Orissa Malayalam movie | Scene 05

“It does the magic;
it does the magic”. Death is like an
instrument without handle. “Death is like a
slipper without feet”. Hey, Dude!
We know who invented the car. But who invented the driver?
Car was invented but not the driver. – This is the matter to think.
– There is nothing to think. That car will become
rusty being there. ‘You come to me’. Did you finish taking bath?
He is preparing to drink. Did you start? Road, car, driver. This is
the chronology order of invention. – This is not the answer.
– Is it? Let the driver be there. – Who invented the road?
– Leave it. Who discovered the accident?
Road accident? – Clutch?
– What? It’s for you. Hello! I will see. Oh, God! Hey, Brake! – God!
– What happened, Clutch? Our hidden fighter
met with an accident. He is admitted in hospital.
His condition is critical. Will our show flop then? – Which hospital?
– Don’t know. He started around 8. I think he met
with an accident while coming here. You try in that mobile. Ok. It’s Brake. It’s switched off. Whom should we call
now to get the details? – His original name?
– Ajayan or Vijayan. We used to call him
as hidden fighter. Else, who knows? – We must find it.
– You listen to me. We have very less money. – Where is the room?
– 2nd floor. Life in hospital is filled
with bitter experiences. I wish when we will
get discharged from here. Only God knows how
I will handle the expenses. Now, it’s your duty also
to look after the patient. We act in our house and streets. I feel it’s the rehearsal
before we reach this point. The rehearsal to reach this point. Ramappa! Get these medicines. Doctor! Nothing to worry.
He is improving. – Doctor! Patient’s pulse.
– O God! You people are acting like fools. If he is admitted,
who would have posted this then? See. See. Come and see.
He wants to make fool of us. – That’s why, he did this.
– Best one. If you people keep talking like this,
no work will be proceeded Don’t think that
I didn’t warn you all. I didn’t get whatever I asked.
Take 2500Rs. Don’t you have cigar? – Ok. I will take leave.
– Ok. – Where did you find him?
– In between, I will come and see. – At the end, don’t trouble me.
– Best. That’s how you must
make fool of others. I will do one thing.
Let me post one note. It will say that I died.
Hereafter, my spirit will talk to you all. There won’t be any stupid
statement than this from your mouth. Right. One minute. Tell me, dear! Hidden fighter doesn’t
play like this. Yes. This is not the
easier thing to be considered. There is something mysterious in it. He doesn’t even say
any joke when he is with us. He doesn’t speak much.
Same way, what is his real name? I know his poetry, every
single line, every single word. – But his name.
– We felt he is quite brilliant. That’s why, we made him
write the script of our show. Then his name?
Who has got the real name in blog? We don’t know each other’s name. Clutch, gear, grasshopper, Brake. We are called only by these names. He doesn’t deliver us
the entire script of this show. If what he said is right,
how will we showcase the play then? If we know his hospital,
we might enquire about his condition. Raise the voice.

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