More photography bookings with Third Party Marketing

Hi, it’s Andrew Hellmich
here from PhotoBizX. I’m currently putting together a course
for PhotoBizX members on third party marketing. If you’re unsure about
third party marketing and what it is, it’s when you partner with a business
who is already servicing your ideal client. So if you’re a pet
photographer, for example, you would ideally partner with a
veterinary clinic or a vet hospital, maybe a dog grooming salon. The Kind of businesses that are
already servicing your ideal clients, and then when someone spends a certain
amount of money with that partner business, they give out a voucher for
your photography services. This tactic, this strategy of third party
marketing works extremely well, particularly if you’re able to get up
and running the vouchers dial third party marketing with the voucher stubs, where the customers of your
partner business actually
leave their details on the voucher stub, which means you can contact them as the
photographer to book in their session afterwards. That is the best
way to approach this tactic, particularly if you’re
getting started with it. What I’ll do is I’ll link to an interview
that I recorded with Bianca Duimel and also with Dean Mansbridge. One’s from
New Zealand, one’s from Tasmania, both have built super
successful businesses based
around third party marketing. So go and check those out
when you get a chance. I’ll link to those under the video or
in the comments area so you can go and find them. But what I wanted to share with you
today is one of the reasons photographers that I talk to about third party marketing
don’t go and get this up and running is because they have this fear of getting
out from behind the computer and going to talk to another business owner. For some reason they fear or they
have this fear about this face to face meeting. I think this is why Facebook ads are so
attractive for us as portrait or wedding photographers. You know, we get to sit
behind our computers, run Facebook ads, don’t have to interact with anyone and
hopefully the leads will come to us. Well, I can tell you it’s very, very
dangerous to rely on one source of leads. That is a bad way to run your business
and if you want to add another source of leads, third party marketing is absolutely
fantastic once you get it up and running, but you do have to get past your fear
of going to actually talk to someone to get this set up so that fear is actually
holding you back from getting something like third party marketing up and running. There’s a fantastic book
called Rejection Proof. I’ll link to that on the video and also
in the comments or the description so you can go and find that on Amazon
or audible. It’s a fantastic book. It will teach you if you listen to it
or read it to have no fear of being rejected and getting back
to third party marketing. Once you understand the
way it works, it’s a, it’s a no loss situation
for your partner business. So if you can go into that meeting
with that idea in your head with that understanding you have nothing to fear. They are getting the deal of a lifetime
by having you as a professional photographer giving away your services, your skills to their
best clients as a gift, you are taking all the risk
they are in a win win situation. Don’t be afraid of third party
marketing. Go and give it a try. Listen to the interviews
that I’ll link to. If you want to go and search for those, go to and search
for third party marketing. Look out for the links on this video. Go and have a listen to Bianca and
Dean and see what it’s done for their business. Alrighty, it’s Andrew
Hellmich here from PhotoBizX. I’ll chat to you soon. Bye for now.

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