My fear of photography, Nash point South Wales

good morning how cool is that that is
Nash point in South Wales not far from Cardiff on the glamorgan heritage coast
I believe it’s called it’s a really really cool feature which sticks out a
bit like the Sphinx but we’ve just noticed I’m actually with two of the
photographers and Neal and David if you watch my other video couple weeks ago
David was with me on that from that trip with Neil hormone as well and they’re
both quite local astareal very local it’s the area but we’re actually talking
that there was a massive chunk of the rock which is falling off the side of it
which is a bit of a shame to use to have that top part there if I just try and
find it used to curve round there at the top they used to stick out a lot more
like a head bit of a major shame really there’s quite a lot of evidence of rocks
falling down the story there as well yeah major shame but still a really
really awesome rock formation and it really is cool so the guys are over
there they got quite excited because they started to see a bit of colour
coming from the from the clouds it’s mega early we’ve got about 40 minutes
before sunrise and I’m having a wander around a bit of a scout trying to work
out if I can find a shot that I like at the minute as beautiful as this is I’m
struggling to find something that I think balances with that background
because the Sun right it’s little rise we can see the colour and now the Sun
arise in that direction I saw I’m looking for something that’s going to
lead up nicely to the to the clouds and yeah
but I’m struggling at the minute to find a foreground I sure would like Elle this morning fine
in a shop I found a few compositions not far just along within sort of 10 meters
of where I’m standing now it’s all really beautiful than foreground rock is
absolutely perfect it’s a really really nice location but I couldn’t find
anything that I felt balanced particularly well I had our idea of a
panoramic using all the lines of the foreground pointed out to see but then
we were banking on the color coming from beyond the rock so and that hasn’t
happened it’s about 25 past 6:00 now so it’s a heartbreaking
I found a conversation now quite like that obviously it having the the Walsh
Sphinx in the background they see how it reflects there I’ve got the camera
position so that I don’t cut out that reflection where is it there that that
reflection down there and the winds picked up a little bit so I’ve got a bit
of a ripple in the water so whatever I do nice to have a long exposure to
smooth that water out but the polarizer is cutting through the water really
really nice and revealing all the detail all the moss and everything that’s in
the bottom there looks really really cool so I’ve gone for f/8 just focusing
on the foreground here I did try a shot as well just focusing it infinity just
to see if with the hog focal distance of f/8 on a wide-angle lens I’m about 10
mil I’m about 12 mil on the 1024 just to see it focused at infinity if this would
be sharp enough in the foreground it’s a just over a meter away from me and it’s
not quite sharp enough so what I’ve done is I’ve focus stacking I’m focusing on
the foreground just here on the rocks immediately in front of the camera and
then again on the Sphinx looking thing in the background
and I’ve got to grad a point 6 grad on as well just to balance the sky Bert’s
the reason for that is because I actually had the grad on thinking that
the sky was gonna light up and I was gonna need that grad I don’t it is pants
well it’s been a really nice morning but yeah nice detail really all the contrast
love the look I love everything about the composition and everything I just
the sky is flat and everything really nice morning though I love it here it’s awesome awesome
awesome awesome so beautiful and because of the knavish
sky and light and I we’ve got no rush obeah an hour after sunrise and we’ll
just be wandering around looking for noise for grounds that lead up to the
Sphinx and I’m gonna call it Nash point it’s called Nash point I’m gonna get
told off on I for calling that things it’s Nash point and we’ve got really
really nice morning it’s it’s it’s really nice relaxing I love this it’s
much so probably my favorite sort of photography just wandering around
looking for different for grounds and just with Neil who’s come for another
wander Dave’s gone miles away the other side of the beach so we’re gonna wander
home try and find him in a minute but yeah it’s been a challenge though it’s
not been easy oh yeah by the way didn’t my new lens it’s really really wide so
I’m not like in your face it’s good at it because the other one would have been
about the other one would have been about there so we got all that so you
can actually see where we are now but yes it’s really challenging I love it I
love it that it’s challenging but I’ve got a bit of fear if I’m honest and I
think it’s the fear that’s developed me develop my photography should I say so
every time I it doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding and event landscape so every
street photography doesn’t matter what it is I’m always actually quite afraid
to go out with my camera because I always believe you’re as good as your
last job so if you come back and look at the photographs in a bit naff or you’ve
done something stupid with a filter or you’ve got the wrong settings or
whatever well for whatever reason you don’t like the and just don’t like the
images I’m always quite afraid of that and I think looking back at my
photography over the last two years it’s probably that that’s made the biggest
difference and that’s what’s made me improve in in any area just purely
because going back I’m actually quite terrified of looking at the images
thinking imagine you’re going on holiday and you come back either some amazing
trip so amazing camping trip or whatever near you come back you look at the
pictures and they’re like crap I don’t you can imagine how terrifying that is
so yeah I’ve got because I’m always looking to try and get better I’m I’ve
never contend going out and just coming back to the same sort of standard I want
to learn from my mistakes I want to improve my photography and I think
having that fear is obviously in ink urges you to be mindful of that done it
