Off Camera Flash Photography Tutorial | Part 2

okay welcome back we are in part 2 of off-camera flash for beginner series we’re going to be talking about a two flash set up. one of those off camera one on camera and perfect way to get started if you’re just starting / if you find this video first you haven’t watched last week’s video be sure to check that one out I go over what gear is what settings i use and how I set everything up this week we’re going to be talking about what modifiers that use how I can soften light to make it look a little less harsh coming out of the flash where I stand in relation to the flash on the dance floor when im at a wedding so lets dive in! so first let’s talk about modifiers ways that you can play around with light chains like soft and white all that kind of stuff I have to go to when I am shooting with off-camera flash at a wedding reception number one (let me just turn this around) okay number one is that I always shoot with the bounce card up because i’m not going to be shooting directly like I met my flash is never going to go like this at people that’s just not going to be flattering and it doesn’t look nice so what I’m going to do is I’m going to have it up usually like one click forward I’m going to be bouncing it if I’m standing over underneath ok so it helps there’s a white ceiling if there’s not a white ceiling but there’s a white wall i may end up tilting it like that and shooting like this so what I want to do is create bouncing and indirect light on my subject because that’s going to be the most flattering and give the most shape to my subject and not just flatten them completely by flashing straight at them. so the first modifier is this little guy the second thing i do …and i don’t do this all the time but most of the time i use a white shoot through umbrella so do this okay oh it looks ok it looks like this it opens up and it slides into the flash poll have a flash that has a cool shoes so it basically has the same exact hot shooting under here but there’s no activities was called a cold shoe so you slide that in and then I’ll put this inside the stance so it’s going to aim like this on the dance floor this is my stand you’ll get the idea basically the legs kick-out on the bottom and it gives it a really nice, sturdy base that if somebody bumps into it its not going to fly over- so it’s very wide. this is the cold shoe so i’m going to show you this is where the flash would go in once that is in, you would go ahead and get this is where we go into the stands I would tighten it with this little screw and it would shoot directly into the umbrella it’s going to shoot into the umbrella and the umbrellas going to scatter the light so basically my light source becomes as big as this is so instead of it coming out of this little tiny powerful light it spreads the light out so it really softens it i wonder if this will help my lighting situation here this year because it’s crazy light here we use the bounce card we use the umbrella what else there are a million other things you can do with your flash you can put gel on them you can turn the different colors but I feel for beginner you’re just starting out work with the basics master the basics and then start playing around with different modifiers like gells or maybe a softbox that kind of thing. so where I stand so I’m going to give you guys a little diagram. so what will happen is there’s either going to be a band or DJ off to one side of the dance floor and they usually have a speaker somewhere on either side their table so i’m going to put my flash right here or right here i’m going to start those areas and that’s where i’m going to set up my stand i’m going to set it up so that it aims directly into the middle of the dance floor and then I’m either going to stand on this side or this side so I’m going to stand 90 degrees on either side when someone is in the middle of the dance floor now if I want to get the flash in my photo and I’m okay with that then I can stand anywhere along this side and i’m just going to kind of walk back and forth along this whole side now it really helps if my subjects stands directly in front of the flash and blocks it and then they kind of get to surround them with a light comes through and that way it doesn’t haze and get crazy sometimes it can work to your benefit and sometimes it just doesn’t think it can kind of make it really difficult to focus and that kind of thing but for the most part i’m going to put my light stands somewhere that no one’s gonna trip over them and its near a speaker or something else so that nobody is going to be running around right near here ultimately guys you can’t get someone else to settings or someone else’s experiences for your own there is really no substitute for just getting out there putting that flashing the camera getting a flash off your camera and playing around even if it you’re literally shooting an inanimate object in your house you’re going to grow you’re going to start to understand what settings work and what don’t and there’s no substitute for that to start practicing I hope it’s got you guys a little bit more comfortable with blasting the idea of it i would love to see it you guys taking awesome pictures leave them for me share them with me tag me on Twitter and i’ll see you guys next time be so much for watching bye guys

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  • How are you guys doing with OCF? This week is all about modifiers, where to set up your flashes, and where to stand. Leave me your flash questions!

