
I’m going there.” ‘Cause I would do
the same thing. Like, if you asked me in China what I thought about
China’s policies, I’d be like, “Uh, I think
China has policies? “And they are the policies
that allow me to fly home from China?” (laughter) All right, but let’s move on
to a more American scandal involving Gina Rodriguez. Some people have said that
the Latina actor has a history of making insensitive or condescending remarks
about black people. And yesterday, she did not
do herself any favors. WOMAN: Be careful
what you post on Instagram. Here is your fair warning because actress Gina Rodriguez
learned that hard way. ♪ Voodoo, I could do
what you do, believe me ♪ ♪ Niggas give me
heebie-jeebies… ♪ Now apologizing for using
the “N” word in a post. Hey, what’s up, everybody?
I just wanted to reach out and apologize.
I am sorry. I am sorry if I offended anyone by singing along
to the Fugees to a song I love,
that I grew up on. I love Lauryn Hill. And, um, I really am sorry
if offended you. Okay, here’s Trevor’s tip
of the day. If you insist
on saying the “N” word when you’re rapping along
with a song, uh, don’t do it on Instagram.
Yeah. Do it on The Masked Singer,
okay? Yeah. ‘Cause then,
people have to wait three weeks to see if they get
to be mad at you. Yeah. They’ll be like, “I think
that was T-Pain who said it, but if it was Donny Osmond,
his ass is in big trouble!” (laughter) I also think
rappers should help. Yeah. ‘Cause, like,
they make the songs. I think rappers could help
prevent these incidents from happening
in the first place, right? ‘Cause think about it. Rappers already make songs
that are safe for radio. I think now they need to make
versions of their songs that are safe
for non-black people. Yeah. They can just, like,
replace the “N” word with something safe
like-like, “my friends.” You know what I mean? Yeah,
just change it. Just like… ♪ And if you don’t know,
now you know ♪ ♪ My friend. ♪ (laughter) It’s a lot safer for everyone. (applause) They should just do it,
to, like, every single song. ♪ Ball so hard,
m… wanna fine me ♪ ♪ First my friends
gotta find me? ♪ And finally, some tech news
that’ll change the way you make obscene gestures
at your phone. NEWSWOMAN: Google’s newest phone
works without even touching it. The Pixel 4 was unveiled
at an event in New York City. Like Apple’s iPhone,
users can unlock the Pixel with their face, but the
feature getting the most buzz is gesture control. So let’s say you’re driving,
listening to music, and you want to advance
to the next track– you don’t like that one–
or you want to go back and listen to it again… Google is hoping the new tech
will lead to more sales in the highly competitive
smartphone market. Wow! The first phone that will turn everyone
into a magician’s assistant. Call Mom. (laughter) This really is
amazing technology. You can open your phone
just by waving at it. No one’s ever had
this technology– except the front door
of a Walgreens. -(laughter)
-Never have we seen it before. You know what’s weird is,
how, like, the way we unlock our phones is evolving. Right? Because first
we had to type in a code, and then we just had
to pick it up and look at it. Now we can just wave at it
without touching it. It feels like we’re, like, slowing breaking up
with our phone. Like, we’re just moving away.
The next one will let you unlock your phone be being like,
“It’s not you. It’s me.” You know who
I also feel bad for? Bernie Sanders. Yeah.
He shouldn’t get this phone. He’s gonna be setting
that thing off all the time without meaning to.
It’s just gesture control? He’s gonna be like,
“And that’s why we need to take on
the one percent.” -“Calling the one…”
-“No, no, no, I’m not calling! I’m not calling!
Cancel! Cancel!”

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  • Her father is of African-latino descent Puerto Rican. How did this happen that she is labeled “racist” to blacks? She is ethnic herself.

  • I heard James' son and his team were trapped in HK airport last August, that's, I think, how he knows by feel about the real situation in HK. It's not that democratic, terrorism is more appropriate.

  • i hope whatever happen in HK will happen in USA

  • I am really sick by the way politicians in America describe China. So sad that you guys are misled by those politicians who care only about their own interests. Torture??? Punishment??? No policy??? We can not speak for ourselves??? Can't believe you guys believe those words. Usually most people in China will not care about how foreign people comment on China, but it doesn't mean that those misleading words came out of those politicians are true. What a joke!

  • idk why he didnt say anything about lebron james!

  • Fuck gina

  • Rappers are dumb, they want to make a f#ckload of money but then complain when you sing their OWN lyrics smh

  • Also yes, Trevor was soft on LeBron – huge surprise, not. He's a black dude after all and we all know they can't do no wrong 🙂

  • Lol nigga can’t sing songs now days? I think she paused too long though before she said it XD like she thought about it. Then said it.

  • The CCP asked Silver to Fire Morley. I call bull on that. We have free speech in America in case anyone forgot. An American worker standing up for democracy is not a horrible position to take. Sick of the censorship from the CCP. Americans should always be courageous and take this stand.

