My first digital camera: HP Photosmart 320

Hello hello hello once again, guys! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but this is the house, well, the apartment where I grew up So obviously it’s full of… let’s call it things from my past Most of that stuff, besides the sentimental ones, I guess is pretty much useless, but I believe I found a real treasure yesterday. This is the HP Photosmart 320 and it happens to be my first digital camera. Of course, it still has the original box It still has all the original papers It even has the original invoice So I bought this camera on September 4th, 2002 almost 16 years ago and I paid 250 euros for it. Close to $300, I guess, 16 years ago Not bad. And, this is the camera It’s not the prettiest camera, but I don’t know, it seems to be in good condition. The specs are 2 megapixels It can shoot video too, I don’t know the resolution of the video, but I’ll find out. it doesn’t have electronic viewfinder, this is an optical viewfinder I don’t know if you have a live view here or this is just to review the photos, but we’ll find out it uses regular batteries so of course, I just went to the store and bought some batteries by the way, 85 cents for these four batteries so they are not gonna be the best batteries ever so they might not last But that’s fine. That would be like shooting film, right? You can only shoot for a little bit before you have to go back and spend more money. But let’s see if it turns on it does! So it’s telling me to set the date as you can see it’s still stuck in 2002, we’ll see if it supports 2018 And now what Hey, look at that, it’s a live view. It’s horrible But it works So why don’t we go out and try this camera and see what the photos look like Let’s go. All right, so we are in the country right now This is where my parents live now in this house and I wanted to show you someone that you haven’t seen for a while Well, as you can see Luna made it, made the trip here She was very good on the plane. She did very good and now she’s enjoying her new life here Anyway, today’s episode was about the HP photosmart. So let’s go for a walk with the dogs and we can take some photos So, what to say about this camera? it hasn’t aged well I can tell you that much first of all I had a lot of problems trying to get the photos out of this camera because the smallest Memory card I have is 8GB and this camera doesn’t support 8GB memory cards So I had to use the internal memory that is a whopping 8MB, but it’s enough for 76 photos So that’s what I used to shoot all those photos and then I found myself Stuck because the USB cable is not a standard regular USB cable I couldn’t find it for a few days, I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to make this video But then I found a 1GB memory card that works perfectly fine here Actually, the camera says that that memory card, 1GB memory card, can fit 10,000 photos. anyway, this camera has an option to move all the images from the internal memory to the memory card So that’s what I did and that’s how I got them out of here. And that’s how I got them onto my computer It’s not only that they are very very low resolution. And I think that they are 640×480. Yes. It’s also that the dynamic range of this camera is pretty bad Like we’d have something bright and dark the same frame. It just doesn’t work. I didn’t even try shooting it that night Because I was already getting blurry shots half an hour before sunset So I figured I wasn’t going to work at all about the video capabilities Well, so this is it I don’t even know if it’s recording the audio, but what I could see on the back of the camera Is that the limit for each clip is 30 seconds So yeah, not very amazing I guess so this was a fun experiment, but I don’t think I’ll be using this thing again I hope you guys enjoyed this video It was a little different but I thought it could be fun to show you my first digital camera all the way from 2002 Already 16 years old and yeah, I want to know about your first digital camera. Which one was it? You still have it? Do you still use it? leave a comment down below and let me know Thanks for watching and see you in the next one

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  • Ja,ja,ja, arqueología digital!!!solo te falta sacar los juegos Sega,pero sigue funcionando,a este no le ha llegado la obsolescencia programada

  • I suppose you have to start somewhere, mine was the Olympus 3040 zoom 3.1 mp great first camera managed to get an A2 print out of it, how far technology has come eh.

  • Great to see Luna! She must be happy to have some new friends to play with.

  • La mia era deHP 3. algoMpx no recuerdo y murio a los 2 años de tenerla, y pase a kodak, canon, lumix y fuji. Pero la primera cámara analoga de mi familia todavía esta viva y funciona Imperial Réflex doble lente plástica :0)

  • My first digital camera was the casio QV-11 with 320×240 resolution that I bought in August of 1997. I still have it but I'm not sure it still works.

  • My first digital camera as well!

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