Nikon D3400 DSLR: The memory card and USB ports. Camera Specs #D3400 – Youtube

[Music] now although you get nearly everything you need in the box when you buy the camera for you to take pictures pretty much straight away the one thing you don’t have when you get box is a memory card and of course you need a memory card to store the pictures and the videos that you shoot on the camera we suggest getting a SanDisk card and the reason for that is that sound discs will guarantee the life of a card it’s important to remember they won’t guarantee what’s on the card but if the card fails SanDisk will replace the card it’s a little extra so the way you put the card into the camera is on the side socket here you open it up by pulling it slightly forward and you put the card in facing to you and just push it in until it clicks and what you’ll notice is that when you push it in completely a green light flashes on the back of the camera to say that it’s being done properly if you need to take the card out then you just press the card and it’s on a spring and it will just bounce out again and then you can put it back in very straightforward now on the other side are two other ports these are very useful because they are a USB port which allows you to transfer your pictures directly from the camera to the laptop and beneath that an HDMI port which allows you to show your pictures on a TV now neither of these leads are available in the box so if you want to do either of those things you need to buy the leads separately if you want to know more about this camera then why don’t you download our unique guide which tells you all about the Nikon d3 400 and compares it with other cameras which are available now you can download it either from here or from the link in the description below and you can download it absolutely free so why don’t you go to it straight away and download it now and we’ll see you very soon [Music]

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  • It might be worth mentioning that the USB cable is a USB A to USB Micro B in case someone just wants to order one at an electronic supply store.

  • Great vidieos. One thing that puts me off this camera is there is no 3.5mm external mic jack. If I bought the camera and a Rode Go external mic which has a 3.5mm jack could I connect it to the camera via the USB using a small adaptor cable that has a 3.5mm socket one end and a USB at the other. Would this work, a video from yourself would be superb because I cannot find any information to say this would or wouldn't work.

  • How on earth did you get Michael Caine's voice for this video? Love it.

  • Can we use that usb for charging

  • What type card!? Not the manufacturer's of the card name?

  • What am I doing wrong? When I put the memory card in, the camera says that its damaged or it doesnt fit…

  • Can you charge the camera when connecting to pc with USB.?

  • Hi, can i use sdhc u3 ii card on NIKON d3400 camera ?

  • The question is how do you get san disk to get tou a new one?

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  • With the usb can i configure some type of external mike dynamic?

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