Official髭男dism – イエスタデイ[Official Video]

No matter how many times you lose it, I’ll get it back for you Your smile, like a rainbow in the sky after the rain Even if the price is darkening someone else’s mood I’m okay with being the only bad guy I want to feel compassion with everyone But I have to get rid of that easy ideal here How hard have I fought to wipe away The fear that has taken aim on you from such a distance? Yesterday I was so concerned with the world, only half sure I still can’t forget the fear I felt, hands in my pockets “You’ve hurt me so many times, it cannot be helped ” You whispered, shedding warm, fleeting tears Just one is more than enough to shame me, drown me, Rob me of my senses So desperate that it drowns out horns and sirens Moving on, far away – should the world point at me from behind and say it’s a selfish love I won’t look back, I’ll hurry to you with all my strength I’ll ignore any SOS I hear along the way Bye-bye yesterday, I’m sorry It’s sad but I’m going I’m not what you had hoped for But now I have the strength to protect you, only you that I wished for more than anything Moving on, far away – should the world point at me from behind and say it’s a young love I’ll push on without hesitation, going forward, to a space with only the two of us My hands were shaking in my pockets, but now I’ll take you by the hand and lead you away I don’t know who I’ll be in the future, that’s why I’ll never stop my gaze Mysterious ways of expression – your deep nature Even in times when words of “I love you” are blown away by the wind I’ll take my clumsy hand and hold yours, and I’ll never let go As we head to the rainbow’s end

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