Neewer N 300W Photography Strobe Unboxing & Review – The $69 Budget Light

What is happening guys! Steven Ramon here with
another tech review video. This time, I’m going over the Neewer N 300
W strobe light for model in portrait photography. When I bought this lamp, I didn’t know how
good it would work. There weren’t any reviews at the time I bought
it. I still don’t know if there are any now. I’m going to post my review, but I’m always
a little skeptical when it comes to buying things that don’t have good reviews or don’t
have reviews at all. You know it’s kind of like stepping a foot
into the dark. The thing is, Neewer, I’ve used their products
for a while now and I wasn’t too worried about it this time because it’s from a company that
I trusted so I kind of assumed that their quality control everything was already and
check when they decided to sell these. So props to them, I can tell you know that
I really like this lamp. I ended up buying three of them and they work
all in sync. This is actually my first time using strobes
I usually use constant lighting especially for product photography and things like this
where I’m showcasing it on white. Without further Ado let’s jump into it and
go over some specs! According to Neewer, these are considered
to be indoor and studio location model photography and portrait photography lights. If you’re in a really bright environment already,
300 watts is going to do it for you. These are bright. And they’re so bright that they pop whenever
they shoot. Just to make it clear, these are considered
to be a budget lights but I have not seen any kind of quality issues or anything like
that. These things are great. I totally recommend them. They’re awesome. These are made out of aluminum alloy, they’re
durable, and just by touching it, holding it, and lifting it, you can usually get a
good sense of type of quality and how long these things might last for. And I can tell you now that they feel very
sturdy. I really like them and they’re quite fun
to use too especially if it’s your first time and they synchronize together very easily. It’s very important that they synchronize
easily because when you’re shooting at a certain shutter speed the camera has to know that
those lights are flashing at the exact moment that you’re shooting that photo. So if you’re shooting at, you know, 1/250
of a second, you have to be able to cram in the flash while that shutter is open during
those quicker shutter speeds. And so that’s why synchronization is very
important. The cool thing about these lights is they
have 60 steps from 1 to 6 in .1 increments. And there’s a dial on the back where while
turning it you’ll see, what step you’re on. And of course the higher you go, the more
intense the flash will be and brighter it will get. The re-charging time in between flashes is
.3 to 1.8 seconds. The synchronization distance is about 10 meters,
which is pretty far for keeping multiple lights in sync all while inside of that quick shutter
time of the camera. They have an umbrella hole which will work
as a soft light when the light is not on flash mode, you can have it on model mode which
is basically a constant light 75-watt modeling lamp that apparently adjust three power levels
according to Amazon’s description. But that third level is actually off so technically
it is two different power levels if you’re not counting off to be one. I was comfortable enough to take these onto
a shoot with me. They’re way smaller, way more compact then
taking constant lights that have light bulbs and wireframe setups so these three lights
just fit right in my bag. That’s my take on these lights, again I highly
recommend them. They are awesome. If you want a no chord – no hassle mess, just
get the wireless transmitters. Each light will need its own transmitter although
they have Optical Sync. Get the transmitter and receivers with it
they work great you will love them. They are easy to set up, you can set as many
as you want in a row. Hope to see you guys next time. Drop a comment, like, and subscribe and I
hope you really much enjoyed this video and learned something from it. Let me know if there’s anything you would
like to see covered, there’s a chance I might cover it. I’m always just reviewing different tech stuff
– camera gear, electronics – things like that. So yeah, thanks again for watching and have
a great day you guys.

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