Mad Max Fan Recreates Original Interceptor Car

DALE: You can shut the gate on that one Maxie,
it’s the ducks guts. COMM: Over 3 decades ago, 50-year-old Dale Walter from Michigan, set his heart on recreating
one of cinemas most iconic cars. DALE: Mad Max is one of my very top favourite movies of all time and when I was sitting
there in the theatre and they rolled out that car in the scene in the garage where they first
show it to him, I turned to my friend and I said “Someday I’ll own that car” and he said “yeah right”.
Well, 30 years later I sent him a picture of me next to the car! It’s just so bad, I mean
it’s just such a bad car! COMM: But to build the replica of the police interceptor which is so far featured in three films
from the Mad Max franchise, Dean first had to get hold on an Australian Ford Falcon. DALE: I flew out to Washington to take a look at it. And when I first saw it I remember saying “I have never paid more money in my life for a bigger
piece of junk”. COMM: Undeterred, Dean paid over $120,000 dollars to convert the 1972 Falcon into a convincing
Mad Max Interceptor. DALE: And this is the heart of the car. That is a 351 Cleveland, its 450 horse power is built
by proformance engineering. We spent $12,000 on the engine alone. DALE: My favourite thing about the car is probably the engine sound. I considered putting a stereo in it, but that engine note off that 351/390 is
just so choice that I just like listening to it. DALE: The steering wheel is the Maxrob steering wheel that was used in the movie and you can
see in the shifter it has the lever to turn on and off the blower. One of the
interesting things about the car that I get asked all the time is, is the blower real? And no
it’s not, because if you remember in the movie he would turn on the blower which is the big
scoopy thing to get more power to the car. A real blower can’t work like that. The way a blower works is its forced air induction and if you turn it on and off you would probably
blow the bottom out of your engine. So the way this one works is it’s on a magnetic clutch, when I pull the lever it spins up the blower just like in the movie. DALE: If you notice here it has the RVS radio just like the one in the movie had. And what Mad Max car would be complete without your handy dandy double barrel shot gun? So we have
a replica of that here because these are really illegal even in the United States. DALE: One of the other features of the car is it does have a movie accurate siren. It also has a movie accurate horn and like the car in the movie we have a PA system as a police car would. “Hey you stop, hey you know you’re a turkey?” like Goose says in the movie. DALE: When I first saw the car after it was rebuilt I was absolutely stunned, absolutely
stunned. It took them five years to do this but the wait was worth it. DALE: Well you’ve seen it, you’ve heard it, how about we go for a ride? COMM: The interceptor always turns heads, even on the highway. MAN: Sweet car! DALE: You get all kinds of odd looks, you get either “that car looks familiar” or people
whose eyes light up and they go “that’s the Mad Max car!” CARL: I think it’s great, it’s a great movie, it’s a great tribute to the car. I didn’t see
it first, I heard it first! TIM: The car’s pretty cool, I think the car is awesome actually. It brings me back
to when I was a little kid watching the movie for the first time. COMM: And the car has also attracted the attention of some other Mad Max buffs who are keen to
get their hands on the wheel. DALE: I get asked a lot of times would I sell the car? The car is pretty much priceless
to me at this point. Of course there’s always a price. If somebody walked through the door
with $25 million dollars I would pretty much hand him the car. DALE: You know this was such a dream for so long. 30 years. To now be sitting here
in my own Mad Max Interceptor is pretty cool. COMM: But for all its big screen bling, Dean’s interceptor does have its downsides. DEAN: I often wonder how it would fair in a post apocalyptic wasteland and I think not so well. Simply because it gets about 6 miles to the gallon and, you know, you could tell in the second movie
Max added those huge tanks. There’s a reason for that. This thing sucks gas like it’s going
out of style. So for that reason not so well.

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