Ortery – LiveStudio | Software Controlled Product Photography Light Kit

At first glance LiveStudio looks like an ordinary photography studio light kit, but it’s not it’s actually a complete photography system that’s tied together by software. so if you’re a beginner, or a professional it makes product photography a lot easier and more efficient Whether you’re shooting items like this, like this, like this or this. LiveStudio is scalable and great for shooting people and all products large and small. In the software, this is where you control the camera settings and here is where you control the lights. By moving this icon around you can simultaneously control the intensity and direction of all the lights in unison. As soon as everything looks good press snap to take the picture and there it is. From here the software can automatically edit and batch save the image for immediate hosting and use. One of the most convenient things about LiveStudio… is you can save your best lighting and camera settings, as well as your editing and saving actions then reuse them over and over to simplify and increase photography speed. Unlike traditional lighting setups, LiveStudio comes with detailed diagrams that show you where to place the lights in order to get the best result. In addition to photography, it can be used to capture all types of videos, and when it’s paired with the 360 turntable from Ortery Technologies, users can quickly create 360-degree product views. By integrating everything into one system with centralized control it takes all the guesswork out of taking great pictures To learn more visit Ortery.com or give us a call.

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  • It does seem interesting, BUT it's something that seems to be predicated on having Ortery software for capture (that's fine) but also Ortery strobes.

    Adversely, you could easily walk over to adjust the stops of light output manually, using capture one (which most people do) you still get live feedback with your modeling lamps.

    ALSO, in professional photography, most photographers have their lighting already dialed in, so this seems really cool but more of a beginner toolkit. I would urge beginners NOT to go this route, mainly because you should understand your lighting and be able to control it conceptually without having the aid of software.

    As an ecommerce studio that needs speed and efficiency, I would say ABSOLUTELY give this a whirl if you don't have an established set, and you are looking to have the ability to create multiple pop-up studio sets for fast-turn.

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