Motorola G6 – 32 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon)

Moto G6 Review The Moto G6 is a polarizing concoction of
metal and glass. Extra-wide 18:9 displays have trickled down
to budget devices, and so the one in the Moto G6 doesn’t bring much we haven’t seen from
other modestly priced smartphones. The 5.7-inch, 2160 x 1080 LCD panel is sharp
enough, with solid color accuracy and average brightness. Motorola has brought its dual-lens imaging
tech to the Moto G6. The main, 12-megapixel, f/1.8 sensor is accompanied
by another 5-MP one to enable portraits with bokeh effects. Like the Galaxy S9 with its Live Focus mode,
the Moto G6 allows you to change the strength of the background blur after shooting. Motorola has also given the G6’s camera Google
Lens-like capabilities that allow it to identify landmarks and objects in the frame. The phone also has a document-scanning mode
that converts what it sees into editable text. The Moto G6’s Snapdragon 450 processor might
seem like a serious step back from the Snapdragon 625, which delivered an excellent experience
in the G5 Plus. Qualcomm’s latest 400-series chipset functionally
equals the power of the older silicon in most use cases, so the difference is negligible. With a 3,000-mAh battery and Qualcomm’s energy-sipping
processor, we expected the Moto G6 to deliver battery life on par with that of its predecessors. The G5 Plus and G5S Plus had similar size
batteries and turned in nearly 12 hours in our testing, which consists of streaming websites
on T-Mobile LTE. The Moto G6 is a great phone for almost anyone
— whether that’s a young person in your life or someone who doesn’t care to shell
out a whole lot on hardware. And we really mean anyone, because the G6’s
dual-band support allows Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T users alike to purchase
an unlocked model with no service commitment and have it work perfectly on their network. That can’t be overlooked when the majority
of unlocked phones are designed for only GSM carriers. This phone is also an excellent value. The G6 guarantees decent performance, thoughtful
design, easy-to-use software and a perfectly adequate display. Better cameras and longevity on a charge would
be nice, but considering the price, these are compromises that most buyers should be
able to live with. Motorola’s latest budget offering may not
be perfect, but it’s all the phone anyone really needs. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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