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  • Hey Joy! Great info! I have question for you it's somewhat related to this. Perhaps this could be a topic for your next video. When you have to shoot an indoor reception and its night, and the lights go completely off, and all you have is nothing but uplights on the wall and dj lights. So it's pretty much dark, question: how do you get your camera/lens to focus? We made an "invention" or should I say, a "getto" way around this. Lol. Just curious to know what you do in those scenario.

  • lets just say that the bride's parents are dancing close to the DJ's speakers were your OCF is standing, and you move a little closer to get that shot woun't the picture come out really bright since they are dancing to close to your speedlight? would you lower the power of the flash? and if you do how would you do it? do you control the power from your transmitter or how? thank you.

  • With flashes it is important to talk about the direction of the flash (ceiling etc and for each flash), what zoom setting (I.e fixed esp with slaves), ISO settings, aperture, use of optically stabilised lenses, modifiers, . Whilst your drawing is useful it would have been better to show an actual photo of the setup, you are a photographer after all! Just some feedback from the perspective of a viewer.

  • Nice video.

  • Thanks for the info! Please keep making videos! I have a question for you: for wedding reception photos, how do photographers get the off camera flash to show up a blue tone? So far the only info I could find was putting a filter on the flash and changing the white balance in the camera? I don't know if I should put the filter on my flash on camera or the off camera flash. And which filter? The orange? What should I change my white balance to? I'm so confused lol. Can you please explain this to me in detail. I have a Nikon d750 and one nikon sb-910 (I plan on buying another sb910 soon so I'll have two). Thanks in advance! Btw I think it would be a good idea to actually make a video about it because I haven't found one yet that answers my question.

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  • Lovely overview, I have my first work in 2weeks, feel ill prepared but confident with on camera, just ocf experience I need now, I have used studio lighting but that feels easy compared to this because I think of the pressure to get it right first time. Keep up the content it's pleasing to see simple starter guides tbh.

  • If you have 2 off camera flash, and one on camera, where would you put the 2nd off camera flash in this scenario that you drew on the diagram with the band/dj stand? Do you ever use JUST flash with off camera (without modifiers like the umbrella? Or do you always use the umbrella?

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  • Thank you for your video. I'm just a retired man trying to have fun with camera. I have a nikon d610 and a youngnuo 568ex speedlight, most of the time I've used I-TTL mode, sometime in manual mode, the flash allways fired 2 pre-flash before the final flash and the camera took a picture, that good, but sometime I just want the flash fired 1 flash only, but I don't know how to get that( I've tried many time ). Any help? Thank you.

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  • Joy, I am a beginner to a Nikon D3300 off camera flash Photography, having only 1 Altura # AP-N1001 Speedlite flash for Nikon with Altura "Wire flash trigger / remote shutter release" for Nikon, I have watched your Videos, although you spoke mainly of a 2 flash set-up, I hope to start out doing mostly Family Portraits, and Senior Graduation Photography, both of these possibly "On Location". I have No Studio available. Any Positive suggestions from you will be very much appreciated

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    I do have one question. I have the same pocket wizards but when I have a flash on top of my camera on top of the Mini TT1 it will not fire from the off camera flash too. But when I don't have a flash on top, the off camera flash fires fine. Just curious if you had any knowledge on this or any ideas on what to do! Thank you!

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  • I'm a little confused with the zoom on the flash. One person gave me advice to always set it at 24. Do I want to change it depending on the focal length that I'm at with me lens or how do I decide this without taking too long?

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  • It doesn't really make much of a difference, but I like softboxes better than umbrellas. I also don't shoot weddings. I tend to work in more of a studio environment. A large softbox can be comparable to a shoot through umbrella. It sort of ends up just being a matter of personal preference.

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