Midland XTC 280VP – Full HD Action Camera Day Time Motorcycle Riding On Foggy Road [Product Review]

Hi Guys,
This is Emil with CoolPile.com and today I’ll show you a cool recording with the Midland
XTC 280 full HD action camera. The camera was mounted on a motorcycle helmet
for this recording. Check the whole clip – towards the end there are some cool scenes when the
road gets foggy … I’ll let you enjoy the clip now … The Midland XTC 280 records in both full hd
and 720p, features image stabilization, rapid battery charge, comes with an universal mount
and a submersible case which allows you to record in water down to 200 feet (that’s 60
meters). Check the link in the description to get more info or to buy it from Amazon. This concludes our Midland XTC 280 road review
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  • A few things m8, please stop with the music it's awful, also, have it mounted so you can see the road. Just some constructive critisism.

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