Of Windmills and Bathrooms in the Netherlands

Hello everyone from, I think you can guess it, the Netherlands I’ve been trying to find a toilet since I left Amsterdam, it’s impossible They are, all of them, paid, and I have no cash or they are closed like this one Anyway, I will have to hold it a little bit longer because this place is beautiful I don’t want to destroy the name, but this is Zaanse Schans or something like that It is the first place that came out when I looked for windmills to photograph in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam, that’s where we are staying We are in the Netherlands, we are in Amsterdam, because Rachel is going to a conference for work I just tagged along We’re going to be here for 2 more days Today I was not even counting on going out because we just got here yesterday from New York I thought that the jet lag would make me really exhausted today, but I was feeling good I actually went for a run this morning in Amsterdam And decided to come here, even though it’s a little bit late It turned out to be the perfect time to be here There is no one, it looks like everything is closed here, all the little stores and shops The toilets, too, of course So I’m just gonna wait a little bit longer until sunset, until they turn on the lights because I think that might change the place a little bit more it might look even more beautiful than now I don’t know, but since I’m here I just hope I don’t pee myself All right, haven’t found a toilet I can use yet, but I found a composition I love a lot And is this one here, because I’m able to get the windmills That one, the second one from here I took a photo of that one earlier, but it has all the construction things on it It doesn’t look that pretty, but this one is pretty cool because it’s different from the other ones and it kind of covers that construction on the second and you can still get a couple more there in the background and What gives this photo depth is the light here I really like this composition I’m just going to wait a little bit longer to see if they turn it on because that would be almost perfect And after that probably just leave and try to find a bathroom somewhere I’m sorry I’m talking so much about that here but this is one of the problems about shooting in a city one, of the things that I dislike the most Going to the bathroom is not easy That’s never a problem when I hike One thing I can’t show you about this place that I love is There is a factory there, I don’t know if you can see it But that’s a chocolate factory and the whole place smells like chocolate It’s amazing. It reminds me of when I used to live in Portland We lived very close to a bread factory and the whole neighborhood smelled like bread It’s pretty awesome Turn on, come on. Come on, turn on. Come on, come on, turn on. It is 8:14pm Sunset happened 4 minutes ago and they still haven’t done it, I don’t know if they will There is a pretty cool moon tonight, almost full moon I will have to think about possible shots using the moon Yes, they did turn it on I hope I get it right at first time so I can leave as soon as possible I reall,y really think that this shot could be very, very good So that’s why I am doing this I don’t know what that is about but I’m afraid they ruined my shot Don’t tell me I have to repeat it Okay, heading back to the train station, everything seems to be closed around here So my hopes to find a bathroom are pretty much none I’m hoping I can get into the paid bathroom at the station somehow If I can’t, it’s going to be the worst 20 minute train ride of my life I can’t believe this, seriously, I just can’t First of all, I don’t have 50 cents And if I did, I couldn’t even pay because there is no one there Anyway, I’m here at the train station waiting for my train I don’t even know what train because there are no screens with information either I don’t even have data on my phone right now Yeah, I have no idea when I’m gonna make it to, not to Amsterdam, to a bathroom that I can use I could do it just here and pay whatever the fine is, I guess 70 cents to use a bathroom Those were the 70 cents best spent today, oh my god Good thing I could use my card

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  • Love that place. Each time it is different. Nice to see it from someone else. Really enjoyed your vid!

  • Some of my favourite images you have taken

  • Great shots, you don't see them many in black and white of this place. Have fun in the Netherlands.

  • Hello, Adrian welcome to The Netherlands. I Love your work and have been following you for the last year or so. I'm also a foreigner but have lived here for over thirty years. Keep op the good work.

  • Pay toilets? Yikes. I think that was the bathroom patrol in that boat. 😂

  • Even with the famous green/red house with bridge you took the high road with a non-iconic shot, gutsy but what this channel is about. Thanks for your time in bringing us with you. Stuart

  • Thanks for the video enjoyable

  • Oh man!!! That shot with the lamp post is just freakin' sublime !!!! Cool vid !!

  • Why don't you have a pee bottle and a ziplock and some baby wipes? C'mon man.

    You can't drop and knee and squat to pee. WTF.???

    This is pathetic. Nice shots though.

  • That lamp post image!

  • Good to see my home country through foreign eyes. I live nearby the place you visited!

  • The lamp post shot is a really great photograph. I was there once or twice but I was not making any video back then, time to think about it 🙂

  • Hello Adrian,
    Nice that you also visit the Netherlands.
    I know that when you hear the Netherlands you think of mills and clogs.
    But there is so much more to see my friend.
    The Zaanse Schans is a very beautiful area, but a little less for me.
    But I think you understand that.
    I like forests and the coast more.
    If you come by again I recommend you to Scheveningen and the Veluwe.
    But what I have to admit is that your work is really good, and I mean really good.
    I have been following you for about a year now and see that you have grown enormously in your photography.
    Not that I am an expert, but I have been taking photographs for around 35 years and I think I can reasonably see how someone changes.
    Don't see me as an arrogant guy who knows everything better, I have learned from you how to compose wite square format.
    I enjoy your videos, they are so relaxed with a lot of information.
    Adrian, I hope you enjoyed yourself in our little Netherlands.
    I will continue to follow you, my friend.

  • Welcome to my home country… Poor toilet access. Something that catches me out every time when we go back home for visits…

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