  • Lebron sell out

  • really disregard mass concentration organ harvesting camps over N word identity politics, disgusting what Noah's team has done with John Stewart's legacy

  • is there a reason why US flag is raising while hongkong protester burning chinese flag ?
    just curious

  • As an African American myself I think even black people need to stop lying to themselves using the "reclaiming " excuse. Stop saying the n word and change it to something actually respectable and empowering like brotha or make up another word of endearment. Using the n word is just self degradation by inadvertently saying we can't even think of something better to refer to eachother as so we're gonna make a minor change on a racially derogatory term created by oppressors and that suddenly changes everything. It's foolish plain and simple.

  • Now I understand why Trevor had a sore throat and lost his voice… From sucking LeBron's dick so hard

  • BMW cars already have this tech: Gesture control

  • Fuck lebron James

  • Not to be offensive but why use the slur in general when we know what it means even for African American to use among each other is wrong.. Rappers really ain't helping when they know people would like to sing/rap along what do u expect us to do?? And then get offended if we accidentally use it.. Not saying that Chick is not in the wrong it's stupid for her to upload it in insta but honestly stop using the slur altogether..

  • If the song lyrics have the n word in it and you sing the song who's at fault ? I think the person who wrote the lyrics is not the countless people that are going to karaoke the song c'mon sjws

  • I don't care.. Amerikkka sucks

  • I say the N word all the time.. It's a word when I get angry

  • I’m seriously tired of Americans talking about the Hong Kong situation. Why don’t you talk about your own people without freedom in their own country??? Or if you gonna talk about international problems, talk about the Barcelona situation or the crimes committed against West Papuans everyday in Indonesia, those are the things you should be reporting, cause what’s happening in Hong Kong is nothing compared to that. But whatever, as long as it fits your political agendas and economic advantages you will keep trying to destroy China’s image. Personally I’ll start taking America’s media seriously the day you stop allowing cops to exterminate black people!

  • It’s so funny how Americans are being known it all. Hong Kong issue is an internal matter for China at the first place,and it’s pretty much as sensitive as racism in America.And how many of you have ever been there? You really sure you know what’s going on there? Take a look at burning infrastructure and ruined stores. They are not really protestors but terrorists

  • if fat joe can say the n word why can’t she

  • Trevor Noah that's all you had to say about Lebron? coward

  • wait a second. Morons write music ro trash with the word nigga and other races cant sing it? lol. insane. Lebron can say defending hong kong is offensive tho. lmao America is ridiculous.

  • I’ve never seen Lebron more wrong on any issue… hes just pandering to China’s globalism potential.

  • so now James can't speak for what he stands for? what happened to freedom of speech? so only works as long as the speech is okay with you? China is running torture camps? if they really were I'm pretty sure the protesters would all be dead now. Rick was there 2 weeks ago …… so he knows everything about the situation? I've been here and still here from the beginning. The whole thing is nothing but political warfare between the US and China. Most violent protesters in HK are being paid to trash their own country.

  • LeBron is just a tool… An uneducated tool.

  • This talk show host isn't funny.

  • I thought everyone in America can exercise the freedom of speech, until the N word is spoken.

  • Screw your map …

  • Trevor is fucking coward. That was light criticism of Lebron

  • You know what trevor, your assessment of censorship on the n word in music is total crap. Rappers use the n word because they dont give a damn about your pc crap. You think any of these musicians really give a crap about your convoluted idea about whats ok to say and not ok. Ill sing along with 2 pac biggie smalls and lauren hill even though she herself is a racist piece of shit and continue to use the words said in any song even if it offends you.

  • wow so stupid, why is this moron on air

  • Why are Americans taking China n hk politics so seriously

  • Honestly the whole Gina Rodriguez thing is ridiculous if she felt comfortable to say it that clearly MEANS back in her hood she was able to say it. Shit is ridiculous seriously, it's not a HUGE deal, stop it.

  • Trevor Noah is the most racist comedian in America

  • LeBron: Sorry Americans, but I sold my sole to China

  • CNN has not been fair and balanced for years.
    How much can you trust what you learned from the US media?

  • She was quoting a fucking song. Get over yourselves. She also said cracker. Why is no one complaining about that?

  • Isn’t it unfair for other people to say the n word

  • Idk why people get offended about the word nigga black people say it every other word

  • Getting death threats for voicing his opinion, freedom of speech YAAAAAASSSS

  • F china we still dealing with the police kkk and the WS racist ass…. king James ✊🏾

  • She is not sorry. Non black ppl for some reason are dying to call black ppl niggas. Black ppl dont need to watch their mouth. Yall always want us to straighten up but its too much to ask you motherfuckers to use your brain and watch your fucking mouth. Im not "your nigga". WATCH YOUR FUCKIN MOUTH

  • Google phone I believe 三星already done it

  • Lebron James u r a communist pig

  • HK rioters are not fighting for freedom, they are just losers like others. HK is a city in the nation of China. Will you imagine that Seattle protesters want to depart from the US then found a nation?