because you’d never gonna make the same mistake again obviously leaving the
Image Stabilizer on that sort of thing you’re gonna do that in here but
literally just slowing down bad habits improving your photography improving
your image skills look at improving your composition skills and things that you
pick up on the way and I’m actually quite yeah I’m pleased without what my
Sophie’s developing but I’ve actually noticed the more especially you guys as
well because I’m filming and talking to you and I’m looking at these
compositions thinking hang on if you guys look at these photographs thinking
that’s not reasonable standard I couldn’t I cannot really handle that so
yeah it’s a bit it’s a bit intimidating because I always want to a show you good
images and be I have a build a portfolio of images that are a certain standard
and you know getting better so yeah that fear of coming back with images that are
like say subpar but you know what I mean and it’s definitely definitely proved
improving my photography I mean I’m sure anybody who cares about anything is
gonna be sort of nervous and you know it’s the same the same with anything a
baked cake to be the same wouldn’t you you’d care what your customer thought
and you might be really nervous even though you’ve been doing it 20 years I
don’t know but yeah this has been a good example of a really stunning location
and I’ve actually been quite intimidated by because I’ve found so many amazing
foregrounds and pretty much all of it is stunning all of it is amazing there’s so
much color there’s so much character the rocks are just brilliant but yeah I
found it really difficult I don’t know why and then obviously that develops in
a bit of fear then I was thinking hang on I’m quite scared to get me come right
here because the case the photographs of crap in this is such an amazing place so
I found a few shots here with the Nash point I’m looking at as I’ve been
wandering around I think what’s what scheme in with my landscape photography
when I look back at the images there’s something that I really like in the
image it obviously you’ll have a nice background off sky or whatever like that
but there’s something in the foreground there actually think actually that’s
really no it’s not only just balance it’s got a nice detail but you actually
look at it you actually really like it so when you’ve taken the picture like
I’ve been wandering around these rocks looking for something that jumps out of
me not just like looking for a nice foreground looking for a nice rock or
whatever that lead up to the up to the Nash point but
something I actually really like the order of what what actually grabs my
attention some sort of connection with it and and I really like these rocks in
the foreground there’s like a really nice shape which holds this off
gathering a water here and loads of color in it I think the photo I’ve said
over the other side just over there we’re a bit monochromatic a bit flat and
I probably I mean the light’s not good so they don’t be very good black and
whites but here with the green and it adds so much vibrance to the image and I
think soon as I seen this green I was instantly drawn to it I thought well
that’s gonna be my foreground because I really really like this sort of the way
the lines in the rocks all lead up to nash point and yeah it’s really nice
there’s a lovely big massive boulder oddly shaped actually for the for what’s
around which i’ve used in the bottom left corner now that is a wide wide
angle lens of try portrait or landscape and and at 10 to 12 mil it kind of
distorts out a little bit so yeah I’m gonna be a bit worried about that so I’m
gonna try a choice I’m at 14 me I’ll try some at 12 mile try some at 10 min I
think that I think it’s about 14 meal before you start getting an image that
doesn’t look too distorted in the corners otherwise there’s some lovely
colors the lines are there’s some little shells that are all lovely foreground
interest and I’ve tried a focus stack again focusing it on on the point and
focusing it on about a meter and foot in the foreground yeah so we’ve just got
the best of both worlds today via has taken us on a random
detour where are we what is it and what what are these grade things in front of
us right you’re in our before a before the poll stations to the left of us okay
exactly true obviously but I think these are intakes for the power station I’m
water call infant something like that okay
I’m that out there I’ve no idea the looks cool bit abstract but it looks
yeah it’s a way something now it’s half us nine so yeah the best of all it’s
gone but it’s still a nice day just to go for a bit of one a bit of exploring
take it all in very different really really cool location that is me done I
can’t think of anything else other than breakfast I’m absolutely starving if
there’s like I’ve been up forever but it’s been really really cool this
morning hanging out with Neil and Dave seen a few new locations and stuff
hopefully this will be really really cool with the Milky Way behind it want
to find out where the Milky Way would be I don’t even know for self-facing I
don’t know where I am but yes we’re very very cool hope you enjoyed the video let
me know if you like the photographs yeah I think the recipe everything was there
for a good photograph bit flat lighting but yeah I think if we get some good
shots especially the cooler ones with a nice vibrant and most in the foreground
think I’d be nice to seaweed in the foreground it would be nice but yeah let
me know if anybody else feels the same way about perhaps putting too much
pressure on themselves and I’m it’s a good thing you’ve always gonna learn
because you care so much saying hey if you go out and every single time you
want to come back and you’re dead it doesn’t have to be an amazing
war-winning image but just to come back with an image that you’re really you
feel like you’ve got everything right yeah the light might have been good
conditions might not have been ideal but least you’ve got everything you could do
right in camera and it feels good anyway I hope you enjoyed the video if you did
please hit the like button drop me a message and hit the subscribe button I
see so next watch it

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