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hi everyone my name’s Steve Ramsden and
welcome to Steve Ramsden Photography thank you for visiting my baby
photography website – in a minute I’m going to run through ten top tips for
mums and dads who are thinking of having their babies photographed. These are included
in my website below. You can also click on the links beneath this video to
download your own copy of our guide for mums and dads who are having their babies
photographed. I’ve filmed this video to give mums and dads some great top tips
if you’re thinking about having your babies photographed. At the end I’ve
talked a little bit about the Emma’s Diary photography scheme which we
operate here in York and every mum and dad with babies under twelve months old
in the York area are more than welcome to come and visit us under the scheme.
The scheme itself offers you a 90 minute photo session with us which is totally
complimentary, and also includes a small gift. There is no need for you to pay out
photography fees to other photographers – we can photograph your baby here without charge. Okay! So let’s talk about our ten top tips for your
baby portrait photography session. Number one – for your newborn photography please
do plan ahead. If you would like a new born baby photography session then
please contact us nice and early. That can be as soon as you learn about
your due date – we will provisionally book you in for a session to take place
approximately five to ten days after your due date. Alternatively many mums
first come to us during phase two of baby’s development –
usually around six to eight weeks old and that’s perfect.
Again, just contact us nice and early and we can book you in for a session. Top tip number two – if
grandparents or friends have purchased blankets or clothes or knitted things –
toys and so on for your baby, then please do bring them along to your baby’s photo
shoot. We love to include them in the
photographs (and believe me that goes down very well with your friends and
relatives). Top tip number three – please do bring along a variety of the clothes
changes for your baby. Two or three is plenty. Please do make sure that they are ironed and crease free.
There are two good reasons for this. Number one – if baby happens
to soil one outfit, you’ve always got a spare or a couple of spares, and number
two – it does add variety to your photographs. Top tip number four – do
include mum and dad in some photographs. Some mums and dads are a little bit
shy of the camera but please remember this is your only chance to have
photographs with your baby professionally done whilst your baby is
this young. They will soon grow. They soon change very very quickly – don’t miss out
on this opportunity! Tip number five – please don’t leave it too late to bring
your baby along for some photographs. They soon change. They soon grow. Please
don’t leave it too late to have your baby properly photographed.
Tip number six – do take full advantage of the Emma’s Diary baby photography scheme if
it’s available in your area. We happen to cover the postcodes for the
York area. You’re more than welcome to come and see us if you live within
around 25 to 30 miles of the center of York. If at any stage you’ve opted in to
be contacted via the Emma’s Diary scheme then we will be in touch. But
anyone can contact us directly and ask to be placed onto the scheme, and we
are more than happy to include you in our sessions here at Steve Ramsden
photography. I’ll go into that in a little bit more detail at the end of
this video. Tip number seven – do use a photographer who is familiar with
photographing babies. It’s a whole different skill set to photographing
anything else. It needs a lot of patience and it does need an understanding of the
various development stages that your baby is going through. Tip number eight – back
to the patience thing. We do need a lot of patience when we’re photographing
babies but my best advice is – if it’s not working on the day
then simply rebook and come back another time. That’s not a problem to us – we
completely understand. Some days it’s just not the best days for your baby
and we do know if you bring them back on a day when they’re feeling a little
bit better, you’re going to have much better results in the longer term. Tip number nine –
join in with your baby. The more you interact with them, the more you play with
them, the more you have fun with them, then the better expressions you’re going to get, the more
variety of expressions you’re going to get. You’ll get a lot more smiley shots, you’ll get a lot more fun shots, and of course you can also be included in the photographs yourselves. Finally tip number ten we always say ‘quality in, quality out’.
Once we’ve done all the quality photography, then the best way of moving
forward is to have your photographs professionally and properly printed and,
where appropriate, framed by your professional photographer. Okay so for this video that leaves me with just one more little thing that I would like to
discuss before we leave you and that’s the Emma’s Diary scheme. Now the Emma’s Diary scheme is as nationwide scheme and it offers mums and dads the opportunity to
come in and have a complimentary photography session with us of your
newborn baby. At Steve Ramsden Photography in York we offer that option up to three
times during the baby’s first year, so that you can photograph your baby at
different stages of their development – and you can also see your baby grow
through those various photographic stages. Again, please check out the links
below to pick up more information about Emma’s Diary in York. I look forward to
welcoming you and your baby and your family to the studio and taking you some
fabulous pictures. Thank you very much – I look forward to seeing you soon.

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