MOBILE PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: Confidence in Front Of The Camera (Self-Portrait)

– Today I’m coming to you from a professional photography studio. But, I will not be using
any of the provided gear that is here because I wanna
prove a very solid point, that you don’t need a lot of
gear to create amazing art. On top of that, I’m also
gonna be sharing with you tips on how you can look
confident in front of the camera even if you’re not. Because believe it or not,
models themselves use these tips to look confident in front of the camera even if they’re not really feeling it. Fake it ’till you make it, honey. Today my device of choice
is the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Videos and photos from this episode are all done on the
device because I recently partnered with Samsung Mobile USA and I traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico. – Take one. – Where I worked with an
up-and-coming photographer, Erika Morillo. And I showed her my
advanced selfie process using nothing but a mobile phone. So if you wanna find out more about that, please check out this amazing episode that the team created about me. Link is in the description. Time to recreate my
favorite studio photographs with nothing but a mobile and a tripod. Learn your best angles and then flaunt it. (jazz music) Pose yourself but relax your face. Always prep the pose up
front by looking at yourself in your phone, which serves as a monitor to adjust to perfection
and then relax the face to appear as though
you’re totally in control and not really hurting
inside from the strain of the posing. Don’t look away. Because eyes to camera
always look more confident. Capture. Part your lips. Relax your clenched, nervous jaw by parting your lips slightly. Here is a clinched smile,
here’s a relaxed smile. Shoulders back and down. Posture is everything. Roll up your sleeves. It’s cute to cuddle your sleeves, but we’re all about power. Pull your sleeves up. Smiles with your eyes. Avoid the deer-in-the-headlights look by imaging your ex-boo is
wishfully reaching back for your love, but you’re walking away with your head held high. Slight smack. Leave the no emotions
look to the pro models. Most of us look ridiculous
if we don’t do something with our lips. Go for a minimum smack at least, imagining you’ve just seen your crush checking you out. Chin up or straight and fierce. Tilting your chin down
or shying away sideways isn’t confident. Owning it. This is 90% owning it. This is owning it. Commit to the photo. It’s just you and your phone and you can delete the ones you don’t like after you’ve giggled at them. Affirmations and
encouragement for yourself. Be kind to the person that
you see in the mirror. Even models have their
preferred body and face angles, and they even hate some of their photos. We’re all just humans,
so be kind to yourself and have fun throughout this process. This is meant to be fun. Fun, fun, fun. So which image was your favorite? Reminder, make sure you
head on over to the link in the description to see the episode that Samsung did of me. Here’s my Instagram and Twitter if you would like to see more
and until next time, guys, (smacks lips) peace.

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    Thanks for being such an inspitation! 🙂

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  • Hello sorelle,
    Your video after just amazing. Thank you for all the knowledge.
    May I ask, which phone would u suggest for best phone photos in 2019…..?
    Good work….girl

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  • @petermckinnon @mattih @brandonwoelfel @sorelleamore @lindablacker

    Ok. I see you. I see your talent but beyond that I see experience, technique. I see skill acquired over a long career. I know you are brilliant with digital photography, lenses and editing… with photoshop, Adobe elements and colour science but I want to set you a challenge!

    Are you up for a challenge a real nerve shredding, nail biting, brain scratching challenge?
    I am challenging you and some of your fellow photographers, Vloggers and planet hopping story tellers to an
    ‘Analogue film camera challenge!’

    That’s right! You heard me!
    Here’s the deal.

    1. Beg, borrow or steal an analogue 35mm film camera.
    2. Load the camera with a film of your choice, colour, monochrome either is fine. The speed of film is also fine BUT ONLY 24 Shots!
    3. Take the best selfie you can muster mister or sister. A selfie that reflects who you are and reveals something about you.
    4. Develop the film and put the results on a disc. That’s it.
    No digital tampering with the picture between development and post! This is important or the whole thing is off. I trust you will follow this thing through as it’s only your reputation on the line so no biggy. 😊 plus it will be fun as get to shoot a whole roll of film and pick the best one.
    Don’t forget to video your experience for YouTube and let your subscribers vote for the winner. What a collaboration video that will be!

    That is all please pass this challenge to whoever you deem worthy and add their name at the top of the list.
    Good luck.

  • I'm really excited about finding your account. Being a display artist I'm never in front of a camera and have to do a lot of selfies and it's been a struggle to figure out how to do them and look at ease. So thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge you've acquired through your experiences. It's helped me make time to practice all of your suggestions and it's getting easier to make my online presence look approachable

  • You are literally one of my favorite persons right now! Your channel is my happy pill. Every time I feel down, I'd come here and just drown myself in your confidence and positivity which in turn, makes me more confident and more positive about myself. Thank you, Sorelle! Much love! ❤️

  • It's a really good topic to discuss for photographers and models. Very helpful I thought. We've just started up our own photography channel to help out our online course students. If you've got a couple of minutes we'd love it if a popular hand such as yourself could check us out, not expecting you to watch all the vids. It's just nice to touch base with great creators and hopefully catch up with you soon! Have a great day 🙂 (Stephen)

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