Nissan GT-R: the ultimate high-speed camera car

The day this thing was launched in 2007 it completely changed what we knew about supercars Nissan basically got the supercar rulebook and they ripped it apart and they gave us this 3.8-liter V6 twin turbo Because it’s four-wheel-drive,
it works perfectly as a camera car In terms of the versatility of the car we’ve built it so it can handle everything from the Flight Head Mini you see on it now right down to, if you want to load it with 360° GoPros and that means we can add a lot of equipment to it and it doesn’t actually interfere with how the car handles too badly And everything on that car is completely bespoke for it from the Flight Head Mini to the dual black arm that supports the camera and allows it to flex We had to take all the bodywork off and we’ve welded and mounted aluminum to the crash structure and that gives it super strong support Although you can see the camera on the front at the moment the chaps at Motion Remote who helped me design this thing have made it so we can move it
from front to back in about 20 minutes Why did I choose an R35 Nissan GT-R? Well basically there are so few cars on the market that have the all-round ability that this thing has It’s known for its reliability It’s as fast as most supercars at the moment It’s four-wheel-drive, so it works on the wet and the dry It’s sturdy. It’s very, very safe In terms of crew in the car, we have a maximum of four people so myself driving it we have a camera operator in the front a director in the back and then if needed, a focus puller or our camera tech So we can have four people maximum When we’re moving around, when we’re filming we don’t have to wait or we don’t have to ask the star car to slow down for us we just keep up with it because it’s just so fast In terms of its color you might
ask why it looks like it needs a good polish but actually it’s designed to be matte black because that absorbs the light; it doesn’t reflect in the car that we’re filming I’ve been running this thing for six months now I’m still using the same tires it still doesn’t need a brake change You do hear horror stories of
how cars with this kind of performance need a lot of upkeep This has been absolutely fantastic I was very privileged when Nissan gave me a call to ask to help create some footage for the
launch of the new 2020 GT-R Nismo Because basically, this is the only purpose-built camera car that had any chance of keeping up with this new Nismo It’s an absolute monster!

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