Pauranoia (short film)

We’re on air again to let you know about another
horrifying episode that shook Europe. According to unconfirmed information
a terrorist attack is involved. But let’s switch to our correspondent at site. Yes, Stephania, unfortunately the number of
victims is growing continuously. In addition, the whole country is alert, because one of the two terrorists who fired at
the crowd had managed to escape. According to the French secret services, the man
in white you can see in this video posted on Twitter has crossed the border to Italy last night. And now his pursuit continues in the immediate
vicinity of our homes. The man is probably armed and dangerous. Thank you, Marko. So far, we have no information about any Italian
residents among the victims and the injured… We will get back to you later, but now let’s hear
what happened from some of the witnesses. I can tell you that I felt terrible
fear. I was afraid I would die. I hid behind the corner at the end of the street
and stayed there waiting for over twenty minutes… 112, emergency.
I can locate you in Milan. I just heard a strong explosion! Or a shot … I
don’t know! Perhaps it’s terrorism… Calm down. Are you alone? I have locked myself at home,
but not for long. I saw an Arab person dressed in white walking
the stairs of the building. Sir … The war on terror, away from the hot fronts of
the battles, strikes a blow to European cities. Because the situation is obviously extremely
tense at the moment… We hear people screaming around us… The situation is getting worse… This is terrorism! We were swiped by a
true wave of panic! Everyone says the terrorists were Muslims… You can undeniably feel the tension. And if every story has a hero,
no doubt this one has found its own! Bashir, enough!
The whole block went crazy from your balloons.

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