  • south african has policy,that black can’t play rugby 🏉 in your face

  • Okay, now imagine this:
    Someone in a car stops at a red light. Light turns green, but the guy is trying to wave to the next song before he realizes the light has turned green.
    What are the people trying to cross the road gonna think? "This guy waved that we could cross, what a nice guy!"

    Just use voice control. The waving gesture will always have a delay anyway. We can already swipe over the screen where the connection is almost 1:1.

  • Americans dont understand the situation in hong kong but much worse, they dont really care. They just want a finger to point at

  • Strongly Support Lebron

  • Why the compere is so uneducated

  • We have our own problems

  • Did he say torture camps wtf

  • Rap we be talking to each other

  • Because criticized China is political right, if you trying to say something good about China, many people who hates China will criticized you.

  • 1:14 hilarious

  • Lebron shut up and dribble. For a king he's pretty uneducated. It's a shame because i don't like talking down on my people but Lebron is talented but ignorant and entitled.

  • burning the jersey means buying the jersey, this must be the top selling one

  • You are all idiots Chinas government is extremely oppressive and Honk Kong doesn't deserve to be taken over by a communist regime

  • Daryl Morey is turning Hong Kong in to ash. Lebron is educated. If you want to trash me, idc

  • Plz stop,I‘m not gonna make it.China is running torture camps,lol,this is the best joke I've ever heard this month.If you grow up in China you'd see that the schools BBC shows,so called TORTURE CAMPS,have no difference from any high school or vocational school.
    And as I'm also a minority nationality in China,I think most of the Han nationality would even jealous of the privilege that government have gave us.

  • Hong Kong fanatic youth is so stupid.

  • The US politician allows the freedom of speech only one way, "bash China". Where is Lebron's freedom fo speech? The Hippocratic politicians and mainstream media support the freedom of speech only one way.

  • We don't care! If you are sorry!

  • Why should we change the word.

  • White people say it. However, …

  • Umm she's a nigga tha speak Spanish that's it idk what the big deal is p rico black Dominican republic black Brazil black…she's brown I can promise No black people were upset. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Lebron James needs to stick to basketball

  • Stick to basketball

  • Lebron james is a dumb fuck

  • I love you guys your comment cover my loneliness every day

  • My friend 😂😂😂😂

  • My friend 😂😂😂😂

  • Lebron James is the most educated guy about everything chinese, he knows how their money smell.

  • not to compare with KD in Oklahoma><

  • Google isn’t the first one used this technology on a smart phone

  • Lebron James was telling the truth. Too bad most Americans are not ready for the truth. I wonder say, 10 years from now, when Americans realize he was telling the truth, how will they feel. I feel sad that he was unfairly attacked. This is not what I thought US is like. Sigh…

  • PC principle

  • This the only way to watch the news🤣💪

  • Hey Gina ,your rapping and singing gives us the Heebi Jeebi’s Bitch!

  • Bron stay out of that BS bro it aint got nothing to do with black people… Who the F is gina rodriguez…

  • Is Lebron in Wuhan now? I hope he is.

  • She Mexican she can say it

  • Gina isn't sorry.

  • Whoa so now I have to be careful what I sing along to as a person of color who is NOT considered "black or African American" GET OUTTA HERE. This is getting seriously ridiculous. The identity politics culture and the liberal mentality will be the end of freedom and self expression, at least what's left.

  • lebron is a fucking tool. this idiot got to where he is because he can dribble a ball not because he's educated. he's a fucking puppet. he defends a communist dictatorship that oppress it's people because he has deal's with them. but if it were oppression towards black people this bitch wouldn't be on their side. so he has a conscious until someone offer's him money. let's just hope him and his children are next in line for that kobe helicopter ride.

  • WOW all these white supremacy hypocrites

  • Wall Street tycoons and WHO knew we are deeply addicted to Made In China, still send more technologies to CCP for bio-chem weapons. Despite PLA screwed up this time, nobody cares oppressed Chinese there and in HK.
    HKers must escalate even higher and bigger internationally this year.

  • Was trying to find a twitts by any Chinese celebs talking about the brutality US police is doing to black people, but found none.

  • Trevor Noah's got 30+ people writing jokes for him so he can read them off a teleprompter, and he's still not funny.

  • Why would a king care about peasants?

  • 要我讲几次啊 我不是张震岳

  • American politics is a f*cking joke

  • Not a fan of LeBron, until he spoke up this time!
    It took guts to speak against the double standard world!
    btw RIP Donald Sterling

  • Gina: [Said sth offensive and Had to apologise]
    Morey: [Said sth offensive and Became hero of freedom of speech]

  • 香港的小丑们。

  • freedom of speech? No, when it comes to your bottom line: N-word, you don't have freedom, you have to apologize

    But you touch the bottom line of China, you can say what you want to say, you have freedom again

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