Long Exposure Light Trails photography At Home

hey everyone this is fam tam and now I’m
going to show you how to take a long exposure shot like this. with your Canon
DSLR camera. so right now sitting at my desk I’m gonna be showing you how it’s
done. so that you can go outside and take one of those beautiful light trail shots on
the road and of course it has to be taken at night otherwise it will be
overexposed so this is my Canon DSLR so let’s turn on the camera now the settings here has to be in
manual mode so make sure you have it in manual mode now if you press the live view button
here press it again you’ll see these options below right
here so the first one is..
this is shutter speed. so you can change the shutter speed right here by moving this dial or you can just touch the
screen like this we can change the shutter speed.
then this one is aperture and finally this one
which is ISO so for the long exposure shot these are
the things that you need to tweak a little bit so at first we’ll set the shutter
speed so we will set it to eight seconds. so the
shutter will be open for eight seconds now I will set the f-stop or the
aperture here to 22
which means the light will go through a small hole. so it’s better to put the
aperture higher. now the last one is the ISO. you need the ISO to be as less
as possible. so I’ll set it to 100 now finally the most important thing is
you have to put your camera in a steady place
so my recommendation will be a tripod to create the light trail we need a light so
I’ll cover my phone’s flashlight here with my finger to create the light
effect. now let’s take a shot but before that let’s set a timer I’ll set it to 10 seconds now let’s take the shot

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