I’m gonna shot with this today.. Welcome to Noisefilm! Digital..? Yup! I think..’s about time we got it back.. ..or – brought it forward.. ..let’s go back to digital.. ..yeah let’s go back, we’ve been moving forward with film.. You’ve brought another camera.. I have! ..should I show it to them? It’s been a while since we last featured this.. Mamiya RZ67.. The forceful, big, gorgeous.. Tanks, as I called it once.. Plural.. So, the plan is to let this.. ..fullframe camera go head to head.. ..with a medium format camera of this caliber.. Uhm.. It’s an idea that I got, because I looked at Jonas Rask’ Instagram.. You just took credit..! ..for the entire episode.. Yeah.. I just did – although it may come from Jonas Rask.. ..In his Story he did a.. ..he posted five photos.. ..and asked if people could tell.. ..whether it was shot with film or digital.. ..I was fooled with serveral photos.. ..that he had shot with his Pentax 6×7.. ..he had shot a product pic.. ..from a store.. ..and it just looked like an insane digital shot.. ..the resolution was so great that it took me by surprise.. ..but that’s what they can do.. often get surprised.. ..I do, when I’m scanning my film.. ..that’s what we’ll test today.. I’m thinking we’ll do it like this.. ..we’ll take the exact same shot with this as with this.. ..and then we’ll look at the shots when we return home.. ..and we’ll put them next to each other.. ..zoom in.. ..and then we’ll be pixelpeeping to get an idea.. ..which photo.. ..that we shot.. the best. Looking at pixels and so on.. Because when you scan a film.. will become pixels.. ..when you put it in your computer.. Uhm.. So, that’s what we’ll do.. ..and we’ll be shoting RAW.. ..RAW with the digital.. ..and keep it completely unedited.. ..only the raw file.. ..and we’ll set the whitebalance to Auto.. make sure that the camera.. ..makes the decisions.. ..and we don’t influence the color temperature.. Let’s get started! After our beer! Where are we? Kolding.. Right! We’re in Kolding. Isn’t this pretty cool? I think it is.. I think this will be the first shot of the day.. ..and because I want.. ..the dark, the light, and the dark again in these tunnels.. ..I used the light meter in the camera.. ..the digital.. I don’t have to walk back and forth with the light meter.. ..First a shot with digital and then one with film afterwards.. Let’s go! What was your settings? 1/125s.. ..f:8 and.. ..ISO 160.. ..because I’ve put a Portra 160 in my Mamiya.. the ISO is fixed.. will be the same setting when I shot my film.. Yes! Shot number two.. ..was this building – I think it’s a university.. The settings for this shot..’s a bit cloudy but I could get a shutterspeed of.. 1/200s.. ..and still f:8.. ..and still ISO 160.. ..of course it’s different whether you shot.. ..with a fullframe or a medium format lens.. I’ve got a 90mm.. ..and I think that’s about the same.. 55mm on this one.. ..probably.. ..maybe.. I found.. ..another motif.. let’s.. ..shot two more.. with digital and one with film.. For these shots I set it to.. ..and I think it’s because it’s a bit cloudy here in Kolding.. our settings is pretty much the same all the time.. We did a 1/125s.. ..f:8.. ..and ISO 160.. it’s the same all day.. ..that’s the way it is when it’s cloudy.. Let’s go back to the studio.. ..have a look at the photos.. ..zoom in, zoom out and back in.. ..and find out which one is the best one.. Come on in! new crib.. ..I’ve got two room to play with.. ..I’ve just bought some new stuff for this place.. ..a nice, awesome machine! ..but let’s talk about that another day.. ..let’s go have look at those photos.. I’ve got photos! From film and from digital.. ..I havn’t touched them.. let’s have a look on the computer! The first shot.. ..I did three tests.. ..the first one is of this building.. I’ll leave them for a bit.. you can get a chance to look.. ..and guess which one is digital and which one is film.. Meanwhile I’ll have a drink and if you know anything about.. 6×7 format and digital formats you have probably already guessed that this one is is the digital photo… but I am a bit.. surprised, this is a Canon 5D mark II by the way, that… on this test and in this photo.. the winner is the digital photo, when it comes to sharpness. maybe I didn’t nail the focus with the Mamiya actually, I am pretty sure I didn’t focus perfectly that was the first photo. second shot… again, a digital photo and a film photo. and again I am leaning towards… stupid test here Nick yes… it is i am leaning a bit towards… the digital, and we shot everything on auto. it captures the colors very well especially the reds here.. the red color is really great in the digital photo. in the portra it is turning a bit… purple ish, yeah just a bit magenta, a bit more eeehm… I think somehow it “pops” more true, it has more “life” no doubt about that, but the eeeeeeeh eeeeh… the colors we saw out there.
– Exactly! but let’s try to zoom in a bit let’s zoom in on this guy here at 100% aaand, this one at 100% and again.. i will always prefer film and analog but again I think… the digital photo captures the whites great this is shit! but… this was not where the test was supposed to go… maybe that’s is just how it is with these kinda tests. but it really depends on the film you shoot exactly, we shot a portra so of course… the whites turn out a bit more yellow especially side by side with the digital photo. so, and again I think both photos are amazing. great colors. if I were to choose between these to photos from the first impression only. I would probably choose the analog one after all it is way more contrasty, blacks are black, and over here it is a bit too faded for my taste that’s mood which one do you prefer? you are still a bit in the digital world, well I am too but.. yeah primarily because I do videos and the alternative to digital videos is 8mm film which would be a hell then there would only be one noisefilm episode a year. eeeeehm… if I were to hang one of these up on my wall at home I would… prefer the analog photo, mostly because of the story behind shooting film in 2018 let’s have a look on our last comparison photos maybe we should say we are out here testing and researching like many others who are fairly new to film and analog like we have said before, we don’t always have the answers to everything about film and film cameras which makes these kinda tests even better to do of course we hoped that medium format film would be sharper and better but… but digital wins this test, we are gonna do more tests soon with some other cameras and film.. In this photo however I think the analog photo wins by far especially if you cannot post process any of them I think the digital one over here… is too boring the shadows the colors, everything… and let’s just point out again that all the photos were shot with the exact same settings everything was set the same, here I think… that eeeh, that the analog here wins it wins on its looks the highlights are lighter the shadows are well exposed. analog wins this photo but that I still only 1 out of 3 but again that is how it is with these kinda tests hope this was useful in some way I wan’t to say that we don’t always know the answers it is up to you what you want to shoot we will still be shooting film here at noisefilm even though the digital won a bit in this home scan test remember to like and subscribe if you are new here 🙂 enjoy the summer shoot analog not digital see you, Noisefilm outta here .. hope you have learned something Nick wan’t to join, and let’s say noisefilm we are… really tired of you saying youtube films instead of videos… ….. alright I have a problem with film and videos…

