Newborn Photoshoot Behind the Scenes | DaisyMay Photography

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls to day we are doing some newborn photography with Daisy May Photography *Music Playing* Props, Set design! Relaxation! Logistics! So first thing We got there it was absolute relaxation I have been off work for 10 days helping out wife with babies and trying to organise, there has been a lot going on we have a 10 year old, 10 day old 10 day old not a 10 year old a 5 year old, ad 2 and half year old and a 10 day old im trying to do everything and help out wife and stuff over the last 10 days it has been absolutely crazy but as soon as we walked in there it felt like complete relaxation, 5 year old was at school two and half year old was with nana and the new born was taken care of by Aine totally awesome felt like we were in a Spa it was great, just had to sit back and just watch it all *Music Playing* Newborn photography its a world of its own its not the photography its the skill of having the props knowing what way to organise the baby, knowing what way to what shots are going to look good knowing how to position, there are so many things to consider the photography is probably the last thing actually holding the baby, Aine did and awesome job you can tell she has had so much experience she is folding baby they trying to get her to go to sleep she knew exactly what to do it was fantastic Try and make sure she has been kept awake in the morning before the session, make sure she is as sleeply as mmmm… as you can get her the session is a completely different ball game if she is awake just takes longer, you have to wait until she is sleeply photos! Photos turned out incredibly awesome! Check this out! so aside of the actually photography and the actual going there and doing everything the experience was perfect i mean you are handing your baby over to someone and you are trusting them to manage them and put them into positions and It just went so smootly, wee bit tricky he had to think about logistics so we planed well in terms of 5 year old was at school Nana looked after the two and half year old wee bit of a tricky bit was when we had to go and bring the older ones in, so had to do the school run and then go to Nana’s pick up 2.5 year old then bring them in at the last 30 mins of the photoshoot this works really well because it meant That Aine had 2.5 hours with the new born to get as many shots as she could if you liked that video please hit that subscribe button there will be loads more videos like this and thanks for watching guys

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