Orissa Malayalam movie | Scene 11

Our God died but still
God is alive for my mother. My mother called God for others. Once for my father and grandfather. Now to resurrect me back to life. How did you come here?
Who informed you, Mom? My friends are still
searching in dark. But you reached here in
spite of having no mobile phone. For the fruit of son.
For the statue of son. Hey! Where are you paying attention? Did you understand about
which acid are we discussing? – Sulphuric acid.
– What? Sulphuric acid. Tell me Sachin’s century. Sachin’s century. Civilization. – Civilization. Microsoft. – Microsoft. Medical shop. Silence. USA. – USA. Come on. Don’t worry. Hey! – USA! Don’t bother. If you consult a psychiatrist,
this problem will be solved. I will suggest a person. Doctor Roy. He has solved the issues like this. Doctor Varkey called me.
He told me to consult a psychiatrist. For the first time I realized
that pronouncing words wrongly.. ..is a psychological problem. Inqulab Zindabad!
– Inqulab Zindabad! Principal must do justice.
– Principal must do justice. To edit college magazine…
– To edit college magazine… Who are you principal?
– Who are you principal? Inqulab Zindabad! – Inqulab Zindabad! Principal must do justice.
– Principal must do justice. To edit college magazine…
– To edit college magazine… This Ajayan whom you are seeing was.. ..a little bit more
non believer and naturalist. His stage was not so lonely or his
speeches were not so revolutionary. When superstition and unlawful
act was still prevailing.. ..a new mode of prayer
was very much needed. In future we might feel
that is also not needed. The time has come when we
need to build everything newly. In the path of god
we can start a new mode of… If only you could talk clearly, you
could have shown him what speech is. Truth, virtue, pity.
Then peace prevailed there. After keeping the lamp
the wick was lighted. After this we don’t need gods.
– Don’t we need god? Educational institutions are enough. The question is not
whether god is there or not. Rather than to argue
about that, it is better… To understand that god
is an imagination created by us. Is god an imagination created by us? I devoted a major portion
of my life for this. To study more and more
deeply about god… – Stop it. What nonsense drama is this? To bring humans more
and more close to god. What happened? – Stop this at once.
– What is the problem? Stop it. Stop everything. – More and
more I’m trying to learn about it. We won’t allow you to continue this.
– Throw stones. Make them stop it. – What
kind of a nonsense play is this? Stop it at once. – Their
idiotic drama. – Let us leave. Allow them to continue the drama. You need not say anything.
In the name of drama, they are.. ..preaching us to be
atheists and revolutionary. We won’t allow all this
nonsense here. – Get lost. You remain controlled.
We’ll kill them all. Then you show what you can do.
– What is all this? We’ll attend you later on.
– Come on. Let us leave. Leave it. You come with us.
– Don’t create problems. We also have hands.
We can also tackle them. Come on. We’ll teach them a lesson. Did ant harm take place to our guys? Did anything happen? He got hit. – Gosh! It is paining. I know who did that. Joetta, tonight
itself we must take revenge for this. We’ll find a solution.
You remain calm. You have started your
peaceful act. Idiot! Do you have pain? Let me see. It is this old man
who should b hit first. – Can’t you remain quiet?
– Leave him. This poor old man is blind. Then it’ll be easy. Why did you come? Did you
forget your route and came here? A blind person has got no difference
between day and night, my dear. Come on. Let us go. My dear audience! Tomorrow night, in this
same ground we’ll again conduct.. ..the same play “When
we rewrite the God” Communal polarization
must be faced with peace. Now we are totally
convinced about it. Show me the scan. It looks like cerebral contusion. But we have to control it. Need more observations. Okay? Definitely.
– Doctor! It is a symphony of heart beats. That is what you are seeing now. It is perfect than any Beethoven. More accurate than any Mozaq. We have never tried to listen
to anybody’s heart beat when alive. But we will keep hearing
our own heart beats. Doctor, my problem… Sa, Sha, Shha. Sachin’s century. You get confused between Sa, Sha and Shha. – Isn’t it?
– Yes. What is there in that? In
your language it is like that only. Each person has got
different features. Each language is like that. Do we feel awkward in
the name of facial features? Before we even desire how
our nose and eyes should be.. ..we get our eyes and nose.
We accept that. Same way language
is also like that only. Doctor, the name of the
girl whom I’m going to marry is… If it is like this? Call her as Santhi. If the name of your son is Santhosh,
call as Shanthosh. Can we say as USA?
Will I get job if I say Microsoft? Doctor! Nothing can be said.
In between he is showing improvement. Is there no one else with you?
Are you alone? – No. Ajayan’s father died long back.
My father also. If I had not got this
Malayali doctor here.. ..I would have also become alone. Doctor, my son?
– See, we are trying our maximum. The treatment here is excellent. All modern equipments
are available here. You also remain hopeful.
That is what life is. Okay? – Uhm! Be hopeful. Isn’t that what life is?

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