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  • Filnavnet afslører det 😉

  • Men altså, dere brukte en tanks håndholdt, mot et kamera med massevis av stabilisering innebygd. Hadde mamiyaen fått et stativ å stå på ville nok skarpheten kanskje blitt litt anderledes. Og kanskje det også hadde blitt bedre farger om dere eksponerte portra som iso 100? Dere burde prøve med diasfilm sammenlignet med digital. Fuji provia 100f for eksempel i mamiyaen på stativ. Da vil man få se en sjuk skarphet tror jeg!

  • Jeg synes ofte at digital står mere skarpt hvor analog har det mere organiske look (af naturlige årsager 😉)

  • Drop your opinion ✌🏻 Let’s hear your Thoughts

  • I do understand why you would pick digital over film, that being said. A film shot, to me, is used when you are thinking about what image you want to project and digital is shooting until you find the image your hoping for.

  • Sjov test! Mulige fejlkilder i testen : 1) billederne er skudt med forskellige optiker, hvilket giver forskellig skarphed. 2) opløsningen af jeres scans. Jeg ved ikke hvordan i har scannet negativerne, men tænker at scannerens kvalitet og den anvendte opløsning har meget stor betydning for kvaliteten af det endelige resultat.

  • What did you scan the film with? And what software

  • You guys are legit, this is one of the few subtitled yt Vids I enjoyed watching and learning from. Respect

  • love the RZ its the best camera i have owned.

  • Fuji Provia would have been good for the tests.

  • You need to use a tripod for a more accurate result guy. Good video though.

  • Interesting result. 2 to 1 for digital. But as you pointed out, had you shot the test with a different film, it would have yield a different result. I think Kodak Ektar 100 would have been a better film for comparison for these subjects as the colours are more vibrant. The portra colours are a bit more pastel like if you will, better for portraits. Would be interesting to approach this from another angle. What do the photo's look like printed on a wall? Because that is ultimately the end product of a photo is it not? Print both photo's, same size and view them at their appropriate viewing distance. The results might be very different.

  • Endelig har jeg fundet nogle der arbejder med analoge kameraer på dansk. Så… det her må vel være min ynglings danske youtube kanal

  • The whole test is flawed. Film speed should be halved to 80 iso as the speed the manufactures quote is under laboratory conditions. Use tripod and raise the mirror to avoid shake. Make sure the images match when composing. Leave the digital white balance on daylight all the time, film is balanced for daylight only. Shoot both cameras at the same time. Thanks for trying but there is room for improvement.

  • the title AND the description is in English.. so SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH !

  • Tror at resultatet havde været en del anerledes hvis I havde sat white balance i photoshop.

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