Oregon Man Fined $500 for Criticizing Red-light Cameras

I got really interested in this because
my wife got a red light ticket The original formula is limited to only straight through lanes, however today it’s misapplied to turning lanes,
where we need to slow down to maneuver safely So we need to add an extra function so to say
to enable those vehicles a little extra time
for the yellow. This is the board’s order that I received to stop me
from talking about traffic signals,
and where they fined me $500 Oregon’s engineering board Told Mats it was
illegal for him to critique traffic lights
without a state issued license. But under the First Amendment every American has
the right to critique the government whether it’s
about traffic lights, or anything else. I had stated that I was a Swedish electronics engineer,
but I based all the things from Freedom of Speech. I was just talking. That’s literally what I did. People like Mats aren’t designing bridges,
they’re talking. And the state is punishing them for that,
and it’s not just Mats. Oregon’s engineering board fined an activist for publicly
criticizing a power plant, they fined a retired guy who
wrote to complain about home water damage. It’s even launched an
investigation based on a political ad.
This is a major First Amendment problem. Anyone should be able to talk about the traffic signals,
if they’re too long, or too short, or anything,
without being penalized.

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