Olympus SP-565 UZ Digital Camera

Hey there. Greetings, digital photography enthusiasts. How are you? I’m Bauer and this is the Olympus SP-565 UZ, and I’ll tell you what the UZ stands for in just a second, because it’s pretty awesome. If you are, say, a parent that wants to take pictures of your kid at his mighty might football game. Or, maybe you go to a lot of sports games. You want to get those really awesome, close-up shots, but your point and shoot just doesn’t cut it, right? I mean, it’s got, what? Maybe a 5X, maybe an 8X? Maybe a 10X zoom? If you’ve got a point and shoot that you think has a really, really long zoom on it. You’re like, wow this thing has 10X, this thing is awesome. This camera from Olympus, the UZ, in the SP-565 UZ, stands for “Ultra Zoom”. And if you take a look at this. Look at this. This thing has a 20X optical zoom on board. So, you are going to be able to get extraordinary photographs even from high up in the stands. It’s gonna be like you’re on the field when you’re taking pictures with this thing. Alright, it’s… you know, maybe when your kid is playing soccer you’re gonna get on the field. Maybe scream at some referees. I don’t know. But now, you can just do it from the stands. You don’t have to get down there and get involved, because you’re gonna be able to get really, really close with this 20X optical zoom. It’s a 10 megapixel digital camera. It feels really good in your hands. I mean, it’s… Obviously if you’ve got a camera with a 20X zoom, you’re gonna wanna be able to make sure it’s stable in your hands. It does have image stabilization built into it. And it has really good image stabilization built into it. I mean, once you get out to 20X on a zoom, every little movement of the camera is amplified by quite a bit. So, you’re gonna want good image stabilization. You’re gonna want, you’re gonna want the camera to feel sturdy and steady in your hands, which this one does. It also has a 5X digital zoom, which will give you up to 100X zoom, if you combine it with the digital and the optical. It has a 2.5” LCD on the back here, which is a really, really nice LCD. And it’s not just an LCD, it has. But it also has an electronic view finder. You can see that thing lighting up in there. That’s the electronic view finder which will give you the exact same display and the exact same information that’s on this 2.5” LCD panel, but it’s gonna be in the view finder. So, if you’re in a really, really bright situation somewhere, and we all know we’ve been there with our digital cameras, where the sun is shining right down on the screen and you can barely make out what’s going on. If you’re in those situations, you just turn the screen off, turn on the electronic viewfinder, and you’re good to go. It’s also gonna help save you battery power. And, heck. Even if you’re just used to using the view finder when you’re using a camera, maybe it just feels natural to you. You have that option with the electronic view finder that’s built in to this camera. It does take xD cards. It is an Olympus digital camera. So, it does take xD cards, which are gonna go right in this panel over here, on the side. But the nice thing is, they do include an adaptor, right here. And this is going to allow you to use microSD cards in this camera as well. So, not your standard size SD, but you can use microSD cards, along with this adaptor that is included with the camera. It will also do 640 x 480 movie mode. And that’s gonna work along with the zoom. So, that’s really cool. So you can get really, really long distance movies with this camera. It’s extremely easy to operate. It does have a pop up flash. Which does engage the flash when you pop it up. On the top you’re going to find your wheel, that’s going to give you access to your automatic mode, your program mode, your aperture priority, your shutter priority, your completely manual mode, your scene selection, it’s all there, and it’s all very, very easy to use. And, this is one of the things I really like about Olympus cameras. If you are not much of a photographer, if you don’t fancy yourself a pro, you can go to this guide mode up here, and it’s actually going to guide you through what you want to do. So, let’s say you snap a picture and you’re like, God, this… It was far too dark. That picture is way too dark, and I don’t know what to do. I can’t fix it. You see here, and you go “Brighten Subject”, and it will walk you through making sure you can light up your scene better by increasing the exposure, and changing to the fill-in flash, it’s all there. Now, there’s also a number of different programs- scene modes built in. And what’s nice is it gives you an example photo of what it is that you are going to be shooting. So, it gives you a really good idea of which mode to use. And this Pre-capture Movie Mode is really great because when you’re in Pre-capture Movie Mode, it will always be filling a buffer with the movie file. So, once you hit record, it’s actually going to capture, you know, the 15, 20 seconds before you pushed that button. So, you never miss a moment, which is really, really nice. Now, you also have your fully manual modes. And your fully manual mode is going to allow you to set all of your settings manually, obviously, because it’s the manual mode. And you can very easily get to those settings through the menu system that is here on the camera. And as you can see, it’s very, very simple to set your white balance, and your ISO, and your resolution, and all of that through this very, very simple menu system that Olympus has built in to this camera. You also have your main menu here which is going to allow you to get to all of your basic set up options, and there are a lot of them. This is a great camera for the sort of more advanced point and shoot user. You do have a lot of manual options in this camera that’s going to… It’s definitely going to make you happy. I mean, you’re not going to have any problem with the… possibilities with this camera. As you can see, also on the display you do have a real time histogram on there for making sure all of your exposure is exactly where you want it to be. You can throw up guidelines on the screen as well, to make lining up all your shots as easy as possible. It does have a really, really nice macro shooting mode, as well. If you think shooting stuff really close up is a lot of fun, which of course, it is. It does have a really, really nice macro mode on this camera. But overall, it’s a joy to use. It’s really fun. It’s… And you’re gonna have a lot of fun with that 20X zoom and optical zoom that far surpasses just about any of the other point and shoot digital cameras out there. I mean, it’s just gonna allow you to take pictures that you really couldn’t have dreamed of before. Especially if you’re out there shooting pictures of sports, or any subjects that are far away. This is going to allow you to get right up on top of it, which is really, really cool. Now, here at the bottom of the camera, this is the… the hatch down here. Let me unlock that. What do you find on the inside there? Look at that. Double-A batteries, which are actually so much more handy than you might think. You know, it’s very easy to forget to recharge a ca0mera battery. With double-As, you can use rechargeables if you want to, or you can use alkalines, or you can use, you know, the other ones. Whatever they’re called. What do they have in them? Lithium. -Lithium. Something, I don’t know. But, you can use any of the batteries, any double A batteries with this. So, if you run out of batteries, you can literally just buy some new ones and pop ’em in there, which is a really, really handy feature. Also, on the side, I showed you the side where you put in your… your xD or SD cards. Now on this side, is where you’re going to find your power input. And it does come with a power adaptor. And you also have your USB port, right there, as well, for hooking up to your computer. It’s the Olympus SP-565 Ultra Zoom 10 megapixel digital camera. 20X optical zoom, 5X digital, up to 100X total, and an all around great digital camera. So, have a look at it, the Olympus SP-565 Ultra Zoom. To get some more information on the Olympus SP-565 Ultra Zoom point and shoot camera, go to any of the retailers you see listed here and type in: 083-1182 For ComputerTV, I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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