OnePlus 3 vs Galaxy S7 Camera Test – Side by Side Comparison

Today we’re going to be doing a test between
the OnePlus 3 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Both of the cameras are mounted to the same rig
so it’ll be held equally as I’m walking around. I will also keep all of the settings
on automatic and I’m using the stock camera apps so the comparison will be fair between
the two of them. I’m going to need your help to decide which camera is better, the
Galaxy S7 Edge or the OnePlus 3. I’m going to leave a poll up in the corner if this video
so you can vote at the end of the video. And you can also leave your opinion down in the
video comments. We’ll start off in 4K, then we’ll drop down to 1080p to see if the image
color or stabilizing is any different at that resolution. We’ll do the front facing cameras
and we’ll also go into slow motion. So we’ll test every aspect of the video camera on both
phones. Make sure to pay attention to things like the color quality, the resolution, the
image stabilizing, the white balance…everything. Let’s get started. So right now both cameras are shooting in
4K. Both cameras also have OIS image stabilizing, so the camera itself is compensating for the
motion as I’m walking which is pretty cool. It’s not an electronic stabilization. It’s
an actual physical image stabilizing. So I’m walking right now. I’m going to try running.
Still shooting in 4K. Both of these cameras are shooting at 30 frames a second right now.
Before we get started with the walking front facing camera test, I just want to thank everyone
who has subscribed to my YouTube channel. 200,000 subscribers is phenomenal. When I
first started making jeep and motorcycle repair videos 4 years ago that number wasn’t even
on my radar so thank you so much for watching! Let’s keep going. So this is the front facing
camera on both the Galaxy S7 Edge and the OnePlus 3. The OnePlus 3 is going to be shooting
in 1080p, the Galaxy S7 Edge resolution is a little bit higher, it’s quad HD 1440.
You can also check the white balance and the depth of field so you can look back on the
path behind me and see how far back the quality goes. With enough leaves like this it’s
also nice to see what kind of bit rate we’re working with. I’ll have the bit rate listed
up in the top corners as well. Bit rate is basically the quality of the image inside
of the resolution. So having a higher bit rate is a good thing because there’s more
information there. And if there’s lots of weeds and detail on the background, it’s
usually more of that bit rate. Obviously YouTube is going to compress it a little bit, but
we can still see and equal comparison between the two cameras. Even though the Galaxy S7
image is bigger that doesn’t always mean better. The image quality could be way better
on the OnePlus 3 so it’s important that you guys let me know what you think and how
it looks on the screen you’re watching on. Whether it’s an IPS display that you’d
see on an iPhone, a regular computer monitor, a CRT monitor from way back in the day, or
an AMOLED screen like we see on the Samsung phones. It’s going to look a little bit
different on every single one of those. So here’s the 1080p walking test. Both of these
cameras have OIS image stabilizing, optical image stabilizing. The Galaxy S7 also has
an extra layer of stabilizing that isn’t turned on at the moment…it’s EIS: Electronic
Image Stabilization. Sometimes it warps the image. So let’s take a look at that. I’m
going to turn on the EIS for the Galaxy S7 Edge right now. Now the EIS on the Galaxy
S7 Edge is enabled so it’s got dual layers of stabilizing where the OnePlus 3 only has
one layer of stabilization. Get a little sun flare in there. One more slow pan in 4K. One
thing that I really like about filming in 4K is that there are a whole lot more pixels
to work with and you can zoom in on things that you normally wouldn’t be able to see
with 1080p. It gives you a little more space to work with. We’re going to come up here
to the sky…find some clouds to look at. There are some over here. It gives you a good
indicator of the white balance. You can check out the contrast between the white clouds
in the sky. Hopefully there are not too many focus issues with the different phones. Remember
I need your help to decide which camera is better. Make sure you comment after watching
the video. So keep in mind that there is a huge price difference between these two phones.
The OnePlus 3 is the cheaper flagship killer, and the Galaxy S7 Edge is pretty much, you
know, the top of the line most expensive phone on the market. So right now just pay attention
to the color reproduction on both phones. So I’ve had this bike for a while now and
about 3 years ago I took this rear tire and sprayed NeverWet, it’s a hydrophobic spray,
around this side of it. So you can see that this side is still white even after 3 years
of use and this side is black because of all the brake dust from the calipers and the brake
pads. It’s kind of interesting. I mean this will clean off pretty easily but that hydrophobic
spray is pretty interesting. I never finished the video because I hurt my back and wasn’t
riding as much as I thought I would, but now it’s done, I can get my rear rim a wash.
Remember it’s super important that you leave your opinion down in the comments below and
you vote in the poll question up here in the corner so we know which camera does better.
I have tons of camera tests. We have the Nexus 6P, HTC 10, iPhone 6S Plus…you could watch
this all day long. Please consider subscribing if you enjoyed this video. Hope to see you

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